Divine ranks of various fictional entities
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    Divine ranks of various fictional entities

    I've been thinking over the last few days about fictional entities and wondered what you guys think the divine rank for these entities would be.

    These are the ones I've been thinking about:

    Q (Star Trek)
    Ancients/Ori (Stargate)
    The Xeelee (Xeelee Sequence)
    Celestials (Marvel)
    Eternity (Marvel)
    Living Tribunal (Marvel)
    One-Above-All (Marvel)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jboud045 View Post
    Q (Star Trek)
    Their personal-scale weapons cause supernovas, so probably not below First Ones.

    Their whole civilization would IMO equate to Demiurge stage III or Time Lord-level power, given near-total control of that universe/multiverse.

    They might be low-Demiurge levels as individuals if they aren't very numerous.

    The Xeelee (Xeelee Sequence)
    I don't know what they are like "innately", but with all their technology available, I'd consider them to be low Sidereal level, or high Immortal level with Cosmic esoterics, individually. Their tech is based on spacetime/gravity manipulation, which in IH terms suggests Cosmic abilities.

    As a civilization, they control ~10% of the Universe.

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    For the Q I was thinking about the same thing either First One or Demiurge Stage I.

    For the Xeelee I was thinking either Elder One or Old One.

    For the Ancient/Ori I was thinking Greater Deity, maybe Elder One.

    As for the three Marvel entities I was thinking power wise Demiurge Stage 3 for Eternity, Time Lord/or High Lord for The Living Tribunal and Supernal for One-Above-All.

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    The One Above All is meant to be God so he would be a supreme being

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