The Return of Volo; Plus An Official D&D Coloring Book
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    The Return of Volo; Plus An Official D&D Coloring Book

    A couple of new non-rules Dungeons & Dragons books are being released later this year. A Monsters & Heroes of the Realms Colouring Book, and a book from Forgotten Realms travel guide Volo in a book called Dungeonology. The former is expected in September, and the latter in November. They've being produced by Kings Road Publishing, who have signed a global deal with Hasbro UK and WotC (this the GBP prices below). (thanks to Mike for the scoop).

    Monsters & Heroes of the Realms: A Dungeons & Dragons Colouring Book.
    Paperback; £9.99; September 2016. "A treasure trove of illustrations summoned from the pages of the official rulebooks – including the many classes, races and monsters from the Forgotten Realms. Studio Game will also be offering D&D fans a "unique" digital experience, in a free-to-download colouring app with in-app purchasing."

    Dungeonology. Hardback; £19.99; November 2016. "Introducing the fantasy brand, Dungeons & Dragons to Kings Road Publishing’s Ology series, as the Forgotten Realms guide, Volo, takes fans on an "unforgettable" journey".

    The colouring book also comes with a mobile app which will be available when the book itself is released.

    The character Volothamp Geddarm (Volo) is a traveller of the Realms, who publishes a range of "guidebooks".

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    Is this related to the Ed Greenwood announcement (I think I remember something about this earlier) that he was going to release more settings books under the DMsGuild?

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    I would be amused if this Volo managed to survive the Spellplague by being an imposter pretending to be Volothamp.

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    Sorry. Double post.
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    What? Seriously?

    A real Volo book in my greedy hands again?


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    Is it actually a real "Volo's Guide" though? Do we know if Ed Greenwood is really the author, or this by some other writer/publisher using the character? The title "Dungeonology" doesn't seem consistent with the rest of the Volo's Guide series, and there's no mention of Ed in the announcement...

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    Wow... very, very interesting!

    I've only recently picked up most of the Volo's Guides. (One more to go!)

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    I don't think it'll be a Volo's Guide in the same way as the old series. The "Ology" series of books are, I guess, aimed at pre-teens with an interest in monstrous/fantasy stories. Here's Amazon's page for the first Dragonology book:

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    Hmm. Interesting, but it makes me think the Dungeonology book will be something like this: and if so I am not very excited, to be honest. I would like some actual Realms material please, WotC.

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    Has some good reviews and if it gets kids playing D&D, great!
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