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    Gen Con Is Coming!

    I leave for Gen Con in about 24 hours. Here's my current Gen Con schedule. It's starting to fill up. I'll keep that updated, but if anyone needs/wants to find me about anything, it should help! Please, please feel free to grab me if you see me! And if you're at Gen Con, make sure you join me and the entire RPG industry at the ENnies on Friday night! The ceremony will take place in the Grand Hall at the Historic Union Station on Friday, August 15. The cocktail reception (cash bar) begins at 6:30 pm, Rockonomicon (“Look! It’s got Rock On in the title!”) at 7:30 pm, and the ceremony itself at 8:00 pm. You don't need a ticket - just turn up!

    The Silent Auction will start at 6:30 pm and run until the intermission with the winners announced at the end of the ceremony.

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Click for more about D&DI hope to have a Monster Manual preview of some kind sometime today. Keep checking back! (No promises, but signs look good!)
    • Jeff Grubb has reviewed the 5E Player's Handbook. "The WotC team set a very high bar for themselves, and released this new edition into a very different landscape than any previous edition. It had to separate itself both from other games as well as lay claim the D&D's heritage. That's pretty tough. But I think the new Player's Handbook shows it can be down, and I look forward to seeing the other core books." Jeff was a consultant during the early stages of development, and was a designer at TSR.
    • That70sGame has also reviewed the PHB. "5e really seems to take the best bits of all the editions and hopefully the DMG will add some good optional stuff."
    • Automatonera has also reviewed the book.
    • Harbinger of Doom has posted an Enforcer background.

    Pathfinder RPG News

    • AICN has reviewed the Pathfinder Emerald Spire Superdungeon. "If you want something akin to the old school massive adventures, but still want modern game design theory in play, this is definitely right up your alley. And if you’re not a PATHFINDER player, I still wholeheartedly recommend this adventure."
    • The latest Pathfinder iconic character from Advanced Class Guide (releases this week!) is Adowyn the Hunter! I really like this piece of art:

    Paizo's Erik Mona just sent over this image. He says: "Here's the final promotional Pathfinder Minimate Paizo will be releasing at Gen Con this week. It's the Munchkin Pathfinder Goblin Hireling! With a design inspired by Munchkin Pathfinder artist John Kovalic, the Goblin Hireling Minimate is available for $5 at the Munchkin Tavern (at Tavern on South), Steve Jackson Games's sponsored Gen Con watering hole. After the show Paizo will have a limited amount available for sale at paizo.com for folks who couldn't make the show, but once they're gone, they're gone!" Others I've previewed include the Dogslicer Ale Goblin, Konkrud, and the unique Pathfinder Goblin.

    Here's what the packaging looks like. These have arrived in Indianapolis for Gen Con and will be on sale on Thursday.

    Part 2 of EN World's Review of the 5E Player's Handbook!

    Yesterday I posted the first part of Neuroglyph's review, which dealt with the overall look of the book and on the large section on characters. This second part of the
    Click for more about D&Dreview deals with the rest of the book - rules, combat, adventuring, and magic! Yesterday, the new D&D Player’s Handbook went on sale at select retailers across the USA, weeks in advance of the full release on August 19th. Wizards of the Coast is putting plenty of books out there in the RPG Community and among the fans just days before GENCON 2014, ramping up the anticipation for the latest edition of Dungeons & Dragons right before the “best four days of gaming!”

    Game of Thrones' Sandor Clegane as a D&D Character

    This was posted by Doug Justice on Twitter, and I couldn't resist sharing it! If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, in particular Sandor "The Hound" Clegane, you should get a kick out of it!

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Hoard of the Dragon Queen has a free online supplement which you can download. It has 60-ish monsters, 20+ spells, and more. If you have the D&D Basic Game or Starter Set and are looking for more monsters, this should help!
    • "Twisted Origins" presents five 5th Edition backgrounds for Ravenloft characters, or simply for those who want to play dark, sinister or simply unusual characters. Download for free at the Midway Haven Observatory.
    • Check out this useful spells spreadsheet created by Ari Marmell! It contains every spell in the D&D 5E PHB.
    • Check out the current fantasy gaming bestellers list on Amazon. The top five are all D&D 5E products. Of course, it is launch weekend, and it is specifically the fantasy gaming list, so it's not that surprising.
    • WotC has been having some "signing parties" at their offices - contributors signing copies of various books. Here they all are signing a stack of Hoard of the Dragon Queen hardcovers:

    EN World's Review of the D&D 5E Player's Handbook!

    EN World reviewer Neuroglyph received a shiny copy of the Player's Handbook yesterday, and was quick to write his initial review based on first impressions. The long wait is finally over, and the diehard fans will finally have their first tangible experience this week with the newest edition of Dungeons & Dragons: buying their own shiny Player’s Handbook!

    Today, Friday August 8th, select retailers across the country will be receiving advanced copies of the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook as a reward for their participation in the Wizards of the Coast Play Network. And while the book is scheduled to be released on August 19th to the remaining hobby stores and online booksellers, Wizards of the Coast was kind enough to rush an advance copies to EN World! This is Part 1 of a 2-part review dealing with the first half of the Player's Handbook; a review of the hardcover adventure Hoard of the Dragon Queen will also come separately. [9 comments]

    Other reviews and initial articles include: (email me and I'll add you to the list)

    Goodman Games to Produce 5th Edition Fantasy Series

    Goodman Games, like Necromancer Games, will be supporting D&D 5th Edition with its own 5E adventures. Two are lined up, and they will be on sale at Gen Con next week! [68 comments]

    Fifth Edition Fantasy #1: Giltterdoom
    16 pages, $9.99, Michael Curtis

    Fifth Edition Fantasy is here! This level 3 adventure module is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world’s first fantasy RPG, and ready to play in your home campaign!

    Centuries ago, the glitterdoom came to the dwarves of Steelhand Clan! This divine curse transformed the dwarves into hellish forms with an insatiable greed for gold. Now, a chance encounter breaks open long-sealed gates to unleash the glitterdoom again. Can your adventurers delve into the forgotten halls to confront the subterranean menace?

    This all-new 5E adventure module includes a new dwarf sub-race and a new PC background!

    Fifth Edition Fantasy #2: The Fey Sisters' Fate
    22 pages, $9.99; Chris Doyle

    A level 1 adventure for 5E, by Chris Doyle

    The cries of battle echo in the rustic wilderness, as a pair of fey sisters defend the ancient Briarwood against invaders. When the town of Bur Hollow sends militia men to support their fey allies, they disappear without a trace. The adventurers must enter the Briarwood and save them!

    This all-new 5E adventure module includes two new spells and a new PC background!

    These are images which have been posted in the giant Player's Handbook Q&A thread. [972 comments]

    UPDATE -- I'm getting reports from various people that their PHBs are arriving. These are folks who ordered from certain WPN stores. The official street date is tomorrow (Friday) for WPN stores and the 19th for everywhere else (although you can also get a PHB at Gen Con). This also applied to the hardback Hoard of the Dragon Queen the first Tyranny of Dragons adventure.

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • You can buy prints of the Hoard of the Dragon Queen maps at Gen Con. [48 comments]
    • The link I posted yesterday to the video flickthrough of the Player's Handbook from Dread Gazebo no longer works. However, there's a YouTube version here. (thanks to Plageman for letting me know!)
    • EN World member MerricB reports on Hoard of the Dragon Queen (the D&D Encounters version, which is the first part of the full hardcover adventure). Click for more about D&DThe following monsters appear: [29 comments]
      • Acolyte
      • Berserker
      • Commoner
      • Cultist
      • Dragon, Adult Blue
      • Guard
      • Kobold
      • Kobold, Winged (Urd)
      • Stirge
      • Swarm of Rats
      • Troglodyte
      • Violet Fungi
      • Ambush Drake (Challenge 1/2)
      • Dragonclaw (Challenge 1)
      • Frulam Mondath (human cleric, Challenge 2)
      • Guard Drake (Challenge 2)
      • Langdedrosa Cyanwrath (half dragon fighter, Challenge 4)

    • Gale Force 9, official licensees of D&D accessories, has made a promotional video including spellcards, condition tokens, the Tyranny of Dragons DM screen, and the unpainted limited edition miniatures. [19 comments]

    Pathfinder RPG News

    ICv2 Quarterly Rankings

    ICv2 has published its quarterly sales rankings for the tabletop RPG hobby game channel. This is the Spring 2014 chart, based on interviews with retailers. D&D is notably absent, but that's not terribly suprising - 5th Edition is only just launching, and WotC wasn't really producing product in Spring 2014. At a guess, we won't see D&D return to the chart untll the Fall 2014 rankings, which we'll likely see at the beginning of 2015. [21 comments]

    1. Pathfinder
    2. Star Wars
    3. Shadowrun
    4. Fate Core
    5. Numenera

    Thursday, 7th August, 2014
    First Monster Manual Spoiler! (Ish...) 
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    Now the Player's Handbook is reaching peoples' hands, it's time to start spoiling the Monster Manual! [23 comments] Talking of the PHB, though, Dread Gazebo has one and has a video flick-through here.

    The official street date for the D&D 5E Player's Handbook is this coming Friday (8th August) for Wizards Play Network stores, and August 19th for everywhere else - unless you're going to Gen Con, in which case you can buy one there next week.

    However, it seems some stores are selling them early! EN World member Paladion is answering questions about the book. Be sure to check it out and read through the whole thread for all the nuggets of EXCLUSIVE information! [972 comments] Additionally, some press are getting copies - the first review is here at Acts of Geek! [66 comments]

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • Click here to see a spell list for Book of Lost Spells (still a work in progress). Book of Lost Spells is one of Necromancer Games' D&D 5E books being Kickstarted right now. I previewed part of the monster book a coulple of days ago. [16 comments]
    • Additionally, Chris at Nord Games had the opportunity to interview Ed Greenwood and discuss both 5th Edition and his contribution to Quests of Doom, the third book in the Kickstarter.

    Other News

    • Cubicle 7 Entertainment is set to bring Joe Dever's multi-million-selling world of Magnamund to Kickstarter, launching on the 6th of August. If funded, The Lone Wolf Adventure Game will be a boxed roleplaying game aimed squarely at new players, but with enough options and add ons to keep more established gamers and long time fans of Lone Wolf happy. I interviewed Joe in a lengthy chat back in December.
    • Designers and Dragons is a Kickstarter by Evil Hat which aims to publish the history of the RPG industry in four volumes. Backers get the first book as PDF immediately, with the others to follow. It actually fully funded before the Kickstarter was even announced (there was a private 'soft' launch of some kind yesterday) so it's all funded now, so you can pledge about $20 (plus shipping) for one book or $80 or so for all four.

    Dungeons & Dragons News

    • It's Player's Handbook week! Wizards Play Network stores get the book on Friday. For everyone else, the book will be available on the 19th, although it will also be at Gen Con next week (where I plan to get my copy!)
    • Click for more about D&DMike Mearls' latest Legends & Lore lists the backgrounds from the 5E Player's Handbook. They've already been revealed in the free Adventurer's Guild Player Guide, but for those who didn't see that they are: Acolyte, Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Folk Hero, Guild Artisan, Hermit, Noble, Outlander, Sage, Sailor, Soldier, and Urchin. The article also discusses creating and modifying backgrounds. [65 comments]
    • If the D&D Adventurer's League Organized Play program is your thing, WotC has a couple of articles - one on Adventurer's League resources, and the other on factions.
    • MerricB put together a list of D&D 5E adventures. Also remember there are several free ones right here on EN World.
    • If you're a fan of those awesome walkthrough cartoon maps by Jason Thompson, you'll be pleased to know he's now selling them as prints. You can grab 'em from between $20 and $30 each. The artist notes "I'm also having a moving sale right now before I move to San Francisco, so all prints and posters are $5 off from now until August 18!" - so grab 'em quick!

    Pathfinder RPG News


    • If you're a fan of the popular, critically acclaimed ZEITGEIST adventure path (for Pathfinder or D&D 4th Edition) you'll be delighted to know you can now get NPC face cards for it. 120 gorgeous full-color cards for use with the ZEITGEIST adventure path. Each card features an NPC illustration; these are left unnamed, with a number key in the bottom corner, so that you can use the cards for other games - that's right, you can use these in your own campaign, too! A pair of cards at the end of the deck provides the master index for those using them in ZEITGEIST.

    Other News

    • This is an interesting idea, spearheaded by Kevin Hoover on Kickstarter: "As much as I love my endless weekend gaming marathons, I also understand that I have to balance it out with daily exercise, so we created a project called FitXP: The Journey. It's a fitness guide that plays like an RPG. Over 40 days worth of workouts, players will earn XP by working out and immerse themselves in a colorfully crafted story that is contained in a spiral bound book."
    • Here's a short review of The Strange from Monte Cook Games. "The Strange, with its infinite number of possible recursions, is a chance for players to jump into worlds that cater to different genres. If you’ve ever wanted to visit settings from your favorite movie or book, or take part in adventures in strange and amazing worlds, The Strange has you covered."

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