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    Well, it was as I expected, couldn't get out of it. Sorry about not posting for sure one way or the other, but my wife and I went shopping and then it was "Oh, we're leaving straight from here dear." Sigh.... Anyway, let's try and fire it all up again next weekend.

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    Zerash, got your history. Thanks. I'm working it into the plot line now. I'm only going to edit one small detail about your adopted sister creating mummies: she would have to be at least 15th level to do so and I'm considering working her in too. Any more information on her could be useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firehorse
    ...she would have to be at least 15th level to do so and I'm considering working her in too. Any more information on her could be useful.
    Please consult with the 'Oracle' before spouting such nonsense!
    All it takes is a cheesy feat and/or a magic item to fix that...

    1) 1st level Blackguard or Cleric with a 'Staff of Undead' (Caster Level 15+)

    2) 6th level spell (Cleric 6) so...
    11th level Cleric allows access to the spell and Increase her Caster Level by +4 by various means (see below and #3 and #4)
    -Divine Spell Power feat p. 80 Complete Divine
    -Increase this check by magic item, spell and/or skill synergy
    -Decent roll and/or Mods on the Divine Spell Power roll

    3) 13th level Cleric and +2 Caster level
    Evil Domain (+1 Caster Level) and Orange Ioun Stone (+1 Caster Level)

    4) 13th level Wizard and +2 Caster Level with
    Orange Ioun Stone (+1 Caster Level)
    Sanctum Spell Feat p. 82 Complete Arcane

    and then she is @ Caster Level 15 (needed for Mummy w/ Create Undead)

    or as a twist she is casting Summon Undead V and get her Mummy's that way

    she'd need to be a 9th level Cleric or Wizard
    she could have Extend Spell Feat as a 11th level char and her Mummy's would hang around for 22 rounds... 24 if she had the Evil Domain

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    Mummies suck, make Tarrasques.

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    I don't remember putting in anything referring to her making mummies specifically...she's a necromancer, up to you how strong/good at it she is.

    I'll write up some more information on her. She's an odd one.

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    Thanks for the lesson Ezeeir.... Silly me for just looking in the core books...I'm also trying not to introduce too high of level NPCs to a basically 10th level party.

    Anyhow, it may be a few sessions before you meet up with her anyway. Quite the family reunion I'm planning...

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    As for the level/gp suggestion in the Tavern Forum, yes, it is fun to try and cover differing levels at once. Basically, with Valdir and Fleck off on their own thing, the party is basically 10th lvl CR. If you like, post your level and current gp value of your equipment and I'll see if adjustments can/should be made. I foresee an opportunity soon.

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    Rompeculo is at 41700
    (I included the most recent treasure award already).

    His level is 10 and xp is at 47000/55000. Hope that helps.
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    Elena: Level 10, 46000/55000, 54,700 gp
    Fleck: Level 11, 65053/66000, 86,201 gp

    To be fair, in calculating those values I included the cost of spellbook pages (100 each to fill), even though wizards get two free spells per level.

    Edit: Server is up.
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    Missing a DM ans a swordsman ... what's up?

    Edit: Drack, your connection threw a Python exception, and now the server seems unhappy. I'll try bouncing it.
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