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    It's time to reveal the full race list from the D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook! [141 comments]

    I reported on Pathfinder Unchained and a whole slew of upcoming Pathfinder products the other day. Now you can watch the full PaizoCon 2014 Preview Banquet where these things were all showcased, courtesy of the Know Direction podcast. Features Erik Mona, with words from Lisa Stevens, Jason Bulmahn, Mike Selinker, Tannis O`Connor, Mike Brock, and Ryan Dancey. It's about an hour long, so make yourself a coffee!

    Also, part one of The Denver Post's 4-part preview series on the forthcoming Advanced Class Guide is up. The Advanced Class Guide is slated for a Gen Con release and features ten new classes, most of which I have previewed over the past weeks here on EN World. Down beneath the video, you can see the Skald, "... a savage warrior whose warcries and fury inspire his allies to great deeds. The respected keeper of epics and histories of a bloody and glorious past." He's a cross between barbarian and bard. "If bards are your classical virtuosos who channel the tales of the mythical Orpheus, skalds are their metal cousins who channel the tales of poets with attitudes more like the Norse Bragi, who threatens to decapitate people who insult his courage."

    Finally. you can download Wayfinder #11, the free Pathfinder fanzine, from Paizo.com.

    A lot of people have been writing reviews of both 5E's new Starter Set and the Basic Game. You can download the latter for free, of course, and check it out for yourself. The Starter Set hit Wizards Play Network stores on July 3rd, and hits the rest on July 15th (thanks, by the way, goes to that awesome game store in Canada for sending me a Starter Set - can't wait to see it!)

    Anyhow, the reviews. There are thousands of them; I'll just link to a few. Generally speaking, they're pretty positive.

    Starter Set photo by Mighty Meep

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Building Adventures -- Mike explores the fine art of encounter design in this week’s Legends & Lore. "Well, we've heard a number of calls from DMs for a preview of the guidelines for designing and balancing encounters, so let's take a look at those rules this week. You can use these guidelines with the monsters in appendix B of Lost Mine of Phandelver to continue your campaign or create new adventures." [20 comments]
    • EN World member Echohawk has started a series of posts he's calling the ENCyclopedia. And it's quite a thing of beauty - the first installment takes an in-depth look at the Aarocokra. Well worth checking out. [32 comments]
    • Do you need monsters for your 5E game? Then you need to click right here.
    • Check out this fan-made Basic Rules cover by Stefan Grambart.
    • Click for more about D&DThere has been some controversy about the use of some of the consultants listed in the D&D Basic Game and the D&D Starter Set - namely John Tarnowski (alternatively listed in the Basic Rules as TheRPGPundit) and Zak S. I thought it might be worth explaining what it was a consultant does, so I asked one, who told me that "Consultants were asked to read, play, analyze and rip apart a substantial early edition of the rules. Lots of interaction with WotC and analysis, but consultants had no decision-making ability whatsoever other than providing rules feedback." This took place a couple of years ago, in May-June 2012. WotC's Mike Mearls also weighs in with the following statement about consultants, and also about race/gender issues which have been discussed recently:

    Anyway: it's very late and I am a feeling a bit sick, so I will keep this brief.

    1. If anyone has any direct evidence of racism or sexism or any other form of discrimination on the part of people attached to D&D, please drop a line to me. Email is mike.mearls@wizards.com

    2. Consultants on the project were hired to tear the game apart and pull no punches, so being brutal was basically a job requirement.

    3. How we present race and gender in the game had nothing to do with anyone beyond me, Jeremy Crawford, and our art director, Kate Irwin. I have read up on issues of race, gender, and inclusivity in gaming and have done everything I can to address them. Will it be perfect? No. But I pay attention to this stuff because it's important. The consultants had no role in that department.

    The other consultants listed are Jeff Grubb, Kenneth Hite, Kevin Kulp, Robin Laws, S. John Ross, and Vincent Venturella.

    One Week Left - Wanna Be an ENnies Judge?

    Nominations are now open for 2015 ENnies judges! You can nominate yourself by clicking here. Good luck! There's only a week left, so don't miss out.

    In other important news, the 2014 ENnies Nominees will be announced on July 14, 2014, so keep your eyes open!

    Pathfinder Unchained!

    Click for more about the Pathfinder RPGPaizoCon has ended, and some announcements were made at the convention. Probably the biggest was the announcement of Pathfinder Unchained. Pathfinder lead designer Jason Bulmahn describes it as "The rules team tinkers with the game! New barbarian, monk, rogue and summoner!" and Wolfgang Baur says its "Rules team goes wild, backward compatibility be damned! New rogue, monk with full BAB, summoner...." When asked if it was Pathfinder's Unearthed Arcana, Bulmahn replied "You could say that". It's slated for a Spring 2015 release. [31 comments]

    Other news from the convention (courtesy of Wolfgang Baur):

    • Other 2014 releases: Iron Gods AP, and then Giant Slayer AP! Straight up fantasy.
    • Dave Harrison and Rob Silk recognized as Volunteer of the Year for their work in Europe
    • Mini mates figures including iconics and goblins. Parts interchangeable with other Mini Mates
    • Wrath of the Righteous is the next path for the [Pathfinder Adventure Card Game]! Time to go mythic in cards. Also, the [future] Skull & Shackles has ship cards and is a harder, different sort of challenger. More gunslingers. Theme: things that are very unstable and blow up! Lots of ACG hints, but also a MONSTER CODEX this fall. Variants galore for 20 monsters. Fire giants and others get archetypes and spells ...

    Below is the Iron Gods debut art. Iron Gods is an upcoming adventure path scheduled for August, and features technology. "The fragmented remnants of a ship from beyond the stars fell from the sky, scattering strange technological ruins and deadly perils across the land. Today, these sites are feared by the barbaric tribes and coveted by the sinister spellcasters of the Technic League."

    Necromancer Games is back! Necromancer Games produced products for D&D 3E; co-owner Clark Peterson has been busy being a Judge for the last few years, and Frog God Games was created in its stead to continue the good work. Now, they're bringing back the Necromancer Games name and have announced products for D&D 5E via the medium of Kickstarter! Three books, in fact, and a plethora of industry veterans including Ed Greenwood and Tyranny of Dragons author Steve Winter. [118 comments]

    5th Edition Rules: 1st Edition Feel! Monsters, Adventures, and Spells for 5th Edition!

    5th Edition Rules: 1st Edition Feel! Necromancer Games re-animates itself bigger, better, and badder than ever before for the 5th Edition of the *world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game. With the help of Steve Winter and Ed Greenwood, we are going to be creating supplemental books (up to 3 of them!) to play the new edition Old School Style — the Necromancer way.

    5th Edition Foes - between 200-250 additional creatures, beasts, monsters and titans to challenge your players and enhance your adventures!

    Quests of Doom: X Adventures Worth Winning -12+ adventures worth winning, each written by one of our many iconic authors. (X begins with 12 and increases based on stretch goals.)

    Book of Lost Spells - Hundreds of new spells to enhance your 5th edition spell casters and NPCs.

    I'll just leave this pretty picture here. Click on it, if you like!

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • If you're looking for character sheets, you can download the official ZIP file here, which contains various versions, both form-fillable and not.
    • You can also find a fan-created character sheet archive here.
    • Remember there's a bunch of free adventures for 5E available right here at EN World. They were designed for the last playtest packet, but they should be perfectly useable.
    • Frog God Games has made an updated version of The Wizards Amulet available for free using the 5E rules. They also have a rather cool announcement coming very soon. The Wizards Amulet was originally published by Necromancer Games and won an ENnie in 2001 for Best Free Product. "The Wizard’s Amulet is a short, introductory adventure for six newly created first-level characters. The adventure revolves around Corian, a fledgling Sorcerer. While an apprentice, Corian discovered a letter written by a wizard named Eralion, who it is said some years ago attempted to become a lich—and failed. Accompanying the letter was a mysterious amulet with strange markings. Joined by newfound companions, Corian set off in search of Eralion’s keep and his supposedly unguarded treasure. But Corian is not alone in desiring to unlock the mystery of Eralion’s fate. Darker, more evil forces have designs on the secrets reputedly hidden with Eralion—forces willing to stop at nothing to obtain... The Wizard's Amulet."
    • D&D Expeditions -- "The D&D Starter Set releases to select hobby stores through our Wizards Play Network Core+ program on July 3, and is out everywhere on July 15. Since that’s on everyone’s mind right now, we’re going to discuss the D&D Starter Set and how to use it in the D&D Adventurers League!"
    • Designer Robert Schwalb made a blog post the other day which has caused some lively discussion.
    • Cartographer Mike Shley has made hi-res tagged and untagged versions of his Lost Mine of Phandelver maps from the new D&D Starter Set available. "The unlabeled "Player's Versions" are pretty helpful for in-game use by DM's that want to display the artwork in print or VTT format without giving any secrets away." Click on the map below to be whisked off to his site!

    Pathfinder RPG News

    • PaizoCon is currently taking place in Seattle, USA. It's a yearly convention organized by Paizo Publishing.
    • Enora is the next iconic character preview from the Advanced Class Guide due for release at Gen Con in August, Enora is a halfling arcanist.
    • Erik Mona talks about his role in the Emerald Spire Superdungeon in another of the current trend for RPG companies to interview themselves!
    • I managed to miss Erik Mona's miniatures blog last week somehow. Since I expect he'll be too busy at Paizocon this week, hopefuly I can slip this in seamlessly. This (last) week he takes a look at the Id Stalker, a gnome eldritch knight, a troll, and the bloodbriar goblin rager, the special promotional figure they're giving free to everyone at Paizocon. As always, click on the picture for more!

    13 True Ways Preview

    Pelgrane Press has kindly provided this preview of 13 True Ways, the expansion book for 13th Age! It contains the table of contents, plus a look at the druid, monk, occultist, and more. Click on the image!

    Other News

    • I've uploaded the latest N.E.W. character sheet in preparation for the new playtest document which I hope to release this weekend.
    • Fainting Goat Games is working a book for ICONS called The Supervillain Handbook. Or possibly: The Field Guide to Supervillains. "The big idea is that it's going to be an exhaustive look at supervillains. This book will detail 40 super villain "archetypes" that often appear in comics, including their abilities, backgrounds, origins, and most importantly the kinds of stories in which they appear."
    • The Lost Territories is a new RPG being Kickstarted by Hard Luck Workshop, alongside several other great people: Kris Straub (Acquisitions Incorporated podcasts, Broodhollow, chainsawsuit, Penny Arcade TV, and a bunch of other things), Michael "ThriftyNerd" DiMauro (Drunks and Dragons podcast), David Crennen (Crit Juice), and Rodrigo Lopez (Critical Hit). They've sent along a quickstart PDF of the system which you can download for free.
    • Non-Player Cards is a Kickstarter for a cool idea. I'll let them describe it. "Have you ever re-used an NPC or had difficulty coming up with interesting and unique NPCs on the spot? Non-Player Cards can help. Composed of three hundred cards (300), spread across 8 different categories, including Relationships, Goals, Physical Traits and Personality Quirks. Each card contains a segment of descriptive text in addition to featuring a unique piece of inspirational art."
    • Tabletop Props is another Kickstarter, this one for miniature wagons and the like.

    Thursday, 3rd July, 2014
    It's D&D 5th Edition LAUNCH DAY! 
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    Today is the big day! Release day! Already some people have received their D&D 5th Edition Starter Sets - they go on sale in Wizards Play Network stores today (July 15th elsewhere). But today is also the day that the free D&D Basic Game PDF becomes available!
    The basic game is a roughly 3MB PDF, about 100 pages covering character creation plus the core rules including combat and exploration. It contains four races: human, dwarf (hill, mountain), elf (high, wood), and halfling (lightfoot, stout). We also know it features the fighter (champion archetype), cleric (life domain), rogue (thief archetype), and wizard (evocation tradition). These all go from levels 1-20.

    I was out watching the Monty Python Live reunion last night, so some of this news is a few hours late. Apologies!

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Here's the first page of the 5E Player's Handbook, due out on August 19th (or earlier in Wizards Play Network stores). A gorgeous piece of full-page art! [142 comments]

    • The other night, WotC filmed a "live play" of the starter set adventure, Lost Mine of Phandelver. It's now available to watch! [45 comments]

    • And here's what's on Chris Tulach's desk right now - totally randomly, I'm sure!

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Various people are reporting that they've received their D&D 5th Edition Starter Sets early! The official street date is July 3rd for Wizards Play Network stores and July 15th for the rest of us, but the boxed sets are popping up in mailboxes in Canada. [99 comments]
    • WotC's Mike Mearls reports on the free Basic Game PDF which will be released on Thursday: "Just reviewed the Basic D&D PDF - it clocks in at over 100 pages. Combat, exploration, etc., all in there." He later clarified "character creation + core rules. DM material in August." [59 comments]
    • Various people have been making fan-created character sheets.
    • EN World member grimshwiz has been providing more photos of the starter set (in addition to those from yesterday):

    Monday, 30th June, 2014
    Rogue & Archer Character Sheets 
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    Be sure to check the article from earlier today about the list of spells from the D&D Basic Game. We're closing in on the 5E launch, and news is coming in thick and fast - it's easy to miss some!

    Bruce Callan managed to snag a copy of the Starter Set early and posted some photos of the Starter Set's Rogue and the Archer character sheets back to back. They're fairly hard to make out! Thanks to Talath for the scoop! [99 comments]

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