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    Keep in mind that if you don't do it pretty soon, the tails are going to be less and less attractive to keep around. Fleck will let you use any of the alchemy gear he's carrying around, though - perhaps when you reached Solinburg would have been the best time.

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    And Kirran of course is willing to be on hand, and reasonably conversant with alchemy gear himself (if a bit rusty). Assume appropriate snarking about near-death experiences.

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    Hey all - I'm hanging out on Dev II and Memnus is server-hopping looking for other folks until the server starts up.

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    Who is going to host the server?

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    Sly has made himself the one to host it every week... but that doesn't help if he's not on time every week.... *taps watch* Preferably early.

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    Val, if you are trying to find us, we are in Dev II

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    Anybody who's on and just waiting for the server, go ahead and log onto Dev II. If we get 5, we'll start.

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    Ok, well, we've started up a room on Dev II. Anyone who shows up can join us there.

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    Anyone else suffering crippling lag? Maybe a server switch is called for.

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    Starting a new server no good. I'm on BG now.
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