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    Hmm. Well, the server's up, for those who'll be able to make it.

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    Hey, sorry I disappeared after the bear thing. I wasn't upset, it was a nice way to go, but my son needed me and since I had died I went to spend time with him. However, I wouldn't mind bringing Gadreman back. He is a good fighter that would compliment the group as it is. Although, last time I played him I almost got kicked out of the group for roleplaying him in a rage. He is going for frenzied berserker, so if anyone has any complaints and doesn't want me to bring him back (which is my first choice), let me know. Otherwise I just need to find out if there's going to be a problem with me taking the frenzied berserker class.

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    If it involves the PC attacking other PCs, that's always a problem. I'm not sure the details of the class though. Wish I'd been there I think Gadreman and Meier had an interesting dynamic going on.

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    Oh, well not that it matters now to him, but back then you were a hostile, and he was raging, so he attacked you. Plus, at the time I did not even know you were a PC, thought it was an NPC.

    But the frenzied berserker is like a barbarian, and you must be able to rage to take it, but it allows for frenzies, which is kind of like Minsc on Baldur's Gate. He will attack party members if he frenzies with no enemies around, since he's in a beserk state beyond raging, but he does have the ability to save versus will and end the frenzy prematurely.

    It's not a real problem except that he just has to be left a good distance after his rage, and the group might have to come up with a means of restraining him (which he wouldn't mind so long as it was only used to protect the group).

    I miss playing him. Anyway let me know.

    P.S. The two classes I was going to have him start are Occult Slayer and Frenzied berserker. Both are in the complete warrior.
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    Somehow I doubt Frenzied Berserker was really revised at all in Complete Warrior, from its original incarnation within the pages of Masters of the Wild. Frenzied Berserkers, about halfway through the prestige class, become basically immune to damage, vulnerable only to automatic Death or disintegration effects. Considering their high Fortitude save, it's unlikely even Finger of Death, Disintegrate, or Power Word: Kill would even affect a Frenzied Berserker anyway. Basically, the Frenzied Berserker gains the capacity to survive any amount of damage, as long as he gets healed at some point before his Frenzy ends. He could be at negative ten billion hit points and still fight on, until his Frenzy ends and he finally stops ignoring the damage dealt to him. Only thing in 3.5 that makes it less broken is that the Heal spell now has a limit on how many hit points it restores with each casting, so at least in 3.5 there's a slim possibility of a Frenzied Berserker actually dying at some point when their best friend the Cleric doesn't have enough Heal spells available to wipe out all the hundreds upon hundreds of negative hit points the FB suffered while, y'know, single-handedly slaughtering an ancient red dragon when the FB was only around their 12th character level or so.

    Okay, so I exaggerate a bit, but not really that much. The Frenzied Berserker may as well be called the Invincible And Unstoppable Immortal Warrior. I suppose you could task Evandariel with making a revised T13K-specific version of the Frenzied Berserker that, y'know, lacks the Deathless Frenzy ability. Then it might be more or less balanced.

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    I didn't mean when they met. I meant ongoing, more as a concern about the PrC than anything else (as that is what you were asking about). Also note that PrCs are not valid in T13K unless they are in the book, and I don't believe Frenzied Berserkers are in the setting guide or house rules forum. There's no generic PrCs in T13K, though players can work with DMs to submit writeups of PrCs.

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    I know that there's no 'official' frenzied berserker class. That is why I asked about it.

    Anyway, The frenzied berserker has crappy will saves and he is not immune to spells. He is temporarily unable to die from direct damage, but that only lasts a couple of rounds and can still be affected by all manner of spells from curses to fireballs and such. Not to mention other ways to combat a creature without dealing direct damage.

    His frenzy, aside from the power attack feature, is basically his only ability, which gets increases in effectiveness as he levels.

    Either way, whether the deathless frenzy is changed or removed completely, that is what I would like to work into the campaign as my Prestige Class.

    I don't see anything horrible about doing so.

    Besides, there is only one prclass for a barbarian in the setting guide, and that's the dwarven battlerager. All other fighterish classes are non-chaotic, with the exception of the mounted one.

    So I looked for a barbarian prestige class that sounded neat and am trying to get it into the campaign.

    It's not any more cheezy than the mystic theurge, which everyone seems to want to accept. heh.

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    I'd post up just new flavor text for the PrC (and possibly a new name). It should be T13K specific, and ideally tie into one of the organizations that already exists but not necessarily so.

    The CMs would talk about it and in about a week it'd be approved or denied (possibly less than a week).

    That way you are contributing to the development of the canon setting, which is nice.

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    Aye, gotcha. I'll look into it tomorrow, and post it up there.

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    Server up, all that jazz.

    I may be forced to give up this session early. These couple weeks are already becoming hellishly busy, and there doesn't seem to be a decent end to it in sight.

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