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    If for some reason it goes down, I'll host one named T13K - FMTG

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    Alright all wayward souls, I've finally arrived in the room. C'mon in and play ;-)

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    Server's up Zerash

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    Drack - 11th level

    57550 xp
    58216 gp

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    Drack: 11th level, 57550 xp, 58216 gp
    Elena: 10th level, 46000 xp, 54700 gp
    Rompeculo: 10th level, 47000 xp, 41700gp
    Dunno about Zerash, Fleck is not with the party (although his stuff is above), Valdir is of on a thing and that's about all of the party.

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    Okay guys. I'll probably be late tonight...there's a small chance I won't be able to play but I should be able to drop in regardless. I'll try and see that I can though. *smiles*

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    Server's up and accepting connections.
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    Looks like I can come after all, and I won't even be late! See you all there hopefully.

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    A short announcement: The little collection of minis I'm hosting is moving. Anything hosted at {} can now be found at {}. That said, if you want your own mini hosted there so everything can be together, poit me at it. We can have a little group picture there or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firehorse
    Just a reminder. The next two weeks' games will start at 7PST at the earliest.
    Are we back to the normal schedule? 6PST? Assuming so...

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