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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnus
    Missing a DM ans a swordsman ... what's up?
    On a family trip... always problems staying on schedule but I'm here now (2 hrs late).

    In server but can't see rooms. I can see then in the DEV's.

    I can't stay in that server but I was fine in DEV II. Perhaps a move suggested?
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    Seconded. The server's unhappy.

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    Can't see a server. Should I start one?

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    Evandariel is hosting a server.

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    memnus, check to see that your server is running in version 1.7, that may cause problems with Drack if it's not.

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    I'm assuming there is a game tonight?

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    If so, server's up - has been upgraded to 1.6.3; couldn't find 1.7.0; the developer's zip that's available won't run without wxPython even though I'm not using a gui.

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    Just a reminder. The next two weeks' games will start at 7PST at the earliest.

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    Command acknowledged.

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    Server is up for the weekend, as I leave town tomorrow until Sunday who-knows-when.

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