Arokyn the story thread
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    Arokyn the story thread

    Arokyn (Chapter 1)

    The tribe had been moving at night to conserve their strength. They would rest in the shade of megalithic stones and even then it was sweltering. The tribe of 3 hands had only been formed less than 6 months ago but was functioning well considering the newness to everyone concerned. The makeshift tents flapped in the slight wind and the few domesticated 6-legged horses they could take with them were near to starved from lack of vegetation.

    From his tent’s shelter came Lythix Stonecrusher, chief of the warriors of the Tribe of 3 hands. The dwarf stood a towering 4’10” and weighed in at over 300 pounds. “All stone and bone” as he was known, Lythix walked with the burning sun to his back toward the tent of Chief Skydancer. He genuinely liked the human but felt a Dwarf should be leader.
    Pushing the flap aside, Lythix wondered at the tribal council inside. Did they never sleep? He thought to himself. But he took his place next to Chief Skydancer.

    Skydancer was new to his roll as tribal leader and was not comfortable with the weight of office. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs and shook his arms to get the blood back into the webs of gray furred skin between his arms and legs. Many wondered at how he could stand to be sitting on his tail all the time and he wondered it himself. His large green eyes fell to his advisor Kikkata.

    Kikkata sat in a mantis position and did not move even the slightest. The elf was as fierce in combat as she was wise and loving to the tribe. She moved her 6 arms slowly recognizing that Lythix had arrived. “It’s about time. We have much to discuss and little time to discuss it.”

    “Then stop wasting time telling me to stop wasting time. Elf.” said Lythix. “We are here to talk of the coming of the beast. We must learn more of the Wyrm that caused us to leave our homelands. Mercy Mesa is pretty in its way but with no water supply we will not survive long.”

    Skydancer spoke with the voice of authority; he knew those two would never stop harping one another with out him stopping it himself. “Come now. We are all here, let there be peace. I have O`Assis the water finder searching for a stream or wellspring. The water problem will be cured soon.”

    ‘The 3 hands’ as the council was known talked well into the night.

    The sun rose in the morning and while the morning meal was being cooked there was a roar from the dunes to the east. About an hour later Skitterial one of the advance scouts came running into camp ichor and blood mixed on his shell. It takes but a moment to see that he is missing two arms; they appear to have been ripped from his shell. “O`Assis is taken by a troop of strange creatures. We need help.” He says and falls to the ground unable to stand any longer.

    (Your up guys. we can roll play this for a while while we wait for the 3.5 books to arrive.)

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    Owenston and his parents, Maltak and Morelle, are sitting in the shade of a standing stone considering their situation.

    “We should never have left the mountains,” says Morelle, Owenston’s mother.

    “We are here now,” replies his father.

    “We should go back to the mountains.” She insists

    “What would I do?” asks Maltak.

    Before she can reply Owenston interjects, “I am not going to the mountains.”

    His mother is shocked “You need to be among true dwarves,” she tells him.

    “It was near time for me to start journeying, to prepare me for my pilgrimage. I was organized to go when we fled our lands.”
    He passes Maltak his water bottle.

    His father takes a sip then considers it. “Where did you get water?”

    “As we traveled, O’Assis found a small brackish pool. Those who could make it drinkable were allowed to take a share. Banishing poisons and impurities are among the basic duties of an Earth-Healer,” explains Owenston. “The tribe will need much more water to survive.”

    “We might be better apart from the tribe,” suggest Morelle.

    “We gave Lythix our word.” Says Maltak.

    A roar from the dunes to the east punctuates that point.

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    Vorgune squatted next to Yrgo, both chewing on sweet desert rushes, the feral's deer-like teeth helping to chew the tough things to paste. Looking up at his camel, Vorgune said 'This is no feast,Yrgo. Wait until we find Good land,then Vorgune show you what Paradise is, we eat Strawberries,blackberries,and we find melon too...just you wait.'
    Standing and stretching his sore muscles, the Feral looked about at the camp around him. Folk of the Tribe were going about their tasks slow and weary. The Tribe needed good food and water, and Quickly.

    As the roar sounds, Vorgune readies his gear for travel.
    When the Scout appears, the feral approaches to see if there is anything that he can do.

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    Krit Ka, training like he always does, was actually startled and interrupted during his training when the roar sounded. Cursing himself for letting something like that drop his guard, he restarts his training.

    Later, Krit Ka has no idea how much later as he hadn't looked at the sun to measure time, it could be several breaths or it could be half a day, the scout arrived. Krit Ka didn't interrupt his training, but applied moves that would bring him close enough to the scout to hear him, while he kept on making combat strikes at the air. He kept his ears open, while his body continued the basic, artistic moves of unarmed combat.

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    Owenston notices a commotion on the other side of the camp. He goes over to see an elven scout badly injured. Everyone seems to be milling around, unsure what to do.

    Owenson moves forward. He thinks to himself, I cannot fix the arms, but I can stablize him. He quietly channels on the power of the earth to heal the scout.
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    The roar interupted Anathos from his reverie atop the rocky spire that jutted out of the lush land, his many hands gripping the bone & obsidian weapons he carried.....

    (OOC: Longer post coming tommorrow from work---I already lost my first attempt to post from home )

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    Skitterial held upright by strength of will alone sees the villagers aproach him and tries to wave them off. "Please run! Do not stop. the beast is headed this way!" As he says this the villagers stop and panic ensues. Most seem like they will run behind some of the massive rock outcroppings while others (mainly the humans) seem about to stampeed.
    Owenson is the first at Skitterial's side and is able to stop some of the bleeding but there is not the time to actualy aid Skitterial further. They hear the roar again and the elf appears to faint.

    From his vantage point on the rocks Anathos can see a massive beetle easily the size of an elephant heading towards the village. there are spears sticking out of it's shell but it does not seem that they went in far enough to hurt the beast.

    Vorgune and Krit Ka reach Owenson's side just in time to see the massive pincers rise over the dunes.

    Combat stats
    Initiative order (all but Anathos are 60' away from the monster beetle)
    Krit Ka
    Anathos (Your about 100' away from the others)

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    Krit Ka looks at the giant creature aproaching them, totally forgetting about his combat moves. Yikes! This is not what I had in mind as my first fair fight in defence of the village. How are we to stop this?

    Looking around, Krit Ka notices most people are about to flee. Skitterial alone seems unable to. In silent motion, Krit Ka moves close towards him and picks him up, following after the other people.

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    Anathos's fingerlike fangs twitched in glee as he saw the approaching beast. After he scampered down the rock pillar, he started running towards the beast thinking how all would eat well tonight.

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    "Oh Earth, What an Unnatural Beast!" Says Owenston.

    He considers that it is a result of the taint, though it may not be tainted itself. In case it is, he calls, "Structure of Nature, Defend me from Disorder" <<Protection from Chaos spell>>.

    He is about to follow the elf carrying the wounded scout << 5 foot step>>, when he sees another elf running tward the monster.

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