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    Gee, thanks Turrosh Mak (hides).


    Anfaren scowled as he jumped from the /Sunchaser/ to the tiny (comparetivly) landing craft, one of many the Lendore forces were using to ship their troops ashore. He has a scratch on his head, the remenent of the suaghin assualt. Damn those fish-beasts! They had attacked out of nowhere, somehow evading the detection spells that the Lendore fleet always had erected. Fortunatly, the Lendores had been fighting them for years, and knew how to fight them backwards and upside down. That assualt had been fended off soon enough, but not before the chieften had swung his scimitar all too close to Anfaren's head.

    And now they were attacking on foot. Dmn damn damn. War brought many suprises, and this was the worst. Well, the Lendore army was not exactly shabby at footwork, (as the sword pierced fishlike bodies that decorated the /Sunchaser/'s deck proved), but the land was a whole new battleground.

    Well, they had their orders, and contgencies for those orders, and contegincies for those contingencies, and so on and on.

    Welcome to war, where the plan dies before the first troops engage.


    OOC: Edena, you know what I am up to, via E-mail.


    Half a continent away, the defenders of Celene stood together. They had just concluded yet another meeting with thieir allies, and yet again the line had decided to hold.

    "I am not leaving." Said the female elf, her dress pure white, unrent by the magic she had been defending against and luanching herself. "If the enemy over-runs Celene, I will fall as well."

    "Sister..." The knight began. The symbol of Luna was on his chest, bright even under the unnatural darkness assualting their lands.

    "No. I will not run. Better to die then lose the country I have fought for for many, many years." She sighed. "I would say that this is what comes from inviting outlanders into Celene, but they have protected us as much as we have protected them."

    "I am astonished to hear you say that." The knight says.

    "I am, as well." She responded.

    Behind them, positive energy elementals tended to the wounded, healing them as fast as they were brought in. Before the two, the battle went on, as the Knights of Luna, the forces of Celene, and the many many allies that had entered Celene fought with shadows from beyond nightmares.

    The battle raged on.

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    I am sharing tech with the folowing:

    Turrosh Mak
    William Ronald
    Black Omega
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    The main strategy of the Sahuagin at sea is to attack the enemy ships from below. To drill holes trough ships hulls, tear off their tillers and avoid elven swordpeople until they have drowned. Then it's dinnertime! The Sahuagin also make liberal use of summon monster to summon waterelementals. Enemy magical defences are dispelled. Occasionally they cast Wall of Stone or Wall of Iron spells on board the ships. The result should be obvious.

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    In north kingdom the massed forces of the Dark swamp, the Rakers giants and Humaniods, The storm Riders and Barbarians fight feircely to bring down the walls of eastfair. With The lands all around reduced to little more than dirt, eastfair is the only thing left to demolish...

    In The Forests of Celene Kalden's army and the Pomarj legions fight a feirce battle to protect Celene from enemies both within and without.

    In Kevolond, The weary defenders ready themselves to face yet another rush from the Hive swarm. They Pray that somehow, help will reach them and reach them soon...

    Allong the Trenches of the wild coast, The Pomarj Orcish Legion and the Shadow army are locked in a incredibly bloody battle.

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    To John Brown: I do not mind aligning with you, however I have no intention to lose the life of the Hellmaster, however I will sign a non-aggression pack.


    The league of warlords will fight against Creamsteaks approaching army, using the ambushers as well as summoned chromatic dragons, slaadi, and demons. Hellmaster Phibrizzo will fight Sanctum (teleporting w/o error to wherever he is if he tries to run around), being practically immune to all his attacks (oathbow's magic is negated by Sanctum's perfect black ioun stone and won't penetrate Hellmaster's DR), Hellmaster himself can fire volleys of metal projectiles and he will go under cloak of chaos as well as several contingincies (He's immune to antimagic field if he can make a save, see item Mantle of Invulnerability on char stats), and will teleport to the Burned Quaggoth Forest (or whatever its called ) if he falls under 1/3 hit points. He will take the strongest warlords with him as well if the battle looks like it will fail but will at least try to stall Sanctum's attack for as long as he can.

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    A great many things are occurring at this time.

    In the remaining Kevolland League nations, (most notably Gran March), former citizens of the Yeomanry, and Sterich hold protest marches for the League's actions. They protest an increasingly authoritarian League that is ignoring the nations that it swore to protect, and abusing its power. These marches are intended to be nonviolent, though sometimes tempers do flare...

    Scarlet Brotherhood emissaries cluck their tongues at all this horrid violence. It is such a shame, they state, that people can't work through their differences in a nonviolent manner. Aside from their support of peace talks, the emissaries are perfect gentlemen. They stay where their told, are polite to everybody, and cause absolutely no mischief. Several even allow themselves to be given exacting alignment tests that reveal them as Lawful Neutral....

    A great amount of money has been stolen from the Dark Union. Future investigation show that the money went to the Shade Empire. The Shade Empire claims it has no idea how the money got there...

    Assassinations run rampant in the city of Greyhawk, targeting various officials in the Shade Empire. The Dark Union and the Empire of Iuz also have assassination problems, albeit not as severe. Baklunish and the Kevolland League still face assassinations, but their number is declining. Again, all attempts to find the assassins fail, or indicate agents of rival powers.

    Some Nobles in Gran March are considering leaving the League. As of yet, they remain a small, but vocal minority.

    And a minor Sea Prince marries a goblin. "She maybe green, and only three feet tall, but she's all the woman I need." he says.

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    Any Dark Union or Shade official who is murdered in the recent rise in violent crime is raised or reanimated.
    A polite but firm investigation of wether the Shade stole the money in question is started. The shade are somewhat offended by this but cooperate because of the troublesome geopolitical circumstances.

    What is the approximate powerlevel of the raiders of the North Kingdom?
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    I'm actually not sure if the Illithid who knocked down the mountain from the sky was me. I don't think that Edena would make Anabstercorian do something quite THAT dramatic without direct orders... Who else has Illithid, powerful Illithid? That one wasn't me. And I say so, to everyone.

    Anyhoo, I'm having a great time! I'm blasting stuff with my Dream Guns all day long, spraying people across battlefields and leaving lives shattered and wasted in my wake. Glee! I love my Unstoppable Psychic Smackdown Mind Blast of Screaming Agony And Bloody Hemhorraging. I'm going to have to write up those feats.

    Enough of such piddling things. I continue to promote stalemates in any battle I can safely take part in without risking my neck - Which should be most of them. However, I will take a break to travel to Iuz.


    Anabstercorian strides in to Iuz's waiting room, and gives a deep bow, his long, flowing cloak draping over his slimy form. Iuz is not impressed.
    "What have you come here for, you mad mind flayer? Have you come to try and threaten me with your 'great power'?" He says this with obvious sarcasm.
    Anabstercorian shakes his head. <<Hardly. Instead, I merely wish to assure you that I have no intention of engaging in hostile activities with you, or any of the powers that you control.>>
    Iuz nods a bit. "Good. Then all is well between us, as it has been for the last hundred years."
    Anabstercorian nods. <<Thank you. We may have more good things to say to you regarding our relationship in the future. For now, I must be going. So many people to kill...>>
    And he vanishes.


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    Unfortunately, most of the victims seem to be missing their souls. You look everywhere--Heaven, Hell, behind the sink--but they aren't there. And divination gives you no idea where they went.

    To be blunt--someone's gone to a lot of trouble to make sure they remain dead.

    (You can of course raise them as zombies, but these tend to make poor administrators, due to poor time-keeping skills.)

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    I'm turning in for the night.

    And to make everything clear--we don't attack anybody.

    At least, not directly...

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