New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 21st May 2018
  • New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 21st May 2018

    This week will see copies of Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes start appearing in stores. The week will also bring stores the new Genesys setting, Realms of Terrinoth, which has already been a best seller in electronic format.

    These are just two of the wealth of titles appearing in FLGS' this week so check out, below, what you can expect to be seeing in the way of board games, card games, RPGs, Miniatures and collectible games! In addition, we also take a look at a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.


    Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes
    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Supplement
    By Wizards of the Coast

    Discover the truth about the great conflicts of the D&D multiverse in this supplement for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

    This tome is built on the writings of the renowned wizard from the world of Greyhawk, gathered over a lifetime of research and scholarship. In his travels to other realms and other planes of existence, he has made many friends, and has risked his life an equal number of times, to amass the knowledge contained herein. In addition to Mordenkainen’s musings on the endless wars of the multiverse, the book contains game statistics for dozens of new monsters: new demons and devils, several varieties of elves and duergar, and a vast array of other creatures from throughout the planes of existence.

    Realms of Terrinoth
    Genesys Setting
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Enter a World of Ancient Magics and Terrible Dangers!

    Ready your sword and spellbook for adventure in the fantasy land of Terrinoth! Using the Genesys Roleplaying System, this sourcebook allows players to explore the magical Runebound setting filled with tragedy and mystery. Terrinoth faces darkness on all sides—ghastly skeletal Reanimates, raging dragons, and even horrific demons—and heroic characters are needed more than ever to rise to its defense. With Realms of Terrinoth, you’ll be ready for the challenge!

    This supplement for the Genesys roleplaying game includes:

    • The history of Terrinoth, from the primordial fall of the Elves to the fiery invasion of the Dragonlords and beyond.
    • Character creation options for playing races like Latari Elves, Orcs of the Broken Plains, Catfolk, Forge Dwarves, and Gnomes.
    • New character careers such as Mage, Scoundrel, and Warrior.
    • Heroic Abilities that allow characters to perform singularly wondrous feats, create powerful signature weapons, and more!
    • New weapons, gear, mounts, services, and other items essential for adventuring in Terrinoth and the other lands of Mennara. You can even wield one of the fabled runebound shards!
    • Crafting rules for fashioning unique weapons, powerful magic items, and mysterious alchemical potions.
    • New rules for using magic, including spells for reanimating the dead, calling upon the gods for aid, and accessing primal forces.
    • A tour across Terrinoth, home of the valiant Daqan Lords but also the foul Mistlands of the undead. Delve into the ancient Elven forests and the Dwarven kingdoms underneath the Dunwarr Mountains, as well as the far-off the desert sands of Al-Kalim, the frozen wastes of Isheim, and the deadly jungles of Zanaga!

    Space: 1889 Sourcebook
    By Clockwork Publishing / Modiphius

    From before the beginnings of history, mankind had spun tales and wondered about that bright point of light named for the Roman goddess of love: Venus, the enigmatic, ever-shifting star of evening and of morning. Yet more recently, scholars speculated what might be hiding beneath the swirling clouds of Venus. Then, the first pioneers started their journey into the ether, and found the Morning Star to be a deadly Garden of Eden. The first expeditions entered a world resembling an Earth 150 million years past. Steaming jungles, treacherous swamps, and stormy oceans cover its surface. Giant dinosaurs dominate the planet, and in the midst of these primeval beasts, strange and alien Lizard-man peoples fight for survival. Despite its hostile nature, thousands of human colonists have already been lured to Venus, searching for resources, treasures, new territories and more …

    With this source book you and your fellow players can now plunge into the "green hell" of the Morning Star! Try your luck as a soldier-of-fortune in the pioneer settlements and the wilderness of Venus. Or perhaps as a scientist, exploring the wonders of a new world. As a colonist you can create a new home far away from Mother Earth. As a secret agent you might want to intervene in the dangerous and bloody game of the great powers. Or you can choose to play a Venusian warrior defending his homeland against the cold, emotionless invaders from beyond space. It’s up to you!

    This source book tells you everything you need to know about the settlements of the four nations represented on Venus - Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and Russia – as well as some minor powers and stakeholders: only here can you glean what they have established so far, what they are up to in the future, and which dark crimes they are trying to cover up. You'll also learn about everyday life in the colonies and settlements, the exploitation of natural resources, and the conflicts that arise among the colonists.

    Space: 1889 Ubiquity Dice
    Space: 1889 Accessory
    By Clockwork Publishing / Modiphius

    This set includes 9 eight-sided dice for use with any roleplaying game that uses the Ubiquity
    rules. There are three different colours and each colour features three times in the set. The
    bronze dice count as one die, while the silver dice count as two dice and the golden dice count as three dice when playing any Ubiquity game.

    The Far Havens
    Mindjammer Campaign
    By Mindjammer Press / Modiphius

    A light in the Darkness above the galactic plane!
    Fire your planing engines beyond the Rim, above the galactic plane to the outer worlds, free from Commonality assimilation. There’s a bounty out here on Event Horizon Probes, and the only synthetics are those who serve us.
    My family is from the revered Wayfarers’ Guild, with Voyager eugenics strong in our lineage. I do not hold to the Utopian rapture, for I have flown a Stargull across the Dragonfly Ruins on Balar, and believe that all our fates are to be found there.
    Join us! Think free! Live true! We are the Far Havens. We stand together; we go beyond.

    THE FAR HAVENS is a campaign pack supplement for your Mindjammer game, providing rich setting detail for an exotic polity far beyond the Commonality frontier, above the galactic plane, which fiercely resists the inexorable advance of the event horizon probes. Join the Licensed Free Agents and the New Traders: explore this perilous frontier, and fight the machinations of the Commodus sentience and the rise of ancient powers…

    THE FAR HAVENS includes:

    • A whole new Outer Worlds polity, beyond the Commonality Frontier;
    • Dozens of new worlds to explore, complete with starmaps, planetary maps and statistics;
    • Organisations, technology, ships, new genotypes and life forms;
    • Mysteries, intrigue, and adversaries for your Mindjammer campaign!

    Blue – Adventures in the Ruins of an Alien World
    Mindjammer Supplement
    By Mindjammer Press / Modiphius

    Blue. A beautiful yet alien world. Until six hundred years ago it was the home of an unimaginably advanced alien species, poised in splendid isolation on the brink of transcendence, refusing even to communicate with the lesser intelligences which had colonised its planetary twin. That’d be us—homo variens, the diverse and curious descendants of the colonists from Old Earth. Even our probes and telescopes were deflected, leaving us with tantalising glimpses of wonders beyond our ability to understand.

    Then, six hundred years ago, the alien civilisation fell. Almost overnight: the lights on the surface of the planet Blue went out, the aliens’ structures seemed to dissolve, and the barrier which had protected them from prying eyes for millennia collapsed. But where had they all gone? Amid magnificent ruins we found devolved life forms, as confused and as uncomprehending as we.

    None of us ever knew what had been lost. Until now. Now the Blues are back—and no one knows if even the Commonality can resist them. Let’s hope they want to be friends…

    There’s been a murder on the fallen world of Blue, a planet of ragtag survivors and curious human colonists researching the remains of a near-transcendent alien civilisation. But the culprit is stranger than anyone had imagined; and, as factions manoeuvre for influence and control, a mystery is uncovered which threatens to change the Commonality forever!

    BLUE includes:

    Two whole alien worlds: maps, ecosystems, exointelligences, cultures, and more;
    A multi-session adventure of intrigue, conspiracy, and mystery spanning an entire star system;
    Secrets of the Commonality and the Mindjammer setting!

    Mindjammer Traveller RPG Edition
    Traveller Setting
    By Mindjammer Press / Modiphius

    The Ennie Award-winning transhuman science-fiction RPG setting returns, in a brand new edition for use with the TRAVELLER roleplaying game!

    This brand new 384-page hardback book includes:
    • full rules for starships, organisations, and culture operations;
    • detailed character cultures, genotypes, and new careers—play a sentient starship!
    • new and innovative systems for describing planets, star systems, and alien life;
    • deep setting material on the New Commonality of Humankind;
    • rules for the Mindscape and virtual worlds;
    • starmaps and planet descriptions, histories and background.


    Never has there been a greater time of opportunity. The universe is in flux, and for the first time in ten thousand years no one knows what the future will bring. Charge your blaster, thoughtcast your orders to the starship sentience, and fire up the planing engines. Come and defend the light of humanity's greatest civilisation as it spreads to the stars!

    Dominion Quickstart
    Mindjammer Traveller Adventure
    By Mindjammer Press / Modiphius

    An Ancient War-Ravaged World and a Deadly Foe!

    Quickstart primer and introductory adventure for Mindjammer (Traveller edition).

    Beyond the borders of the New Commonality of Humankind lies the Sentient Alliance, turbulent worlds where the embers of the Venu War still glow. And yet, stretched thin, the Commonality still tries to keep the light of civilisation alive. Join a team of recruits to SCI Force—the Security and Cultural Integrity Instrumentality—on a mission gone horribly wrong on the cold war frontier with the Venu Successor States. Can you rise to the occasion and save the day before yet another world falls before the encroaching night?

    Dominion includes:

    - Quickstart rules to enable you to play a Mindjammer (Traveller edition) game using this book and the TRAVELLER CORE RULEBOOK!
    - Four pregenerated characters to get started right away;
    - Descriptions, maps, and plans of a strange alien world with an exotic lost colony civilisation;
    - A complete action-packed adventure showcasing the Mindjammer setting and rules, playable in one or more sessions.
    - Experience the Mindjammer universe up close and personal as you join in the battle for… Dominion!

    Dark Eden Source Book
    Mutant Chronicles Supplement
    By Modiphius

    The Megacorporations created their own version of hell for the remnants of humanity left behind during the Exodus. Clouds of toxins seethed through the atmosphere. Nuclear fires seared the earth. The very ground shook in torment and anger. Earth was abandoned by the best and brightest of the Megacorporations during their race across the Solar System. Humanity’s cradle had been abandoned and forgotten by all but a few.

    For Old Earth was gone, or so the Megacorporations believed. Below the toxic clouds and amongst the ruins of civilisation, life somehow prevailed in the face of the mutagens, toxins, and terraforming agents that surged across the planet’s surface. Changed. Mutated. Born of a fiery genesis. Old Earth had become Dark Eden. This source book covers Dark Eden, the world once known as Earth. Designed to be used on its own, it will also perfectly supplement the Dark Eden Campaign.

    • The Megabody Campaign: A globe spanning search for a secret that threatens the very existence of Luna
    • The Survivors: The tribes of Dark Eden. A detailed background of twisted descendants of humanity: the Crescentians, Lutheran Triad, Sons of Rasputin, Templars, and others.
    • New World, New Dangers: Details of Dark Eden’s lethal fauna and flora, from the colossal Eclipsian War Mammoths to the deadly Silver Pools.
    • A Changed World: Comprehensive information on the various locations in the world of Dark Eden, plus story hooks for adventures.

    Dark Eden Campaign
    Mutant Chronicles Supplement
    By Modiphius

    Humanity’s Last Stand

    The Second Dark Legion War has escalated to encompass the entire solar system, with humanity hard-pressed to hold back the swelling tide of Darkness. A surge of Heresy has stretched the Brotherhood to the breaking point, while the megacorporations are throwing a rising body count into the ever-hungry maw of the Dark Legion. A slim chance of salvation leads the Cardinal to call upon the heroes of yesteryear and task them with uncovering ancient technology that will turn the tide of war in humanity’s favour. Technology that is hidden on humanity’s former home, Dark Eden - also known by its former name of Earth.

    The Dark Eden Campaign is recommended for experienced players. Designed to bring the events that began with the Dark Symmetry Campaign to a climactic conclusion, suggestions are provided on how best to update the timeline or incorporate this into an existing game.

    • Epic Finale: This book contains a heroic campaign that will embroil players in the final epic battle for the very fabric of the solar system. Finally recognised for the heroes they are, the players will play a key role in humanity’s last stand.
    • Hate-Fuelled Tribes: Scouring Dark Eden is no mean feat. The task is made infinitely worse thanks to the ancestors of those abandoned so long ago. The Tribes of Earth have had centuries to hone their hate for the megacorporations.
    • Dark Legion Rampant: The Dark Legion do not sit idly by and allow their foes to uncover Ancient threats unhindered. New foes lurk within, powerful forces of Darkness that seek to rend and shatter the defences of the forces of Light.
    • Endless Adventure: In a truly epic campaign of this scale, any number of sub-plots can be utilised to extend its scope. Advice is provided that will enable GMs to provide entertaining scenarios that supplement the overall campaign.

    Horror Toolkit
    FATE Supplement
    By Evil Hat Productions

    Something lurks in the shadows…

    Maybe it’s a masked killer, or a creature from the unknown depths, or a psychotic porcelain doll. Or maybe it’s just a cat, and the threat stands right behind you!

    The Fate Horror Toolkit offers a variety of tools, mechanics, and hacks to help you develop thematic horror in your game. Explore what horror is and how to employ it effectively at your table. Learn how to develop horrific elements in Fate—a game system designed around competent, proactive characters not usually seen in horror. Pick from a variety of mechanics to easily design your own game about the things that go bump in the night.

    The Fate Horror Toolkit is a Fate Core supplement. This Toolkit includes:

    • Extensive tools to make scary and effective horror adversaries and running Fate games where doom is inevitable
    • Modified and thematic compels designed to help up the suspense and visceral horror elements in your games
    • A variety of new aspect types such as legacy and intensity aspects to help develop thematic horror elements and define boundaries
    • A campaign framework for running horror stories based on teamwork—particularly good for younger audiences.

    Japan Adventures
    Tunnels & Trolls Supplement
    By Flying Buffalo

    From the pages of T&T Adventures magazine in Japan, this fun product is translated into English with original Japanese illustrations and maps. Solitaire adventures, Gamemaster scenarios, FRPG Manga, and a special set of T&T mini-rules written by Ken St Andre especially for this product, all are included to make this a perfect book to introduce RPG to beginners, or fans of Japanese RPG.

    The Eleven Lights
    HeroQuest Supplement
    By Chaosium

    The Hero Wars Begin In Dragon Pass.

    Temertain sits on the throne of the kingdom of Sartar. He is a weak puppet of the Lunar Empire; his kingdom fractures along tribal lines. Envious eyes covet your clan’s cattle; they will seize them at the first sign of weakness. Can you protect the Red Cow clan from its hostile neighbors?

    The Lunars have invaded the Holy Country to the south. A demon from hell—the Crimson Bat—comes to Sartar, destined to join the Empire’s armies; it must be fed on the souls of the living. Can you shelter the Cinsina tribe from Chaos?

    The Telmori have a new leader Jogar Sog, his visions of his people scattered and killed by the Great Liberator have stirred the braves to war. Normal weapons cannot harm them. Can you preserve the Jonstown Confederation from the packs of werewolves?

    Tatius the Bright has killed Orlanth and Ernalda sleeps. Can you liberate the kingdom of Sartar from the Great Winter?

    The Eleven Lights is a complete Gloranthan campaign, set in Sartar, in Dragon Pass, that takes the PCs as members of the Red Cow clan from the Occupation in 1618 through to the Liberation from the Lunar Empire in 1625. The Eleven Lights has complete outlines for events in Dragon Pass and the Red Cow clan for each year twenty complete adventures and many more outlines. It is a companion to The Coming Storm which details the Red Cow clan and their neighbors, and is intended for use with this product.

    This product is for HeroQuest Glorantha, but can be easily adapted to RuneQuest as well.

    The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves
    Torchbearer Scenario
    By Burning Wheel

    The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves is a 3rd level, city-based adventure scenario for Torchbearer RPG by Thor Olavsrud and is now available via the Burning Store in pdf format, featuring cover art by Peter Mullen, interior art by Todd James, layout by Radek Drozdalski and map by Dyson Logos!

    Tamar, secretive master thief of the port city of Highwater, is dead. The rumors say she dropped face-first into a bowl of soup yesterday while supping with her lover, Lady Attar, at the Three of Cups in Saltown near the docks. It happened just days after she stole the fist-sized jewel known as the Jackal’s Eye from the sinister Cult of Maata Re, Mistress of Plagues. Her lover has not been seen since.

    Amidst the stories of conspiracy and murder, the underworld of Highwater is abuzz with tales of the secret vault of the Queen of Thieves, where Tamar is thought to have kept priceless trophies of her many adventures, perhaps even the Jackal’s Eye, along with deadly traps to guard them. The race is on to find the vault; whoever does may become wealthy beyond their wildest imaginings.

    The Secret Vault of the Queen of Thieves is a short city-based adventure geared for 3rd level and higher Torchbearer characters, though even lower level characters are viable if played skillfully. It should take a session or two of play. This scenario is set in the port city of Highwater, but you can drop it into your game whenever the characters visit a Bustling Metropolis or Busy Crossroads in your home setting.

    This scenario features fiendish traps, a new monster, a new town for adventurers to hail from and two new town locations – the Docks and the Thieves' Guild!

    The Dread Crypt of Skogenby
    Torchbearer Scenario
    By Burning Wheel

    Horror stalks the ill-fated village of Skogenby. Just a few days past, some youths clearing a new field for planting managed to move a stubborn boulder only to reveal an ancient rune-covered dolmen that framed a narrow tunnel into the earth. Jora, the bravest among them, dared to crawl through the narrow passage and disappeared down the tunnel, only to return a short time later. From the far side of the narrow passage she excitedly told her friends a tale of moldering crypts rich in grave goods, tossing out a set of fat, heavy silver arm rings as proof. But as she was crawling from the tunnel, she was abruptly pulled back into the crypt with a bloodcurdling scream.

    The Code of Warriors and Wizardry
    Core Rulebook
    By Simon Burley

    THE CODE OF WARRIORS AND WIZARDRY is the latest Fantasy Adventure Tabletop Role-playing game.

    Specifically designed to focus upon the Heroes, their Adventures and the Dilemmas they face – rather than spending hours playing out over-detailed sword-fights.

    • Five minute character creation!
    • Ten minute combat!
    • Hours of high-powered Swords and Sorcery Adventure!
    • Easy to pick up and play.
    • Hard to put down.
    • Play it anywhere with just two six-sided dice, pencil and paper.
    • A game can last a couple of hours, a campaign can span a lifetime.

    THE lightweight, fast-play Fantasy Adventure Tabletop Role-playing game.

    To Serve Her Wintry Hunger
    Core Rulebook
    By Cavalry Games

    May the crocus never bloom, for you have work to do.

    In To Serve Her Wintry Hunger, players take on the roles of wicked winter spirits hunting down a human lost in a deadly blizzard. this dark fairy tale roleplaying game is designed for one-shot zero-prep 1-2 hour sessions, for one facilitator and four players.

    Crystal Heart Chapter Two: Home Is Where The Heart Is
    Gaming Graphic Novel
    By Up To 4 Players

    Arriving at an ancient, foreboding manor in the middle of Bogovia, the Land of Sorrows, the Agents find themselves confronting the worst enemy of all - the one you can't just stab with your sword.

    Even exploding dice might not be enough to stop this situation from imploding...

    Up to Four Players is a weekly webcomic about tabletop gamers and games.



    A Star Beyond the Stars
    Star Trek Adventures
    By Modiphius

    “Captain’s log, Stardate 47515.4: We are in the remote Elicona sector, investigating the disappearance of the U.S.S. Alcubierre. After three days in this unpopulated region of space, we found a promising lead. Hours ago, long-range sensors detected a vessel and the presence of subspace interference. The ship is several parsecs outside Federation territory. The Alcubierre was on special assignment, testing new engine systems designed to exceed warp 5 without damaging subspace. I can only surmise that something went terribly wrong with the experiments.”

    This three-mission campaign PDF is great for beginners, as it guides the Gamemaster through the core rules as they play, and introduces them to all aspects of the game, including basic Tasks and Challenges, as well as Social Conflict, Combat, and Starship Combat.

    Please note: this three mission collection was originally offered as a pre-order bonus for Modiphius customers who pre-ordered the physical Star Trek core rulebook between June – October in 2017 and is now being made available for sale for other Star Trek Adventures fans. This campaign will also be released in the Star Trek Adventures starter set.

    Forces of Light: The Savage Guide to Heaven
    Savage Worlds Sourcebook
    By Gun Metal Games

    Where There is Darkness... There Are Those Ready to Stand Against It!

    Forces of Light The Savage Guide to Heaven is the companion book of Codex Infernus, the Savage Guide to Hell.

    The mysteries of Heaven and its guardians are revealed in the supplement, allowing you to play angelic beings in the war to save Aegeron, or in your own campaign!

    In this book you’ll find:

    • New Angelic races developed using rules from the SuperPowers companion
    • New Hindrances and Edges
    • Weapons crafted in Heaven’s forge
    • New Divine Rituals
    • Details and Stats of Aegeron’s Seven
    • Heroic Archetypes allowing your character to take on the forces of Darkness.

    Elysium Flare
    Fate Setting
    By VSCA Publishing

    There are aliens. Lots of them. And blasters and hyperdrive and psychics and mystics who actually seem to have a handle on something that works. It’s a booming, burgeoning space full of technology from all three types of physics and you’re in the middle of it working for an organization with a purpose. You’re going to get things done and do it the hard way if need be. Dogfights, duels, card games, tentacle wrestling: whatever it takes, you’re equipped for it.

    Elysium Flare is a Fate variant with a detailed setting full of robots and tentacle monsters and novel new rules for dogfighting starships, improving equipment, generating worlds, and creating a purpose for your characters in this semi-fantastic science fictional galaxy. Pick a purpose and head into space to kick some ass.

    Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers
    Pugmire Adventure
    By Onyx Path Publishing

    Pan's Guide for New Pioneers

    When a devastating flood hits Pugmire, all manner of bad dogs, opportunistic rats, and manipulative cats take advantage of the kingdom. Good dogs try to turn the tide, but searching the dangerous wilderness for a way to heal the land is no easy task. If only there existed brave dogs to lay down the way for other intrepid pioneers…

    It is time for a new group of heroes to set out on a chaotic and risky adventure! Armed with a guide prepared by the daring dog Pan Dachshund, fabulous treasure and great recognition await them. All these pioneers need do is explore the wilds, discover the key to Pugmire’s salvation, and return in one piece!

    Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers includes:

    • A full Pugmire adventure, aimed at people brand new to roleplaying games and experienced players alike!
    • Rules laid out and explained for every encounter and challenge in the adventure.
    • Snippets of Pan’s journal presented for enjoyable reading or integration into the game.
    • Ready-made characters so a game of Pugmire can commence as soon as you open this book.
    • Hyperlinks to video footage for those who prefer to follow along in different mediums.

    Silence from Sommerisk
    Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos / Pathfinder Adventure
    Petersen Games

    This is a starter adventure for characters of any level. It is intended as a companion to Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos (Pathfinder compatible), as it introduces mechanics and features of the book in an easy way for GM and player alike!

    Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos is the most comprehensive guide to including Lovecraftian elements in your Pathfinder Roleplaying game, written by the author of the groundbreaking Call of Cthulhu RPG, and developed primarily by James Jacobs (creative director of Paizo) and David N. Ross.

    The Sabre RPG Scifi Edition
    Core Rulebook
    By Dragonsbane Entertainment

    Lock and load for a journey into science-fiction adventures! The Sabre RPG is a system built on foundations of realism, smooth play and flexibility, featuring a skill-based d100 core with passive talents, active manoeuvres, and in-game "on-the-spot" character advancement.

    This edition of Sabre focuses on science fiction adventures, and is capable of tackling historical settings from medieval times, through to black powder and 19th century adventures, to modern times with rules for automatic weapons, modern armour and vehicles. You can even add in psychic abilities for additional flavour. From there you can go into high-tech settings with rules for advanced vehicles and weapons, powered armour, and of course starships. A robust invention system allows you to craft your own improvised weapons and equipment, including cool science gadgets. It's even possible to begin a campaign in a level of medieval technology and eventually craft your way to high-tech and build your own starship!

    Choose from one of ten available species, from the humble (or not) human to androids, genetically engineered crows, silicon-based lifeforms and towering robots.

    This ruleset can also be combined with the Fantasy edition of the Sabre RPG, for the ultimate mix-n-match of science and magic for just about any conceivable setting, all with the same core rules you'll find in the basic edition of the game.

    Elemental Complete Guide
    Core Rulebook
    By Gildor Games

    ELEMENTAL is a fast and flexible roleplaying game for any character, any setting, any story.

    The game is designed for the characters and stories you want to play. It features a very approachable game system and a wealth of playable content spanning multiple genres. So whatever movies, books, comics or TV shows you’re into, ELEMENTAL gives you the tools to quickly and easily turn any source of inspiration into an exciting game experience.

    The ELEMENTAL Complete Guide is our flagship product. It is loaded with content and contains everything you need to play ELEMENTAL as a Player or Game Master:

    • Simple and flexible character creation
    • A universal resolution mechanic that generates exciting situations at the table
    • Support for the major genres: fantasy, horror, science fiction, pulp and superheroes
    • Nearly 100 skills and flaws, allowing you to create exactly the character you want
    • 250 spells, 40 psionic powers, 55 superpowers
    • 100 character archetypes
    • 140 monsters
    • GM advice for designing even more content and adventures of your own

    Sanitarium – Adventure 4 : What Lies Beyond Reason
    5th Edition Adventure
    By Pyromaniac Press

    The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    The Guild of Peace and Healing have seemingly formed an alliance with the Seekers of Asmodeus, possibly the most unlikely of ties even in these dark times. Is this a union of mutual benefit, or something more sinister?

    As the creeping madness continues to claw its way across Anduria, infecting the populous and releasing unfathomable horrors, the heroes must uncover the secret of this alliance to save a friend.

    What they find will rock the city to its very foundations.

    Legendary Planet: Dead Vault Descent
    Starfinder Adventure
    By Legendary Games

    Steel and Death Under a Gentle Sunset

    Still seeking a way home, your heroes use their newfound knowledge and a daring heist from the dangerous Thanex Coterie to reactivate a long dormant interplanetary gate. Traveling to the lost world of Kylorn, a tidally locked planet half scorched by eternal sunshine, half frozen by endless darkness, they must descend into the dead vaults beneath the planet’s surface and travel from the frozen dark side of the planet through the picturesque sunset lands to the burning inferno of the scorching Daylands in search of Kylorn’s primary portal. Along the way, they must face lethal sentient automatons and deathless undead legions locked in a perpetual war for centuries, while shapeshifting assassins, powerful guardians, and the deadly extremes of the planet itself promise death or glory to the PCs on their Dead Vault Descent!

    Dead Vault Descent is an adventure for 8th to 10th level characters using the Starfinder Roleplaying Game! The latest chapter in the amazing Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a spectacular sword-and-planet saga from Legendary Games blending sci-fi and fantasy, magic and machine with an exciting pulp sensibility and style. Dead Vault Descent includes not only a massive interplanetary adventure but also brand-new monsters, magic, technology, new archetypes and feats blending magic and machinery, along with a full gazetteer of the Sunset World of Kylorn and its inhabitants and an ongoing fiction series! Here you will find amazing adventures that span the stars and plunder the planets in a campaign that takes your heroes to 20th level and beyond! Grab this exotic epic today and Make Your Game Legendary!

    This 108-page PDF or 106-page print volume contains the following
    - "Dead Vault Descent," a Starfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 8th to 10th-level characters by Matt Goodall, Jason Nelson, and Neil Spicer
    - A "Planetary Bestiary" by Matt Goodall, featuring the all-consuming amalgamite swarm, the enigmatic robotic divymm race, the sinister shapeshifting hetzuud, the sturdy and faithful narav lizard, and the lethal toxic eradicator!
    - A collection of "Alien Treasures" by Matt Goodall, including the energy blade, convocation stone, dauntless jacket, and the malevolent necromantic box!
    - A gazetteer of the broken world of Kylorn by Matt Goodall, Jeff Lee, and Mike Welham, exploring a tidally locked planet with one side blasted by eternal sunshine and the other frozen in endless night, plus the massive tunnel system riddling the under-realms of the planet where undying machines and immortal undead wage and unending shadow war.
    - A detailed look at archeypes and feats by Clinton J. Boomer, Jeff Lee, and Jason Nelson, blending magic and machinery as they pry into the secrets of the stars and the deep places of worlds they explore, like the delver and engram channeler to the nanotech infuser and robot fighter!
    - An array of Legendary Feats by Lyz Liddell and Landon Winkler, bringing a touch of mythic power to your Starfinder heroes!
    - A downloadable PDF art and map folio, featuring unkeyed player-friendly maps and more.
    - And last but not least, "Machine Language," the third chapter in a 7-part short story by award-winning author Chris A. Jackson

    Tales from the Rocket Age
    Rocket Age Fiction Anthology
    By Why Not Games

    Welcome to the Rocket Age!

    Inside you will find four stories from a Solar System that never was and a 1938 that should have been. Journey to Mars, scour the vastness of space, and face impossible odds battling criminals, rouge princes, and Nazis!

    Three Aces for the Dancer by Ed Greenwood
    The Ghost Aces, an elite team of operatives, must lose a rocket ship, but not lose it too easily, in order to stop a Martian prince and his diabolical plot.

    Emancipation Knights by Ken Spencer
    Ed and Frank Knight, brothers with obviously different mothers, are on the case as the pair of P.I.s hunt down a stolen Deutsche Marserkorps war walker, murderers, and Emancipation's crime boss, Slate Mac.

    Spies, Lies and Allies by Andrew Peregrine
    Join inventor Marian Carlyle as she field tests her home built rocket ship in a race to stop a Nazi plot that threatens the peace of Earth and the Solar System as well!

    Casey Chester - Rocket Corps on Mars by James Spencer
    While in pursuit of a lost medallion, Lieutenant Casey Chester of the US Rocket Corps stumbles upon a Nazi secret, battles a fierce storm on the Great Silt Sea, and comes up against his deadliest foe yet.



    Helionox Deluxe
    1-4 players, ages 9+, 30-90+ minutes
    By Mr. B Games

    Helionox is a movement based deck building board game where great leaders vie for control in a shattered solar system. One to four players can attempt mastery over competitive, cooperative, and solo modes. Designed to play fast with a quick setup and an imminent ending, Helionox has tension to spare from the first turn to the last.

    The Deluxe Edition of Helionox brings together the original core set of Helionox: The Last Sunset and incorporates it with a brand new expansion called Mercury Protocol. The Kickstarter will offer a full sized box and game board along with the expansion and can be purchased via Kickstarter with or without the original core set.

    Kami Unbound
    Rising Sun Expansion
    By CMON Limited

    Kami Unbound is a new ruleset which makes the presence of the Kami even more potent and vital in Rising Sun! Normally, the influence of the Kami is restricted to the bonuses each of them grant during the Kami turn, granted to the Clan who has the most Shinto worshiping them. With Kami Unbound, the Kami will get their own figure, which starts the game in a specific Province.

    Dynasty Invasion
    Rising Sun Expansion
    By CMON Limited

    Sailing across the ocean from another land, the Dynasty Invasion brings two full new Clans, who will count on their own Seven Lucky Gods and introduce an extra Set of Season cards! This expansion brings a lot of extra variety to Rising Sun, featuring two Clans that forego the allegiance of Japanese Monsters, relying on their own Seven Lucky Gods instead.

    Monster Pack
    Rising Sun Expansion
    By CMON Limited

    A set of four extra monsters to be added to Rising Sun that the clans can purchase and use.
    The monsters include: Oni of Plagues, Fire Dragon, Jinmenju, Jorogumo.

    Viking Age
    878 Vikings Expansion
    By Academy Games

    This is a boxed collection of nine expansions for 878: Vikings – Invasions of England:

    War for Land and Gods
    Epic Battle Events
    Viking Ships
    Relics and Holy Sites
    Legendary Leader
    Runes and Prayer Dice

    1+ players, ages 6+, 15-20+ minutes
    By Atlas Games

    A "clade" is a branch of the evolutionary family tree such as mammals, arthropods, and sauropsids that are thought to have evolved from a common ancestor.

    In Clades, players must quickly scan an array of cards on the table — along with their own private card — to make triples as quickly as possible. Whoever spots the most triples wins.

    Clades: Prehistoric
    1+ players, ages 6+, 15-20+ minutes
    By Atlas Games

    In Clades Prehistoric, players must quickly scan an array of cards on the table — along with their own private card — to make triples as quickly as possible. Whoever spots the most triples wins.

    Doodle Rush
    3-6 players, ages 10+, 10+ minutes
    By Brain Games

    Doodle Rush is a fast-paced party game that will keep you on your toes for the whole time.

    In each game, each player receives two cards with total of six words that the player has to draw. The game consists of six 1-minute rounds: three drawing rounds and three guessing rounds, which are interchanged. In the drawing rounds, the players try to draw as many of their words as possible, whereas in the guessing rounds they try to correctly guess other player drawings and want their own ones to be guessed.

    Everyone plays at the same time, therefore the gameplay is very active and you have to be quick and attentive. In the end, the player with the most points (drawings that they guessed + their own drawings that were guessed by others) wins.

    The Little Flower Shop
    1-4 players, ages 8+, 20+ minutes
    By Dr. Finn’s Games

    You're working for the little flower shop in the heart of the village. To attract customers, you'll need to arrange the most beautiful display of flowers in the shop's window.

    The Little Flower Shop is a light, yet strategic, set collection game featuring stunning artwork by botanical artist Sarah Wry. Mechanically, the game employs a familiar card drafting system of picking a card and passing the rest. The cards are then used according to their type. Vase cards are placed in a player's shop window. Flower cards are tucked under the vases, provided they meet the vase's requirements. Basket cards may be hung at the top of a player's window, but only if they can buy the baskets first. Salary cards provide free income. Sale cards allow players to sell flowers to put additional funds in their register. At the game's end, players score points for the best display of flowers in their windows.

    2-4 players, ages 10+, 30-60+ minutes
    By Korona Games

    Hexpanse is a fast, hexagon based tactical board game. In the game players are interstellar commanders and warlords who are battling for different planets. The players can win the game in two ways:
    1. The player defeats the opponent’s commander(s).
    2. The player builds up the 9 units long pattern (a unique formation) which is selected randomly from the pattern deck at the beginning of the game.

    During the game the players basically use their own soldiers, however, if they want they can deploy characters and special ally faction units on the planet surface. They can also use special action cards to get more units, speed, wealth or fire power.



    Leia Organa Commander
    Star Wars: Legion Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Inside the Leia Organa Commander Expansion, you'll find everything that you need to add Leia Organa to your army as a commander. A single unpainted, easily assembled miniature beautifully represents Leia Organa on the battlefield, while new upgrade cards allow you to customize how she is represented in the game. Finally, a hand of three new command cards lets you add a unique touch to your overarching strategies, bringing some of Leia Organa's own unique tactics to your games.

    Fleet Troopers Unit
    Star Wars: Legion Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    With the Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion, you can bring those soldiers' dedication and readiness for battle to your games of Star Wars: Legion. This expansion immediately opens up the options available to your Rebel armies with seven unpainted, easily assembled fleet trooper miniatures. An assortment of upgrade cards lets you customize your fleet troopers to match the battles you expect to face. After all, whether you're battling in the tight corridors of a starship or on a more open battlefield, your fleet troopers can make the difference in your fights.

    Allied Investigators Pack 2
    Achtung! Cthulhu Miniatures
    By Modiphius

    Badger’s Commandos
    Achtung! Cthulhu Miniatures
    By Modiphius

    Pathfinder Demonhunters
    Achtung! Cthulhu Miniatures
    By Modiphius

    The Exiles: New Alliance
    Guild Ball Miniatures
    By Steamforged Games



    Dark Saviors Booster
    Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
    By Konami

    The above list has been compiled based upon distributor and retail new releases mailouts I receive. Please note that there may be some geographic differences in release dates and/or availability of items. Please contact your local store for more information.

    Please note: Some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item the author of this post will receive an affiliate commission.
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    1. Yaarel -
      Neat, the Elemental system is using my ability foursome that I have been championing.

      • Athletics ≈ Agility
      • Toughness ≈ Toughness
      • Perceptiveness ≈ Awareness
      • Social ≈ Will

      These four work well.
    1. Ralif Redhammer's Avatar
      Ralif Redhammer -
      I'm curious about the Japanese T&T book. I'm wondering how the game's quirks translate overseas. There's a lot of humor (both the good and the groan-worthy) inherent in the language used.
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