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    Thank you very much

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    The 5E Prep in 5 Minutes tool now includes dungeons created from the 5E Quick Dungeon

    Next up is an update of the quests generator to include 5E elements.

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    The Quests of the 5E Prep Tool has been updated to use the 5E D&D Quests generator, which takes Level_Range into account for reward, quest-giver and possible monster type.

    Check out the updated D&D 5E Prep tool

    Name:  5e_quests.JPG
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    Filters have now been updated to just 4 of them

    Individual quanities removed for a standard amount of 10 Names, 4 Encounters, 4 NPCs, 10 Rumours, 2 Dungeons, 4 Settlements, 4 Quests, 4 Treasure Hoards, 2 Villains, 4 Unusual Locations

    Prep_Quanity affects amount of items generated (Standard/Half/Double)
    Level_Range affects Encounters, Dungeons, Quests and Treasure
    Terrain affects Encounters, Dugeons and Unusual Locations
    VGtM affects Encounters

    Updated tool here

    Name:  5e_prep_fillters.JPG
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    The settlements for the 5E Prep Tool now use the 5E Quick Settlement, which is affected by the chosen terrain.

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    This tool gets better and better! 8D Thanks!!

    The only thing I don't get is how to use the 5 Room Dungeon. Most Rooms are way to vague to use it on the spot. Any tips on that?

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