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    Loitering on BG server for now. Drop by there; we can either take our chances staying or start up a new one.

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    I've now been waiting nearly 50 minutes; since there is company over, I am leaving for the night. If you're free during the day on Sunday, or some time next week, email me.

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    Memnus, if you can get this, email me at I do not have your email address and have not been able to post to the boards. I am trying the library computers. I am available tonight and tomorrow any time before game time (of course), except before 10am your time for church. let me know if you can game anytime then. I have received your posts but have not been able to post. Anyway I have to go now, my time is up on the internet here. Give me an email if you can make it or not, so that I'll have your email. Until then I will continue to try and post from home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emiricol
    Thankfully that got resolved!

    Levels as of tonight:

    • Fleck, Wiz 6
    • Valdir, Fighter 2 / Ranger 2 / Sledayne 1 (What is your 6th?)
    • Rolf, Ranger 3 / Druid 3
    • Argus, Druid 1 / Monk 3 / Barbarian 1 / Fighter 1
    • Kirran, Cleric 6
    • Gadreman, Barbarian 1 / Fighter 3 / Ranger 1
    • Aros, Rogue 1 / Bard 5
    • Meier, Rogue 6
    My sixth is Seledyne level 2

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    Anyway, this is Father's Day, so I've got to do the family dinner thing. I'll try to stop in, though. Memnus has Meier's sheet.

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    I guess I do, don't I... on the laptop that died. Now I'm not sure how to get it off.

    It's early yet, but the server is open, courtesy of Sly, who'll be introducing a new character that's far less likely to slaughter the party.

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    Hey folks. Made it to my research job ok, but I've not got real internet just yet (just this crippled public beast with not even Java to its name). So as I posted a week or so ago, I won't be making it tonight. Memnus has my sheet, the poor man.

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    Quick recap, in bullet form:

    -scouring the torture room, the group found a cold iron dagger

    -They fought and vanquished a gelatious cube in the hall, picking up 400 gp and a cold iron longsword.

    -They tried to open a heavy metal door, setting off a powerful lightning trap three times before giving up.

    -They confronted the succubus at the heart of the complex. The battle was joined quickly, Valdir opening up with an arrow. The succubus cast a spell on Aros, promising him great power for joining her, then revealed her true form to attack Argus. Finally, flanked by Argus and Rolf, she took to the air. Fleck cast Fly on Rolf to follow her, and finally he managed to slay her with the cold iron longsword. For a moment, Aros thought himself the heir to her power and tried to attack the party, but came to his senses. Kirran discovered a key on the corpse.

    -They took the key back to the trapped door, and opened it easily, discovering the figure locked up inside. Here is where the tavern thread rejoins the action.

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    Ping - Sly, how are you feeling? Will you be available to at least host a server tonight? I just tried logging onto better games, and it was giving me pings of between ten and fifteen seconds. If not, has anybody else been able to host a stable server in the past?

    Edit: Dev II has a ping of .5 sec or so at the moment. I am loitering there until I hear otherwise. Of course, I'm also obsessively checking this board...
    Last edited by Memnus; Monday, 28th June, 2004 at 01:38 AM.

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    I'll be hosting the server unless I give other notice or am told otherwise, Memnus

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