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    Decision to kill server was made as of 8:30 PDT.

    Let's try to picck up some of this slack on the tavern threads, shall we?

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    Sorry folks. Apparently my connection only returned for a few minutes yesterday night before cutting out again. Since then I haven't been able to connect to the internet long enough to post anything until now. I'll try and get some stuff done in the tavern thread this week. Valdir, Drack, do you want to try running the raid against the woodcutter guards over the tavern thread through posting turns? If you tell me the attack modifiers and damage modifiers each time, I'll roll my own dice and post results (EN World has some kind of virtual die-rolling thingamajig that, as I understand it, doesn't work very well and only allows one die rolled per post, but I'll see if I can find that first; if not, I'll just roll dice normally). I'll also need to know HP, AC, and Initiative modifiers.

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    Drack is delaying to move after Valdir shoots, so his initiative will be set after Valdir's action. I'm thinking that running is not possible here and I'm not sure if the terrain will reduce his movement by 3/4... so his first action will be to move 80' or 60' the first round. His intention is to move up near Valdir's right flank 30' (and avoiding the base of his tree and his caltrops).

    @ Move 80'
    Round #1 - Move 80'
    Round #2 - TBD


    @ Move 60'
    Round #1 - Move 60'
    Round #2 - Move 30' and TBD Standard Action

    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhandus
    I'll also need to know HP, AC, and Initiative modifiers.

    Initiative: +2

    AC 17/19 w/ Buckler
    HP 102

    MW Composite Longbow: +11
    DAMAGE 1D8+4

    Bastard Sword: +15
    1hd DAMAGE 1d10+8
    2hd DAMAGE 1d10+10

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    Sorry, I was swamped this week so I haven't been able to check out the Forums until today. So far, the plan is, as far as I know, to snipe the guards until they charge, hopefully into the caltrops, and then Drack and Argus melee while Valdir continues to snipe. Since I was unable to get to the Forums until now, we should probably try to just strategize on the boards and then try again at the combat Sunday. If your connection dies yet again, then we may look at playing by post.

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    I will be a ways out of town today, so I may (depending on traffic) be a bit late.

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    Server's up... I'm there... twice...

    Is there no game and I didn't hear?

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    After a few nights' sleep to calm down, I've come to realize that I overreacted last weekend. I've had characters die and nearly die before and I don't usually blow up like that. Possibly real-life issues are creeping in, I don't know. Either way, I will endeavor to not repeat my actions.

    Although I still don't completely agree with all that happened as being possible, I will bow to the authority of the DM as I would hope others would do if I were DM. Nobody's perfect, certainly not I, and continuing to argue the merits and pick apart the session will not be productive.

    All that being said, I hope the DM and I can lay this to rest and move on.

    Since my battle dominated the majority of the session, feel free to focus on the others. I have a few things going on this weekend so if I'm unable to make it, Memnus has my character sheet to NPC Valdir. Try not to get him killed and I sure could use my gear... ;-)

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    It is as I feared, I only have a couple of minutes to let you all know I won't make it tonight. Feel free to NPC. Good gaming.

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    Server's going up.

    Yes, this early. I was invited to a Faire tomorrow and accepted, figuring that we'd be there until mid-afternoon, drive back here, by back by late afternoon. I've now been told that the faire trip also entails a Sunday night dinner... in Camarillo.... two hours from here. Oops. So, I will be uselessly late. Fleck can just stay passed out for a while.

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    Unfortunately, I too will not be able to make it. My wife rescheduled an important gathering for tonight. Sorry.

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