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    I'm a backer, too, at the $120 level, with a total of $170 including addons and shipping to Germany.

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    This is not to deflect the very legitimate grievances people have with Gary McBride who still owes communication and an apology, but I just recalled that apparently his OneBookShelf account was hacked. When someone gave a 5 star review to Way of the Wicked Book One, there was a "Creator Reply" which on DTRPG is from an author/publisher. Instead it was this:

    Gary McBride and Fire Mountain Games are a scam! They funded these products with KIckstarter, are now making money on them here, but have not provided their backers with the rewards they promised! Don\'t buy anything from these thieves and lairs!
    I alerted OBS over this back in the day, although this reply is still up to this day. One could interpret it as Gary caring so little about his business that he doesn't even bother to combat a serious security breach. This happened well after the scandal of no communication, so I don't think it's a case of "hacker took over his accounts and ruined the KickStarter."

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    I backed the project for $94 US. And as a Canadian, that's a huge amount because at the time our dollar sucked. Funny enough, I didn't even remember why it was so much when it came time to fill out the survey. When I did the rewards I somehow short $5 and my last message to Gary was that I couldn't figure out why I hadn't maxed out and if he could remind me why it might that amount. I probably didn't word it very well because his final response was to not sweat the $5 because of everything I'd done to help promote it. I think he understood it as my going OVER the $5. It's too bad that was our final communication. I would have bought the print editions, but I knew full well all the mistakes that needed fixing, and wanted to wait for the second printing with all of the fixes.

    TheSword is correct about Gary ignoring snail mail. I have sent two letters to him over the years. Both pleading with him to get in touch with me and to let me help. The final message I got from Michael Clarke (and I've tried to contact him since) was he'd talked to Gary and the project was nearly complete. All of the encounters had been built and he didn't require any assistance. The rest was just fluff and editing. That was a year ago. I take Michael at his word.

    Michael's the person I feel the worst about. His reputation was muddied just as badly, and he's got a very thin presence online now compared to what it used to be. He hasn't update his own sites, and he's not responding to emails like he once used to. I honestly because this project hurt him too, and he's unnecessarily getting targeted with questions on Gary and the condition of the project. I'm just glad he got paid in full before getting let go by the company.

    Alzrius, I have to admit that I'm rather envious of your experience. I'd always wanted to meet the man (partially grateful that it never came to be). I would have loved to have experienced that exclusive adventure. You'll have to tell me about it some time. I'd love to hear about it.

    Jenner2057 I also soured over dealing with Kickstarter. They're so much worse than they used to be. I have every ticket and message ever sent during these past five years. At the start, they were sympathetic and felt bad for us. Then at some point everything was copy/paste.
    If I was rich enough, I'd fly down to their New York location and demand to talk them, with evidence printed. That said, if I was that rich, I'd be knocking on Gary's door, asking what the hell's up with him, offer him a cash settlement to take over the project until completion, and send everything out to everyone. However, I doubt my numbers will kick in tonight. That'd be pretty sweet though. I think everyone could use $60 million.

    I did some research. Gary hasn't posted a response on any of the forums he once belonged to since 2013. It was only the KS that he posted to until 2014 before going dark.

    Libertad That's good to know. I hadn't heard of any of that. I also agree that it's not a matter of the hacker making this the reason things went to crap.

    I remember back in the day continually sending Gary emails letting him know about Way of the Wicked being pirated and where it was. He'd thank me, and say he'd take care of it. Now all nine books are everywhere, and I don't know that he cares any more or would bother. It's probably an inevitability nowadays. I think all but maybe one of my books are pirated at this point and I haven't even done that much. Hopefully people like them enough to actually buy them too.

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    Reading the copy/paste replies KS is depressing me. They know exactly what's going on and are doing absolutely nothing because it helps their bottom line.

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    Yep - not a good showing from them. I just updated the KS comments - now been 7 days since my last email to Kickstarter and no response. Might send another follow up email.

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    It would be great to try and gather a few more backers. I get that a lot of people probably wrote this off a few years ago. Then we can consider options.

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