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    Chilling on Dev II... we still on?

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    Got a room on Dev II, poking at what OpenRPG can actually do. There's a lot of undocumented stuff.

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    I have to stay late at work tonight, so I'm going to be running late.

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    Sorry guys, worked longer than anticipated and traffic was terrible. Now, OpenRPG is not working right....sigh...

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    Alright, ready to go this time... I'll start a server...

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    Agh...somehow I forgot what day it was. *frowns* I feel stupid...sorry everyone. I'll be there next time though. Again, really sorry...

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    My turn to apologize. A friend of mine passed away late last week and the funeral is today.

    I realize this is week three without a game, but I won't be able to make it. Sometime RL really sucks...

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    Server's up...

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    We will probably have a potential new player observing the game Monday night (if everything goes well with the OpenRPG downloads, etc.). Although not the 20+ year DnD veteran like some of us....he's pretty sharp and has the right attitude for our campaign. He also DMs some, so we may have another DM to rotate in once he gets familiar with T13K and FMTG.

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    Just a heads-up... I'm working till 5pm tonight and it is about an hour and a half commute, so I may be a little late. But, I'm still coming.

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