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    **** Heads up All *****

    Hey guys - I was thinking as of late that the FMTG party is getting a bit big for the DM to manage. I know there was a bit of confusion in the beginning when I was brought on - and Evandrial was AFK - but back - and then Em has created a rogue character to help in your soft spots. ((and who deserves to play more than EMiricol lol)).

    I figured since I was really the last man on - I should be the first to bow out and allow FMTG to run a bit more streamlined (and a better split of treasure LOL).

    Northman and his group have been kind enough to offer me a slot in their campaign - by fluke really - two of there's just left - one was replaced - and then me to round it back out to five. Northman seems like a good DM and the group can "kick it" when they need to as well - it's a good campaign to be part of! I also have a schedual - change at work that makes a weeknight game feasible now - soooooo.......

    My thoughts were to bow gracefully out of FMTG for now - thank you all for giving me the chance to play - I hope no one takes offence to my leaving - I just think I'm overburdening the group a bit and this will make for faster gaming for all of ya. ((I also have a one shot that keeps going with Emiricol on Sunday's - so I've got a good full game plate still *smiles*))

    Best of luck to you all - and again - thanks for the chance to game.

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    No problem T'ahl. Thanks for letting us know. Keep your PC - you can use him in other campaigns someday See ya Sunday in the one-shots

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    So, Verizon doesn't suck as much as they might. I am back online, and we are ON for this sunday. See you there.

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    Sorry to see you go Aros. Looks like I'll have to represent elves all alone then, great example that I am.

    Good luck to you and good gaming.

    (Northman is a good DM too btw)

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    Loitering on Dev III until our server starts up.

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    July 11 recap: Travel

    The party, minus Aros, left Marzen headed south. On the road to Solinburg, they ran across two smashed wagons and one dead wyvern. While the rest of the group checked out the wreckage, Valdir scouted the perimeter, and was promptly ambushed for his inattention by the second wyvern. He took a bite, a claw, and a sting before escaping, and Rolf captured the wyvern with an entangle. The thing was eventually shot to death, and the thing's poison threatened to overcome Valdir, but with Kirran's aid, he fought it off. The next day, under restoring spells from Kirran and Rolf, he was good as new.

    The rest of the trip was uneventful, to Solinburg, then Dumeldein, then finally Ettledein. Just outside Ettledein, they passed a mysterious caravn with no visible drivers, and received an advertisement for the Follyrout Carnival this summer in Dumeldein.

    When we left off, the group was discussing finding mounts for the small ones and leaving the cart behind for the trip into the forest.

    Valdir reached level 7.

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    Sorry about that folks. My hard drive had a massive failure. Perhaps it was divine intervention, but I got off my lazy butt on Saturday and backed up most of my files - rather nice timing... So now I got my backup (an old 7gig drive) installed for the time being.

    I do apologize...

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    Level 7, huh? Yeehah.

    Guess damn near dying does have some perks.

    By the way, I will probably wait until I can be in a controlled environment before I extract what wyvern poison I can from the tails. It might be helpful if Fleck and Kirran were around to help in case of mishaps......

    * post roll count doesn't match database

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