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    Sorry guys, seems that OpenRPG took the big dump on me. The powers that be are trying to tell us something. Next week it is...

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    Next week is memorial day - I'm nothing but free, but others in the group have families - are we still on?

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    Well, server's up in any case.

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    Server is NOT WORKING - I have a FMTG room on OpenRPG Dev II.

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    So are we operating on Flecks timeline of 5 days and we are going to zip?

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    Room open on Dev II again.

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    It's looking like I'll be as much as an hour late tonight ... sorry. :-(

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    Server's up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by firehorse
    Server's up...
    it didn't look like I could get on the server... but I did... so give it your best shot... it will work

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    Sorry guys, had a flooding issue in my condo late last week and I'm still cleaning up. Won't be able to DM tonight...

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