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    It would probably be a few months off still, so no rush. Still time to let the plotbunnies breed.

    Server's up for the night.

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    I won't be able to play tonight, I have other things going on.

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    Server's up.

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    Savengriff: You're resurrected, and Naeron wants you to send him a book from the dwarves called Lists of the Kings.

    Everyone: XP update posted in the tavern.

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    Server's up, website is (theoretically) back up as well.

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    I might pull Gadreman from the group after this quest, since we desperately need a rogue in the party. Drack is fine and all, but against any decent 12-13th level trap, it could get a bit shakey.

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    Server's up.

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    Hey guys. I've got the flu, so it's unlikely I can play this week...*frowns* If I feel better I'll drop by, but don't count on it. Sorry all.

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    Unfortunately, my wife just volunteered me to help a friend work on his car's brakes. So, I likely won't make it either. Sorry.

    Scratch that, they finally listened and took it to a professional mechanic.
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    Well, server's up. If we don't get enough for a game, I won't complain; I'll either do homework or pass out.

    Massive website update: New spells and domains, magic items, and prestige classes are now available. Next update in a couple weeks when I have time to make the gods all OGL compatible.

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