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    Sorry I was late... I'll be back to actually read the posts in twenty...

    anyway here are my turn 2 moves... figure them into the stuff


    All Power Levels are Based on stats before Turn 1

    The Delrune Army PL 22
    Calrune (Centaurs, high elves, oeridian humans, suel humans, gnomes, halflings, neutral and good) PL 3
    The People of Celadan Forest (High elves, oeridian humans, suel humans, gray elves, wood elves, gnomes, halflings, good) PL 4
    Delrune (High elves, gray elves, wood elves, wild elves, good) PL 5
    The People of Gamboge Forest (High elves, gray elves, wood elves, wild elves, gnomes, halflings, neutral and good) PL 4
    The People of the Phostwood (High elves, gray elves, oeridian humans, dwarves, gnomes, good) PL 4
    Sanctus Punitor (In Latin: Holy Avenger) (PC, male high elf, Pal 10 / Rgr 10, lawful good) PL 2

    Orders are to invade the Riftcrag and its surrounding counties. All opposition will be confronted. All allies shall be welcomed. "I Shall Fight the Hellmaster!" is called out by Sanctus Punitor. The men seem fearful of being enslaved by the creatures aiding the Hellmaster. Sanctus attempts to counter this with a speech about the reason why they are attacking the Riftcrag so imminently. (Edena- I rolled a 34 at the end of turn 1... If that still counts fine, I will honestly take what I have rolled, but if it doesn't I will re-roll.)

    Speech by Sanctus Punitor-
    "Elves, Humans, Gnomes, and Halfling brothers... Our forces in the North were decimated by the combined forces of many fiends. They have not stopped fighting. They have not stopped protecting. They understand even better why we are on the offensive. The combined forces of evil are tied together by a bond of fear and cowardice. The Evil I speak of is that of all true evil, the heart to take unrelentingly. They take our comrades bodies up as slaves! They Take our meals and land without a care for those who cultivated it. They will take and take till there is nothing left to be had. Then they will take from each other! They will eat away at the land till no life lives on it. Even then, they will not stop. They will control one another, and manipulate the fates of their comrades to arms against one another. They don't want you as slaves. They want to destroy you. Becoming thier servants is only the first step in annihilating us. I will not allow it. In my life I have seen the faces of creatures like this a hundred times, and they are weak! They take and take because they are AFRAID TO GIVE. They are afraid to give to their people, afraid to give in to thier enemies, and afraid to fight if they are not sure they will win. We have bravery, they have cowardice. I have trusting people and good citizens... their people must beg for scraps to survive on just to avoid becoming another undead slave. We march, and we march constantly, no pain is too overwhelming... They are our enemy because they take from us, and they take from us because THEY ARE AFRAID!" A hoorah from soldiers, and off we go to start another fight.

    Seldanoran/Timberway Army PL 23
    Duchy of Tenh (Oerdian humans, suel humans, flannae humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes) PL 4
    Seldanora (High elves, oeridian humans, gray elves, flannae humans, wood elves, suel humans, neutral and good) PL 4
    Tenser (NPC, human, fighter/mage of very high level, good) PL 1
    People of Timberway Forest (Swanmay, treants, forest spirits, high elves, grey elves, suel humans, oeridian humans, gnomes, halflings, good) PL 3
    Grannmont (storm giants of the Rakers, good) PL 6
    Heimmont (cloud giants of the Rakers, good) PL 5

    All forces allied to the Seldanoran/Timberway Army are asked to join our fight. The Giant's strongest men dig in, to quickly create a trench line. Celestials and Metallic Planar Dragons are summoned to reinfoce and scout the area. Citizens are guarded while the construction of trenches up and down the defensive line begins. Support trenches are added. Catapults are constructed to act as temporary artillery behind the main trenches. The clerics of my forces are ordered to begin concecrating the ground to increase our defense against evil magic and undead. I ask my allies to do the same.

    Peoples of the Grandwood (High elves, oeridian humans, wood elves, suel humans, wild elves, some humans of other types, grey elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, treants, forest beings, neutral and good) PL 3
    The Northern Peoples of the Hollow Highlands (hill dwarves, suel humans, oeridian humans, gnomes, high elves, neutral and good) PL 3
    People of the Loftwood (High elves, gray elves, wood elves, humans of every type, gnomes, treants, good forest spirits, good) PL 2

    In the Grandwoods
    A combined effort is made to undermine authority in the area. Three task forces are ordered to move to the river north of Ral Astra and pour sleeping draughts into the river. If successful the draughts may put many citizens to sleep if the opposition does not take the time to notice and prevent the poisoned water from reaching its citizens. They would still need to find another resource for water, however.

    Three more task forces are sent in different directions to build tunnel extensions into enemy territory. These provide better cover for rebels moving around the area, and therefore speed up the time of raids. These tunnels are more likely to be discovered, so charges are set to be detonated if the enemy makes it inside of these tunnels. As areas inside the tunnel structure begin to be discovered and assaulted forces are beginning to dig outside of those areas and are detonating large amounts of gunpowder to close found entrances. New traps are set up and some of the more skilled trapmakers are working on creating landmines similar to those used in the 1st Chinese civil war.

    All other units are tasked with raiding the countryside outside the Grandwoods. The primary target still remains the command structure. Reports that are not yet confirmed hint that tunnels may be linking the Grandwoods to the Northern Hollow Highlands. Plant elementals are moved inside of the tunnel web to act as folliage, early warning devices, and traps in their own right. As more and more of my men are slain it gradually becomes harder and harder to find them. They are digging in deeper and deeper every day.

    In Other Areas
    In the Northern Hollow Highlands some reports are appearing concerning a deep tunnel leading into the highlands. These reports are not confirmed. The forces here appear to be setting up some kind of defensive structure, but this may be a fake. Many more raids are coming out of the Northern Hollow Highlands at the enemies territories. Most of the population here is worried about the Grandwoods and are bold about moving against the opposition, but Regina Canities does not allow anything grander than raids to be launched.

    The construction of the tower in the Loftwoods is continuing. As the towers construction is going well, the Grandep bay is becoming a safer naval port for allies of the Delrune Confederation. This tower is being constructed as posted in turn 1. (Edena did not mention this in the wrap up... if it is not occuring, or if nobody has noticed yet I would like to know- Especially an ETA on the towers completion.)

    Peoples of the Gnarley Forest (High elves, wood elves, oeridian humans, some humans of other types, some gnomes, treants, forest beings, good) PL 2
    Rangers of the Gnarley Forest (Dedicated to protecting Gnarley Forest, good) PL 2

    The forces of the Gnarley are still training in the Lortmills in the use of new firearms and still taking up defensive positions. The men are discouraged at news that the Gnarley may have fallen. Words about these actions are taken with a heavy and vengeful heart towards the Shadow empire.

    Refugees of Fellreev Forest (Humans of all types, demihumans of all types, forest spirits, forest beings, all alignments) PL 4

    Fellreev Forest is still continuing to reinforce its southern borders. Some of the men are being rallied to raid the territory to the south. Such orders are given, 1 PL of forces from Fellreev Forest are ordered to raid into Sollir's territory to the south.

    Peoples of the Amedio Rainforest (Humans of unknown types, monsters of every type from the MMs, all alignments) PL 3

    The Amedio Rainforest is in disarray. The people here are resorting to tactics similar to the Ewoks in Star-Wars. Trying to remove an overwhelming opponent is difficult. The Amedio Rainforest is beginning to constuct a "last resort" weapon. Some information hints that this weapon involves large shipments of gunpowder into this territory. Other clues, however, seem to imply that the ships are actually going to use the gunpowder to arm its catapults. This hints at possible use of artillery bombardment from the ocean, but reports on this are incomplete. The possibility that such large amounts of gunpowder may be used against the hive by being thrown into any newly formed nests. All results are depictive and descriptive, but there seems to be little to conclude.

    Edit: Dragons and Celestials are summoned against Sollir, not by the Seldanoran Army.

    Edit:I accept John Brown's non-aggression pact... I am a paladin, and despite the fact that I would not rule the way you do, I respect all countries independent laws.

    Edit: If Sollir joins John Brown I halt all attacks and honor the Non Agression Pact. I withdraw and I will be open to Negotiations to return Artonsamay if it is disirable.
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    To Iuz

    We gladly accept your non-aggression pact and hope that we will see you soon in battle against our mutual enemy the shades

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    A Sending of Kalanyr in his full Abyssal Glory appears before Iuz "Mighty Iuz,distant kin, I ask your aid in driving off the Kevellond League and am willing to give aid in return when you request it. As well the land you conquer that did not belong to us before they came is yours! Aid us in the name of the Abyss "
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    At this point I muster the combined might of the Duchy, County, and Principatlity of Ulek and have them head towards the Yeomanry to help in the defense. This means all dwarves, humans, and elves. They will take what ever firearms, grenades, and other war tech they can get or scrounge.

    Dwarf King Olinstadd Corond will lead this force.
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    A hasted Thayadon Fasfoni teleports W/O error into the battle for iron hills, Time Stops, casts 3 meteor swarms and teleports out. Repeat.

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    Uvenlei's forces

    Uvenlei's force (with a PL of 69 IIRC) will be moved agiast the shade, split between Celene and Dyvers fronts. As in other fronts the warriors and mages will reinforce the lines, while the planars (Dragions, both metalic andgem) will rain death from above.
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    For Lord Melkor!

    The Shade Imperium reinforces the western front and goes to the defensive, giving ground doggedly. Occasional raids and attacks are made against the enemy to keep them off balance. Spelljammers and the like are attacked by elite scuads who kill or enchant the pilots into shanging sides. Enemy mages and clerics are made a prioritated target for the fiends on the ground. a line of trenches and traps are built behind the front as a secondary defensive line and if the battle goes poorly for the Shade they retreat to that line. The Shade also withdraw 5 points of armies from the east. If the western front is in danger of breaking all shade forces are pulled out from the east except the guard on the County of Urnst.
    The Shade do their best to spread dissent and uprisings amongst the enemy forces homelands, the Kevellond and the Pomarj are prioritized. Assassins do their best to destabilize the enemy forces and homelands by killing important officials and officers.
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    Originally posted by Kalanyr
    A Sending of Kalanyr in his full Abyssal Glory appears before Iuz "Mighty Iuz,distant kin, I ask your aid in driving off the Kevellond League and am willing to give aid in return when you request it. As well the land you conquer that did not belong to us before they came is yours! Aid us in the name of the Abyss "
    Keep in mind o' mighty Iuz, the non-aggression pact between yourself and the Kevoland Leauge. The shade are the real danger. The Underdark alliance only wants you to move against Kevoland to strengthen there allies in Greyhawk (I refuse to recognize the shadow throne)

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    WAR UPDATE # 3

    The war has reached a feverish pitch, with fierce battles in progress from one end of the map to the other, and many places offmap also.

    In the southwest offmap, Zindia is inflicting 3 to 1 losses on the attackers from Erypt, Suhfang, and Varnaith.
    They may take Zindia, but it's going to be a pyrrich victory.

    The Hive Cluster is making astounding successes, winning major victories, one after the other.
    Aided by the forces of the Under Oerth and the tremendous might of the dragons, they are overwhelming both ground and air forces alike.

    The Yeomanry goes down under a formian sea, it's inhabitants eaten or fled east.
    Sterich collapses, it's knights and troops forced back by humanoids emerging from their secret locations Below by the hundreds of thousands.
    Giants back up the humanoids, and they crush the forces of the Kevellond League in Geoff, regaining it for the drow.
    The Kevellond forces retain control of the forests, but they are pinned there and beset.

    The armies of the Baklunish Confederation and the many countries from further west are attempting to reverse this, but they are running into heavy trouble.
    The mountains themselves are the worst obstacle.
    What Kas did, they cannot do, and tracking up into those mountains is extremely difficult under the best of circumstances.
    Now, all those mountains are filled with deathtraps and defenders, and the Baklunish forces cannot get a hold.
    If they could sweep through Ket, they could come at the humanoids from the east, but Ket - watching all of this in glee - has fortified it's western border, and is calling on it's ally Iuz to reinforce it, so that no help from the Baklunish gets east of the mountains.

    The situation is made worse when, in the control room of one of the dwarven mountains, an illithid appears.
    Using his mental might and surprise, he overwhelms the control crew, then sets the mountain on a collision course with the ground.
    The mountain crashes slowly into the ground, shattering apart, thousands of dwarves and tens of thousands of ferried troops killed in the disaster.

    The Scro, Neogi, and Illithid Armadas are preventing any spelljamming help from coming to the Kevellond League, and in any case most of what can fly is busy ferrying troops.

    The Varnaithians in the Amedio Rainforest have better luck, and drive the Hive Cluster out, regaining the rainforest for it's native peoples (or what is left of them.)

    The intervention of the Coalition of Light and Shadow, with the incredible might of the Faerie, blocks the Hive Cluster and it's Underdark allies from pressing any further into the Kevellond League, or taking Bissel, which they almost managed to do.

    In the central Flanaess, what can only be described as a slugfest is in progress.
    The Shades TAKE the city of Enkstad, slaughtering it's inhabitants, then flee as the vengeful elves come in force to retake their capital city.
    The forces of Shade break through the defensive line of the Welkwood, with the forest in flames and massive slaughter on both sides.
    However, the arrival of the Faerie stops the advance, and the Shades are beaten back in a prolonged Faerie versus Shade battle.
    The Shades are unable to penetrate the border defenses of the Pomarj.
    The Pomarj mounts a major attack against the Shade lines. In something like something out of WW1, the two armies engage in a prolonged firefight across the trenches. Tens of thousands die on both sides in the conflict, but the Pomarj gains little land.
    Celene manages to hold it's border, thanks to the intervention of the Faerie, but their losses are high.
    In the northwest, Verbobonc was reinforced by the armies of the Kevellond League, who manage to drive the forces of Shade out of southeastern Furyondy.
    In a great drive eastward, they clear the way all the way back to Dyvvers, and lay siege to the city.
    The Shades make their stand there, and Dyvvers is now besieged for the second time.
    The Gnarley Forest is retaken by the forces of the Kevellond League, but the eastern Gnarley has completely DIED - the forces of Shade have poisoned the very earth, and all the trees and brush withered and rotted.
    All efforts to retake the Wild Coast have failed, although the United Forces have thrown wave after wave against the Shades.
    The Shades are entrenched, great Planar Forces are with them, and high level commanders lead them.
    They seem unshakable.

    The Duchy of Urnst manages to hold out against all it's attackers, thanks to the intervention from other countries.
    The Isles of Woe, the Shade Army, and the army of the Warlords fight in vain to cross the massively fortified borders, and those that make it through come under intense aerial bombardment.
    The Duchy of Urnst is holding out.
    Celadan Forest is doing it's part, also, sending out wave after wave of attackers to harry the rear of the attacking Shade forces, threatening to retake the County of Urnst from the Shades.

    The war is going rather ill for the forces of good in the southeast.
    There, the Hollow Highlands are crushed.
    Even their deepest tunnels and chambers are found, and the defenders killed (if they are lucky) or taken alive (if they are not lucky) by an enraged Acererak and his Minions.

    The intervention of the Scarlet Brotherhood causes an immense sea battle to rage around the Iron League, as both sides attempt to get their ships through to reinforce the land battle.
    Dozens of ships go down, their crews and equipment lost, and the hideous piles of the dead on the floor of the sea ever grows.
    Even with the help of the good Sea Nations, the power of the Scarlet Brotherhood is a match for the forces of good.
    On the land, Irongate drives out the undead attacking it, but Onnwal falls to the forces of Acererak.
    Idee, although it is closer to Acererak, beats back his forces, at great cost to themselves.
    The dwarves of the Iron Hills fight the undead chamber by chamber, tunnel by tunnel, through the dark labyrinth of the passages there.

    In the northeast, the forces of good score a major victory.
    Led by the Swanmays and their host, the humanoids of the Dwark Swamp and evil giants, assorted good giants and the people of Ratik, Storm-Riders of Telchuria and barbarians, this strange alliance takes the entire eastern half of the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdi.
    They are finally stopped at the capital city of Eastfair, where the Union forces rally, and the Lost Elves come into the fray.

    The God Emperor scores a major victory.
    His host pursues the Delrunian army of elves, and manages to rout it, inflict catastrophic losses on the elves before they escape northward.
    The Nyrondese, spelljamming gnomes, good giants, and all the others helping in that battle try in vain to save the Delrunian Army, but the damage is done.
    The God Emperor must now look backwards, for a great host is set to march right into the heart of the Dark Union.

    In Nyrond, Kas and his Legions sit and do nothing, busy resurrecting their own dead.
    They could have made a huge difference in the war, but they are sitting this one out.

    The Fleet of the Lendores finally fights it's way through the Sahuagin blockade, and lands in the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdi, and the elves debark.
    Behind them, the Sahuagin and their underwater enemies are fighting toe to toe in a war beneath the waves, stretching from the Thillronian Peninsula south clear to the Lendores.

    The Grandwood continues to hold out against the Union forces assaulting it, although vast areas of the forest are now burned or swept away in floods, and the towns and villages are mostly destroyed.
    The defenders, with their network of tunnels and secret chambers, traps and ambushes, continue to hold out against the vastly superior forces of the Union.

    In the north, news of the rout of their army reaches Delrune, and this causes panic.
    Sanctus realizes that his forces are greatly dwindled.
    He is fighting an entrenched and determined foe in the Riftcrag, and although they are also severely weakened, they are holding on to their Rift Canyon, and Sanctus cannot dislodge them.
    He has better luck in Kinemeet to the north, which falls.
    Kinemeet was emptied of force, which was sent south to protect Riftcrag, or south to attack the Duchy of Urnst.
    Now, hit by raids from Fellreev Forest to the north and the forces of Delrune to the east, it cannot hold out, and surrenders itself to the elves.
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