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    Quote Originally Posted by firehorse
    Anyway, I'm still operating under the assumption we will play tonight.
    Sitting in OpenRPG Dev II - For More Than Glory...

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    Didn't see ya there. Server is up 'T13K: FMTG'.

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    Yes, it does. I would have posted to let you know ahead of time of my tardiness, but I thought the boards were down due to the last post being in 05.

    Anyway, next week is on for me, and if that guy doesn't take the sunday shift I'm going to fire him. HAHAHA
    See you all (by the way, any plot hook is fine with me, and since Rompeculo is a mercenary for hire, it won't be hard for him to get into a side quest. Don't know about the rest though). I'll check the boards sometime during the week again for any updates.

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    Server's up. Be there after I unload the car....

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    Hi guys. Internet was turned off. They say I haven't payed my bill in two months (hah - I have receipts). Don't know what they did to my payments but I'm getting it fixed. Hopefully before Sunday.

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    Server is up for the day.

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    firehorse, I got Zerash's backround all revamped and ready to send to ya, but I need your email! *smiles*

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    Possibly some bad news... I found out last night we have been invited to a pre-wedding party Sunday night. I'm going to try and get out of it. I apologize ahead of time if I can't.

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    Well, server's up in any case.

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