For More Than Glory (Emiricol's Campaign)
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    For More Than Glory (Emiricol's Campaign)

    When the move is complete, my campaign will use this thread.

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    Well, I missed the session last night - apologies to my players. I lost connection, and it took me a long time to figure out what had happened.

    Anyway, 150XP bonus to everyone for showing up - REMIND me at the start of next session, okay?

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    Ahh its ok we'll get it next session.cya there.
    (have to check out the new site.)

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    Shhhh.....tuff happens.

    Now that I'm cruising the new Main site and Forums, I find that my username and password don't work on the Main site.

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    Fleck and Valdir have leveled! Congratulations. If you need your xp total, I'd actually rather not post them - either email me at emiricol at emiricol dot com or I will give them to you next weekend, as you wish.

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    Since nobody seems to be paying attention to the tavern boards, I'll post a reminder here. The downtime thread is up in the Golden Grown board. Go post there. If we get all the boring discussion done there, we can do actual stuff during Sunday's session, instead of just sitting around talking about stuff for three hours.

    But I'm not bitter. Nuh-uh, nope.

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    FireHorse, the web site and these forums don't share a database You just have to register twice...

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    Roger that. Just finished doing that. Thanks.

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    Accually I had an acct with en world.Before I found t13 i registered to find action.

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    Game room open:

    Server - Better Games Public Server
    Room - T13K: For More Than Glory
    Password - "emiricol" (without the quotes)

    See my players shortly! Crystorix let me know he won't be able to make it, so we'll NPC him tonight.

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