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    Hey everyone, sorry about my sudden absense. I've started working graveyard and it's taking me a while to get adjusted. Sunday nights I still have off, but I managed to pass out and not wake up until 1 or 2am. Sorry about that.
    Hey, for future reference, I will try to show up and start the server by 7:45. If I don't have it up by then, assume I'm not able to make it for some reason.

    Sorry again guys. I will be here this Sunday. Take care.

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    Poking around the network setup in my apartment, I may have a server of my own running. However, I have no way to determine whether it works from outside the local network. So, by gametime,
    1) if someone from outside has successfully logged into the server,
    2) if the server has not crashed in five hours,
    we will have a server.

    The server name is "Memnus test server on Random". If someone could drop in and let me know if it works, that'd be awesome.

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    Server's indeed still going. Game will be there, and I'll host the game every week for the forseeable future.

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    FMTG server is up for the night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnus
    FMTG server is up for the night.
    Up for the night already. I may or may not be around until then.

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    Sorry I missed out yesterday. My internet connection is spotty at best I hope everyone's ok, for you east coasters...

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    You actually didn't miss out. Memnus wasn't feeling well, and no one really wanted to DM blind, so we cancelled. Just couldn't get to the boards to post because they were down.
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    However, for future reference, I'm going to have a few Arena matches prepared for anyone who wants to play during sessions where the DM/DMs aren't available or don't have anything ready yet. For now, that's all I can do DM-wise, I don't have anything really sufficient to run FMTG when Emiricol or Memnus is absent or frazzled.

    So, update your gladiator PCs to 3.5 if you like, or make new gladiator PCs if you don't have any yet, folks. If you're interested, anyway.

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    Right on! I'll get either one of my old ones back on or maybe just make another one. Haven't decided, but excited all the same!

    What level are we? just because my memory does not serve me.

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