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    A heads-up for people. It may not even become an issue.

    Verizon has apparently forgotten that I ordered DSL at my apartment, and after working for two weeks, it died. I have to wait for them to remove the signal from my line, then order it again. With luck, I can be online by the 11th; if not, I'll once again be gaming from work.

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    So are we going to be gaming this weekend?

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    Too many people out for the 4th, I think.

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    I'd be up for it LOL

    I think everyone is celebrating this weekend (damn american's and there pride lol) but if for some strange reason they're not?? I'm up for it on the 4th!

    We could re-enact the Alamo - then i'ts festive AND patriotic??? Or everyone could fight with hatchets only (The patriot lol) or we could put our troop up against a small army wearing red coats??? or aliens in big ships with a countdown song that only Aros can hear (independance day the movie)??

    well it was just a thought :-)

    but if I don't see ya - happy Indepenance day and all!

    Carman (Aros)
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    LOL, aye, us Americans and our blasted pride. {8^D

    I'm up for playing on the 4th, I think, as my family doesn't do anything special for that now that we live in Arizona (we used to go to the Cherry Festival for fireworks and stuff back when we lived in Traverse City, Michigan). We still eat a special dinner, but there's no telling what time exactly we'll eat.

    Independance Day was an awesome movie, so don't mock it.

    Happy Independance Day and all that, to the other Americans.

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    I have a family, and my parents are coming over for a 4th of July barbeque too. Sorry I can't make it :/

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    I wish I could. Unfortunately, I have a family that I cannot escape, and a weak spot for pyrotechnics.

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    well I would have been able to make it, but since I just noticed that both DMs aren't able to, it's a moot point

    too bad there's nothing else for us sorry sops to do.

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    Hey Ev

    I was looking for a little fun Sunday night too LOL. How about you host a server and any and all who want to have an "arena" type match can show up. Just make it with any character you have rolled up right now or can roll on the spot - we'lll match levels as best we can - nobody actually dies - i'ts a one shot that doesn't affect your real character - and see what happens??

    Don't really need to GM - we'll just arrange who fights whom when - let the dice decide if we're not sure - and hack and slash until all but one are left alive LOL.

    I'd like to see if my dextrous Bard can actually stand up against a warrior for a bit (though I'm sure he'd lose in the end)

    If your up for that - post it in the questing for adventure section - and we'll see who show's?? ( know at least one or two others who probably would)



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    Hey if you wanna try and fight a warrior I could fight you with Gadreman.

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