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    Sorry about missing the game last night. Had an automobile emergency. See you next week.

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    And the grand total is...

    3,190 gp, 4,890 sp, 1,860 cp
    Ornate old helmet Krieg...zieg family helmet
    Masterwork Small Short Sword, 4 Small Masterwork Longspears, 4 Small Shortbows, 26 Small
    Composite Shortbows (Str 14), 8 Small Masterwork Composite Shortbows (Str 12), 800 Small
    Arrows, 4 Small Masterwork Chain Shirts, 30 Small Masterwork Heavy Wooden Shields, 2 Spell
    Component Pouches
    Cloak of Resistance +3, Amulet of Natural Armor +3, Ring of Protection
    +4, 9 Small Longswords +2, 8 Small Short Swords +1, 17 Small Battleaxes +1, 2 Small Bastard
    Swords +2, 2 Small Composite Longbows +1 (Str 14), 8 Small Studded Leather Armors +2, 2
    Small Breastplates +2, 26 Small Breastplates +1, 2 Small Heavy Wooden Shields +1, 11
    Potions of Cure Serious Wounds (5th-level), 25 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (3rd-level)

    Masterwork Small Short Sword 310 GP Buy 155 GP
    4 Small Masterwork Longspears 305 GP x4 610 GP
    4 Small Shortbows 30 GP x4 60 GP
    26 Small Composite Shortbows (Str 14) 225 GP x 26 2925 GP
    8 Small Masterwork Composite Shortbows (Str 12) 450 GP x 8 1800 GP
    800 Small Arrows 40 GP 20 GP
    4 Small Masterwork Chain Shirts 250 GP x 4 500 GP
    30 Small Masterwork Heavy Wooden Shields 157 GP x 30 2355 GP
    Cloak of Resistance +3 9000 GP x 1 4500 GP
    Amulet of Natural Armor +3 18,000 GP x 1 9000 GP
    Ring of Protection +4 32,000 GP x 1 16,000 GP
    9 Small Longswords +2 8315 GP x 9 37417 GP 5 SP
    8 Small Short Swords +1 2310 GP x 8 9240 GP
    17 Small Battleaxes +1 2310 GP x 17 19365 GP
    2 Small Bastard Swords +2 8335 GP x 2 8335 GP
    2 Small Composite Longbows +1 (Str 14) 2600 GP x 2 2600 GP
    8 Small Studded Leather Armors +2 1175 GP x 8 4700 GP
    2 Small Breastplates +2 2350 GP x 2 2350 GP
    26 Small Breastplates +1 1350 GP x 26 17550 GP
    2 Small Heavy Wooden Shields +1 1157 GP x 2 1157 GP
    11 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds (5th-level) 750 GP x 11 4125 GP
    25 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (3rd-level) 300 GP x 25 3750 GP
    2 Spell Component Pouches 5 GP x 2 5 GP
    147999 GP 5 SP Total
    Split among the crew 29599 GP and 8 SP in loot value + 398 GP 611 SP 232 CP per person with 3 odd GP on the side
    And one dinky old apocolypse fortelling helmet

    just a question, do szitha and szenthrass each get their full share of the loot value, i'm unsure on the cohort status or whether they are both pcs played by the same person
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    After the Goblin Pillagers

    Szenthrass receives only a half-share of XP as a cohort, but he does get a full share of treasure.

    XP Rewards (only combat XP calculated so far):
    2,312 XP each, excluding Szenthrass
    1,156 XP for Szenthrass
    Other XP will be given out at the start of the next session as I finish going over logs to figure out roleplay XP.

    Total loot value, with coinage, is 150,414 gold pieces and 6 silver pieces. The group currently has Ak'man, Cerys, Fahlias, Fleck, Kralic, Niladaya, Szenthrass, and Szitha, so that's 8 shares to divide the loot into.....

    So each person gets 18,801 gold pieces, 8 silver pieces, and 2 copper pieces for their share, with 4 copper pieces left over that we can assume you just leave to the townsfolk along with the supplies of food, drink, and basic stuff also found in the goblins' caves, which was looted from the townsfolk to begin with. And of course the helm, which needs to be returned to the Krieghelm family in town.

    Falarn has enough junk from the party to unload on other buyers somehow, and won't accept any more of the party's random, barely-useful junk right now, so the group has to sell their unwanted goblin-sized magic items elsewhere, getting the usual half value that's common for them. Generally they have to be refurbished a bit by NPCs for sale to halflings and gnomes elsewhere.

    Any magic items you want to keep from the goblin loot will count against your share of the total haul, as listed above in Steve's post of the sale prices. The wondrous items and ring will resize to fit whoever takes them, and the potions are fully functional regardless of size.

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    Okay, unless anyone else wants any of it, in which case I'm willing to share, Kralic will take the cloak ring and amulet. Taking into account him adding his old +2 ring and +2 amulet into the loot it would still be a little more then his share, but I think if he gives everyone an extra 338 gold it will cover the difference. If I'm wrong, let me know.

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    I am personally interested in the ring of protection, as what I currently have is a ring of force shield which essentially gives me a +2 shield ac, without encumberance, or armor check penalty but its useless for touch attacks which Cerys realized against that wizard. The shield it conjures isn't big enough to provide a cover bonus as well making it quite terrible really other than an interesting gimic.
    I really don't want to engage Kralic in a bidding fight for the ring so if you want it crazy-san, go for it I'll yield till later on down the road since I have another investment I need to take care of first.
    I trust the Krieg's will reward us with something...I hope.

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    nah, like I said, Kralic would only take all three if no one else wants any. As it is he has a ring of protection plus 2. Mostly after the cloak, but will take the amulet if no one else is going to use it.

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    so be it, I'll take the +4 ring of protection and trade in my 8,400 gp ring of force shielf for for a 4,200 loot buy off from the pot and pay the rest in gold...i still need to amass 40,000 GP somewhere in the near future, and stop giving away small peasant fortunes to old possibl- but-not-likely-related-aunties

    Ok, so If i put the ring in the pot, I will owe 11,800 GP which I have more than covered in my share of the gold, so If my math is right I should recieve 7,100GP from the pot and everyone else gets 1685 GP and 7 SP 1 CP extra because my portion is back in the pot
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    I'm on Dev II now, waiting to open up a game room...

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    wow...saved by dumb luck, I was worried if that dragon or those giants went after Nila, she'd get munched, as it turns out I was the one that got hammered, and if it weren't for Nila splittling the damage, splat...
    nila 1, cerys 0

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