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    Working on the list now. The most valuable of the small weapons - the bolts (and the +3 club that I don't see on that list - did something become of it?) - will go to better use sold for half value. Anything +1 or worse will go to the gnomes, though. There will probably be judicious use of Shrink Item to keep them from getting awkward.

    Vote: does a sealed box full of weapons count as "one item of up to two cubic feet per caster level" for the purpose of Shrink Item?

    Aaaaaannnnnnnnnd: The ginormous list. All prices are DMG standard, hence the kinda ridiculous inflation on healing potions of nonstandard caster level. Since everyone got about the same amount of potionage, though, it works out. Let me know if there's any problems before I start updating my character sheet.

    Division of goods: Submitted for approval, 13 July.

    (31350) 1 mithral breastplate stylized with scale etchings and claw patterns, adorned with gold trim, magic mithral breastplate +3 of Acid Resistance 10 (majority of Valdir's share)
    (2000) 1 sturdy and well-made backpack with brass buckles, Handy Haversack (minor part of Valdir's share)
    (160) 8 flasks of alchemist's fire (20 gp each)
    (80) 8 flasks of acid (10 gp each)
    (200) 4 vials of alchemical antitoxin (50 gp each)
    (1000) 1 spyglass (1,000 gp) (Only scout we have left)
    (9000) 6 vials of bubbly red fluid, Potions of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+10) (1500 each)
    (1000) 4 vials of murky amber fluid, Potions of Cure Light Wounds (1d8+5) (250 each)
    TOTAL: 44790

    Argus: As the most mobile of the party, gets most of the hit-and-run accessories, and much of the most useful melee stuff
    (3) 3 tindertwigs (1 gp each)
    (4) 4 bags of caltrops (1 gp each)
    (600) 12 tanglefoot bags (50 gp each)
    (360) 12 thunderstones (30 gp ecah)
    (200) 4 vials of alchemical antitoxin (50 gp each)
    (300) 15 smokesticks (20 gp each)
    (4000) 1 brass ring embedded with six tiny square pieces of different precious stones, Ring of Counterspells (holds Lightning Bolt at present) (Fleck will recharge anytime you want - and if you want something besides Lightning bolt, he can discharge that for something else)
    (1800) 3 vials of effervescent tan-gray fluid, Potions of Bull's Strength (+4 Str, CL 6) (600 each)
    (4800) 4 vials of bubbly red fluid, Potions of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+8) (1200 each)
    (9000) 6 vials of bubbly red fluid, Potions of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+10) (1500 each)
    (1000) 4 vials of murky amber fluid, Potions of Cure Light Wounds (1d8+5) (250 each)
    (3000) 1 well-made, sturdy-looking rope 60 feet long, Rope of Climbing
    (4000) 1 gold disk on a chain, with a vaguely-etched image of a dragon, Amulet of Health (+2 Constitution)
    (13000) 1 wide white belt of silk, Monk's Belt (Duh.)
    TOTAL: 42067

    (3000) 1 copper rod of intertwined 3-foot-long bars, capped at one end with a hexagonal piece of obsidian, Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell (3/day, each time it freely Extends the duration of one spell of 3rd-level or lower)
    (1) 1 map case (1 gp)
    (Into his stash that never gets used for anything notable) 5 blank sheets of parchment (2 sp each)
    (same) 1 half-full vial of ink (8 gp)
    (100) 1 magnifying glass (100 gp)
    (200) 4 vials of alchemical antitoxin (50 gp each)
    (9000) 6 vials of bubbly red fluid, Potions of Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+10) (1500 each)
    (1000) 4 vials of murky amber fluid, Potions of Cure Light Wounds (1d8+5) (250 each)
    (375) 1 Scroll of Fireball (5d6, DC 14)
    (900) 1 flask marked with a label in Draconic runes, Potion of Tongues (CL 6) (I suppose Fleck does have the best charisma of these three. Pity he's so shy.)
    (900) 1 vial of steely gray fluid, Potion of Shield of Faith (+5 deflection AC, CL 20) (900)
    (13115) 1 Spellbook with numerous spells and notes written in draconic (an extra thick tome; 131 pages of spells, and looks like it has around 40-odd pages of draconic notes, with only six blank pages near the end; includes resistance, acid splash, detect poison, detect magic, read magic, daze, dancing lights, flare, light, ray of frost, ghost sound, disrupt undead, touch of fatigue, mage hand, mending, message, open/close, arcane mark, prestidigitation; alarm, endure elements, protection from evil, protection from good, shield, mage armor, unseen servant, identify, magic missile, shocking grasp, ray of enfeeblement, animate rope, erase, expeditious retreat, feather fall, jump, magic weapon; ghoul touch, blur, scorching ray, invisibility, resist energy, knock, spider climb, see invisibility; dispel magic, lightning bolt, hold person, vampiric touch, tongues, fireball, stinking cloud, greater magic weapon, keen edge; summon monster IV, stone shape, shout, dimension door, scrying, charm monster; summon monster V, transmute rock to mud, transmute mud to rock, secret chest, and mind fog)
    TOTAL: 28591

    (Shiny) 1 solid gold idol artistically depicting Naeron consuming souls (700 gp if you could find a Naeronite who appreciates the artistic and semi-religious value of it, but the appraiser says you could get 200 gp perhaps if selling it to someone just to melt it down for the gold) (second note, this item was just given to Zerash at his request, so leave it out of the divvying between Valdir, Fleck, and Argus)
    (900) 1 Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds (4d8+9)

    4 small lances (10 gp each)
    12 small spears (2 gp each)
    12 small slings (0 gp each)
    24 bags of 10 sling bullets each (1 sp each bag)
    12 small suits of leather armor (10 gp each)
    4 small suits of masterwork full plate armor (1,650 gp each)
    8 quivers of 19 small arrows each (1 gp each quiver)
    2 cases of 10 small bolts each (1 gp each case)
    1 small repeating light crossbow (250 gp)
    3 small battleaxes (10 gp each)
    10 small warhammers (12 gp each)
    10 small shortbows (30 gp each)
    1 small tower shield (30 gp)
    2 small light wooden shields (3 gp each)
    10 small heavy steel shields (20 gp each)
    1 small suit of masterwork chainmail (300 gp)
    20 small cold iron arrows, magic +1 small cold iron arrows
    20 small adamantine arrows, magic +1 small adamantine arrows
    20 small silver arrows, magic +1 small silver arrows
    3 spell component pouches (5 gp each)


    (3000) 300 platinum coins
    (9006) 9,006 gold coins
    (28) 280 silver coins
    (1.57) 157 copper coins
    (20) 2 pieces of blue quartz (10 gp each)
    (20) 1 piece of bloodstone (20 gp)
    (7) 1 banded agate (7 gp)
    (30) 3 pieces of hematite (10 gp each)
    (4160) 104 rock crystals (40 gp each)
    (2880) 24 tourmaline gems (120 gp each)
    (145) 29 malachite stones (5 gp each)
    (480) 16 onyx stones (30 gp each)
    (180) 30 agate gemstones (6 gp each)
    (660) 22 green jade fragments (30 gp each)
    (1400) 7 smoky topaz gems (200 gp each)
    (1210) 11 pink pearls (110 gp each)
    (25) 1 electrum bar of 1 pound (25 gp)
    (325) 1 short stick of rotted wood, tipped with a small, smoky quartz, Ray of Enfeeblement Wand (CL 4, 50 charges)
    (55) 1 carved bone statuette presumably depicting the green dragon Oruzanthanax (55 gp if you could, again, find someone who appreciates the artistic value of a dragon statuette, otherwise you might get 10 gp for selling it)
    (350) 1 bronze torc inlaid with pieces of jet, sized for a small humanoid's head or a medium humanoid's arm (350 gp)
    (550) 1 silver medallion inlaid with an elaborate green dragon's profile in malachite stones, upon a necklace of tiny gold and silver chain-links (550 gp)
    (2) 1 silver unholy symbol of Naeron on a thick necklace of preserved muscle tendon and assorted preserved fingers (worth 2 gp for its silver)
    (2500) 1 plain brown-cloth bag (Bag of Holding, type II, weighs 25 pounds at all times, actually holds up to 500 pounds or 70 cubic feet worth of volume) (Given we now have two handy haversacks, Fleck reccomends selling this in favor of saving for a Portable Hole, which doesn't have weight limits)
    (5215) 28 small bolts with odd fletching and thin linework engraved upon the shafts, magic +1 shocking and frost small bolts (Fleck is so unlikely to hit anything with these, the extra cash will be much more worth it)
    Maybe? (9150 as nine 1000-gp black star sapphires and three 50-gp quartz - these are split evenly among the three) +3 small club
    TOTAL: 32249.57 gp plus the 9150 for the club if it exists

    Valdir: 1292.52
    11 110-gp pink pearls, 82 gp, 5 sp, 2 cp

    Argus: 4016.52
    100 40-gp rock crystals, 16 gp, 5 sp, 2 cp

    Fleck: 17491.52
    He spends the majority of his share on a headband of intellect +4.
    He keeps 1491.52: 7 200-gp topaz gems, 91 gp, 5 sp, 2 cp

    If the club still exists, each person also gets three 1000-gp black star sapphires and a 50-gp quartz.

    The bottom line: 46082.52 gp more assorted stuff for each of us will put us rather a lot closer to baseline character wealth.
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    Block Arkhandus

    The club was already sold and its value added to the gold and platinum coin total, so remove the "maybe" stuff. You had said to sell it when I asked during play, because Fleck wouldn't really use it and no one else was going to be able to use it very well. Coinage could always be traded in Binbar or Pari Ka'ansa for gemstones if desired (though hardly anyone in the group is lacking in extradimensional storage space now). With the distribution of items, Fleck would deserve a large share of the liquid assets to go towards his Headband of Intellect. BTW, minor note, you mispriced the fully-charged Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement, BTW. Though Fleck can't really use it because of his specialization, IIRC, it's certainly worth more then 325 GP if sold. Would have been very useful to the kobold wizard that crafted it, had he any chance to use it earlier.

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    For the wand, bag, and the bolts, I went with the standard guideline of Useful Things selling for half their market price - 750 gp for a level-one wand. I guess I didn't take into account the caster level - if that's what you mean, tack another 325 gp onto each person's share of coin.


    Unless that's secretly the wand listed in the DMG treasure tables, a ray of enfeeblement heightened to fourth level. That'd be 21,000 gp, a much bigger discrepancy.

    Also, Fleck is planning on eventually selling off the kobold spellbook for cash, once he's learned what he can from it.
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    Sounds good to me as far as Valdir's share. I had originally deducted the cost of the Haversack from his personal funds, so I'll return that and buy a few more things.

    Don't you need pearls Fleck, or are they the wrong kind?

    Maybe we should keep the Bag of Holding for group carrying capacity?
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    Nah, don't be silly; no point in Heightening Ray of Enfeeblement in 3.5! {:^D They took away the saving throw! Just that it's 4th-level caster, so worth 3,000 GP. Didn't have time last night to check the cost, and hadn't marked the price down in my notes unlike some of the other treasure. So the wand could sell for 1,500 GP.

    EDIT: BTW, the liquid assets distribution is off; only ~22-23k of it was distributed, leaving around 10k left to distribute. Also, the Bag of Holding is needed to carry all the arms and armor for the gnomes. At least until the party can purchase a Portable Hole.
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    Wow. Ok, and I thought I'd copied everything right. Taking into account the bag of holding and the wand repricing, the actual liquid asset distribution is (take whatever combination of gems and coins you want):

    Valdir: 3934.19
    Argus: 6668.19
    Fleck: 20133.19

    Fleck has his own stash of pearls that he maintains from other liquid assets.

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    Sounds good. I'll purchase a couple of Javelins of Lightening and a Lens of Detection, to aid in tracking since Rolf is gone, before we leave the town. The majority of my coinage I usually convert to gems if not already in that form.

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    It's Sunday morning, and that means the server is up.

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    Ye servere is uppe.

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    Block Arkhandus

    Sorry folks but I can't run a session today, I've gotten too busy and have too much still left to do tonight. We'll play next week. In the meantime, discussion of plans and descriptions of character actions in and around town before the raid can go on in the tavern thread.

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