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    To Turrosh Mak: Well, since you are controlling the technology now, be aware that we will not accept the destruction of large parts of Oerth for no reason whatsoever. Also, we hope that you will be careful with these things - they are not from this world, after all, and literally so.
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    I.B.K.S.C response to Kas

    Rary of the Bright Lands speaking on the behalf of The IBKSC (The Iuz, Bright Lands, Ket, Stonehold Confederation) sends his response requests for assistance from the Mighty Kas:

    Alas, we have no Navy or shipping ports along the Woolly Bay, so conventional assistance against assults from the sea cannot be provided to Kas at this particular time. We do, however, offer the following:

    1. You may land your ships along with the Southern Coasts of our shores, while we have no ports, the shallows there should provide you access to dry ground quicker. Will also provide what ôcovering fireö and general coastal defense as we can to keep losses during the unloading process to a minimum.

    2. You may then march across our lands, there is little to damage in the desert, we simply ask that you to avoid the few occupied spots; this should not prove difficult even for an army of your size.

    3. We will provide you Rhennee pilots for you ships, if they canĺt guide you safely no one can.
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    Naval Warfare

    Our fleets attemt to unload the armies on the nearest coast and try to evade the Elven fleets. We use our druids to control the winds in our favor. The dark Union also requests aid from the Navies and spelljammers of our allies.
    The captain of the Union flagship Imperia lowers his binoculars and bellows with a thundering voice. "Raise all sails you shorecursed landlubbers! Do you want to be food for the savage elves? Bah! I'll eat you myself if you do not work faster!" Druidic naval officer of the first rank Alhedra Saltcarp frowns at the captain for a moment and says with a sarcastic twist of her mouth "Calm yourself Badre, the crew is working as hard as they can. The Elves have driuds of their own, much of my magic is countered." "Countered! You old dock whore! So magic better then!" He backhands her and she is thrown to the deck. "Aye captain, (you loud buffoon) I'll 'magic better'"
    And the forces of the Isles of Woe land in the duchy of Urnst.
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    But he did reveal himself. In a big way.
    You cannot set up a Mythal in secret. That is impossible. The amount of magic involved is staggering.

    Thus, here is a certain e-mail I received:

    Vecna will now also enhance the Lortmils magical defences and create a Mythal over the Lortmils preventing fear, terror or any other negative mind affects from striking any good or neutral alligned races in it. These effects shall only last to the end of turn 2 and can be removed by a thought alone from Vecna. The Mythal has last-priority. Though I do not suspect it to be a problem. Vecna do not wish to reveal his pressens in Lortmil exept to Gnomeworks.

    That Mythal, is now up.

    Dyvvers, goes down, it's walls whelmed by Shade, it's army crushed.
    The city is now in the hands of the Empire of Shade.
    The Wild Coast is also quickly falling to the onslaught of Shade, with cities burning, walls and buildings collapsing, men crying out as the hands of Shades wrap around their necks, or sent screaming off into the Plane of Shadow by magical spells.

    The fleet that took Kas and his Legions across Relmor Bay is on the verge of obliteration, unless someone helps it immediately.
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    Kessel looks to the wall where the ace of hearts had embedded itself into the wall. As he looks at it, it falls swiftly onto the floor. His face presents an expression of confusion, anger, and some fear.

    "Oh. Crap."
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    Prince of swords

    In the south, The demigod Kalden gives a silent signal.

    His army moves north towards the Lortmills. Commoners flee in panic as this horde of unthinkible terror works it's way accross the keolands. Theprince of swords maintains perfict disipline in his ranks, His Semi-divine aure enthralling all in his legion. Even some of the locals feel the pull of the prince.

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    I think this is ready... so here it goes...

    Creamsteak Turn 1

    ((OOC- Kaz, I will except your duel as soon as my conflict in Artonsamay is complete. Should be fun... I'll email you my characters extra secret background stuff (only Edena... I think.. knows.)) You will like it.

    The Delrune Army
    Calrune (Centaurs, high elves, oeridian humans, suel humans, gnomes, halflings, neutral and good) PL 3
    The People of Celadan Forest (High elves, oeridian humans, suel humans, gray elves, wood elves, gnomes, halflings, good) PL 4
    Delrune (High elves, gray elves, wood elves, wild elves, good) PL 5
    The People of Gamboge Forest (High elves, gray elves, wood elves, wild elves, gnomes, halflings, neutral and good) PL 4
    The People of the Phostwood (High elves, gray elves, oeridian humans, dwarves, gnomes, good) PL 4
    Sanctus Punitor (In Latin: Holy Avenger) (PC, male high elf, Pal 10 / Rgr 10, lawful good) PL 2
    Seldanoran Army
    Duchy of Tenh (Oerdian humans, suel humans, flannae humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes) PL 4
    Seldanora (High elves, oeridian humans, gray elves, flannae humans, wood elves, suel humans, neutral and good) PL 4
    Tenser (NPC, human, fighter/mage of very high level, good) PL 1

    It is turn one. The Delrune Army (PL 22) has reached Artonsamay. Sanctus Punitor stands at the front of his army. "I am the leader of the Delrune Army, my name is Sanctus Punitor. I am here to confront the Hellmaster, and we may not need to hold our weapons against each other. I offer Fellreeve Forest for this country of Artonsamay. This exchange is not the exchange of armies, just land. If you find these terms unacceptable, then I challenge you to a duel. There must be a decisive victor for an outcome to be exacted. If I win, then Artonsamay is mine. If you win, Fellreeve forest is yours. If no victor can be determined, then we shall hold back assaults on each other for the rest of this month while we attempt to strike a deal."

    The forces of Seldanora, Tenser, and the Duchy of Tenh (PL 9) are summoning Celestials and Planar Material Dragons to their aid. This force is now called the Seldanoran Army. This army is marching to join the Timberway forest to the Seldanora. They are attacking any Hellfurnace resistance they encounter. If they are not obstructed, my territories are joined. If the Hellfurnace League is blocking then combat ensues (with the help of the Timberway Army see below). These forces are making a point out of only attacking the Hellfurnace and sidestep combat with other groups.

    Peoples of the Grandwood (High elves, oeridian humans, wood elves, suel humans, wild elves, some humans of other types, grey elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, treants, forest beings, neutral and good) PL 3
    The Northern Peoples of the Hollow Highlands (hill dwarves, suel humans, oeridian humans, gnomes, high elves, neutral and good) PL 3
    People of the Loftwood (High elves, gray elves, wood elves, humans of every type, gnomes, treants, good forest spirits, good) PL 2

    The Forces of Grandwood are raiding the United Kingdom of Ahlissa. A total of 9 seperate rades will occur at a time, one by each of the Terrorist Cells. The primary target is to destroy organization (IE: Chain of Command) and steal research of any kind, then flee into those Vietnam-esque tunnels back in the Grandwoods.

    The Peoples of the Northern Hollow Highlands are performing raids against the Kingdom of Ahlissa. They are performing much larger raids in attempts to both manipulate the peasantry to join them, and destroy as much defense as possible. These raids are larger and less frequent, but with many of the same goals.

    The People of the Loftwood have began constructing a single tower out of mud, which is then turned to stone. This tower is shrouded in the forests and surrounded by swamps. The tower will be constructed high enough to fire spells and possibly heavy cannons at Grandep Bay. The tower is also being dug deep enough to prevent attacks from underground (without the aid of earth elementals, good explosives, or powerful magic). The underground structure looks similar to a trees roots. The final steps are to magically reinforce the structure and meld the tower with the plants of the forest so that it seems to blend seemlessly into nature (the tower will start stone... but may turn green and eventually flower in a variety of colors in months to come).

    Peoples of the Gnarley Forest (High elves, wood elves, oeridian humans, some humans of other types, some gnomes, treants, forest beings, good) PL 2
    Rangers of the Gnarley Forest (Dedicated to protecting Gnarley Forest, good) PL 2

    The whole Gnarley is moving into the Lortmills, Many of the Rangers (ones with Humanoid type favored enemies such as orcs) are going to start training in the use of Firearms to act as snipers for the Rangers. This training has began, and this unit is increasing its abilities in the use of firearms. The Sniper Unit will make up half of the Rangers of the Gnarley. The other half are specialists in other fields and a few Druid/Ranger members to supplement the force. This unit is participating in training, and fully trained members are taking up the defense of the Lortmills along with the forces already there.

    Refugees of Fellreev Forest (Humans of all types, demihumans of all types, forest spirits, forest beings, all alignments) PL 4

    The Refugees of Fellreev Forest are mounting along their southern border with Kinemeet, and setting up watch towers to look out for invasions coming from the south. The forces are watchdogging the area. The spellcasters here are beginning to summon plant elementals to their aid.

    The Timberway Army
    People of Timberway Forest (Swanmay, treants, forest spirits, high elves, grey elves, suel humans, oeridian humans, gnomes, halflings, good) PL 3
    Grannmont (storm giants of the Rakers, good) PL 6
    Heimmont (cloud giants of the Rakers, good) PL 5

    These three forces are becoming the Timberway Army (PL 14). The Timberway Army is attacking (openly) the Hellfurnace forces that are seperating Seldanora from the rest of my territories. If there is no army openly stopping us then my territories are connected and the Timberway Army joins the Saldanoran Army. If there is obstruction by the Hellfurnace then they engage in combat with them, with the help of the Saldanoran Army. My forces are careful to avoid forces other than the Hellfurnaces by sidestepping around these areas even if it slows them down.

    Peoples of the Amedio Rainforest (Humans of unknown types, monsters of every type from the MMs, all alignments) PL 3

    Part of the Elven Fleet prepares to evacuate the Amedio Rainforest if it comes under attacks that cannot be repeled. This is for civilians and military members alike, but non-citizens may be forced to stay behind if there are not enough ships. The ships are likely to sail all the way around the contenent to reach friendly territory if this happens.
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    The sea is littered with broken sails.

    A ballistea bolt is no cannon, but when a Lendore ship lets loose with all three decks of punching bolts and ripping chains, that really makes little difference.

    Lightning bolts occasionally flicker from ship to ship, and fireballs skip over water, but most of the elven magik is kept on hand to counter any responding spells from enemy ships.

    The Varnaith ships are reknowned for their trading abiltity, and have wizards and druids who have worked with the wind to speed trades for almost all of an elves long years. They focus on countering enemy magik, keeping the sea calm and lazy... except for the thrashing sharks.


    Our ships will stay OUT OF RANGE of any defensive forces on lands. We have our own plans for them... Right now, we concetrate on our sluaghtering of ships, sending one after another to the bottom.

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    Edena, did my people attacking the dark union lose a significant force?

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    Us! Weak on the waves? Bah! An Elite team of very strong archmages is assembled to raid the hostile navies. The archmages are accompanied with those warriors knowadgeable in the ways of underwater & sea combat. (about a 5 PL force total, but against one or two ships at a time, it should prove more than sufficient) These mages & warriors use their abilities to the maximum effect, and as encouragement, are promised any captives they take as slaves. Also, for every 300 hostile warriors killed, they each get a promotion (with the increase in salary & slaves that that entails). Once they destroy their target, they teleport out and begin looking for another ship.

    As for the remaining forces on land that made it across successfully (i assume it is 25PL + Kas; the other 5PL are defending the ships) are going to be using the type of tactics that serpenteye outlined above (i.e. highly mobile, guerilla warfare). Also, when we reach the cities, a mental message will be sent out by Kas, challenging the strongest warrior defending to a duel to the death (winner gets the city); see Kas' stats on the first page of the pc's thread if you need them. Also, the civilian populace WILL NOT be harmed, except for those that disobey our laws (i.e. those of the Dark Union). For those that do, they will be punished publicly as an example.

    By the way, our summoned Rakshasas are placed in charge of the smallest units of the army, their constant detect thoughts should make leading easier & increase the efficiency of the troops.

    [edit]- a PL5 force of those experienced in forest fighting is sent to conquer the grandwood. With all their forces away on raids, it should be alot easier. Again, we use guerilla tactics until we reach their cities. Those we storm (but storm intelligently!).

    Also, in United Ahlissa, an order goes out and the harrassing forces from the grandwood are quickly hunted down & executed publicly. Then they are raised as undead to fight in our armies (the raising doesn't occur publicly though) and are sent to assist those fighting in the grandwood.
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