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    Alrighty then, audit's over for now and server's up...

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    Strange, I'm not seeing it. Can anyone else see it or is there another way I can connect?

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    Really, I saw it right off...


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    Server's up. Hopefully we have a quorum...

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    Well, looks like Memnus hit that 5% quorum again. Let's try again next week? I've got finals, but they are easy and shouldn't keep me from DMing.

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    Sorry I missed that chance, but I will actually be there tomorrow - stuff got reshuffled and I won't be off camping after all.

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    Well, I was going to call the session off since I had an assignment due. But, since I found out at 10am that it was due at noon, I banged it out and I'm free. I've got some other stuff due Wednesday, but I can put it off since our wayward wizard will be back. Let's plan on playing tonight shall we?

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    It's a plan. Server's up, but I'll be afk until game time trying to get my new computer set up.

    EDIT: Metaserver cache seems to be having issues; if it's not showing on the list go ahead and manually enter the server, (now unobfuscated).
    Last edited by Memnus; Tuesday, 22nd May, 2007 at 01:48 AM.

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    Be there soon...OpenRPG is being stubborn about starting.

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    Damn, something happened to my Browse Servers window. It won't popup. Grrrr.

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