4 Things I Saw At Dragonmeet 2018
  • 4 Things I Saw At Dragonmeet 2018

    Dragonmeet is a small one-day convention in London. It's been a few years since I've been there, and while it's still small, it has certainly grown since my last visit. That said, it's one of those conventions which I hope stay small, as that gives it a certain charm and friendliness that can be hard to match with larger events. Here's a couple of things I found while at Dragonmeet this year.

    The Big Book of Battle Maps was my first purchase. This is a large book of dry-erase 1-inch 16"x11"gridded maps of warehouses, and streets, and temples, and lava fields, and so on which opens out flat. Often facing pages sides are halves of the same map, enabling you to have larger 32"x22" encounter areas. While the book format means that the maps will never be truly enormous, the ease and portability of this is fantastic. I snapped up this book for about £30, and I'm eagerly awaiting their sci-fi version which comes out in March 2019 (both were Kickstarted successfully this year).

    World Anvil looked pretty cool. A nice chap on their stand patiently explained it to me at length. I very much need to do some world building of my own in 2019, and this tool looks like it might be of great help. It's kind of a combination of a directory/file system for races/monsters/locations/etc. and a campaign manager. it's something I'll need to delve into myself to fully grok, but at first blush it looks super-useful!

    I didn't spot these in the actual trade hall myself, but my friend @SyMatt showed it to me in the hotel bar. This Tavern Guide from Wisdom Save Media contains nearly 150 taverns, each on their own page, with a description and plot hooks. It's system neutral (no stats or anything) but it looks really handy for grabbing a convenient tavern description in a pinch.

    However, what I DID spot, from the same folks (which must have grabbed my attention, so that I failed to spot the Tavern Guides on the same table) was a prototype of this Noticeboard, which is being Kickstarted right now. I didn't take a photo for some reason, so the photo below is from their Kickstarter. Basically, it's standalone game, but it's also a 5E-compatible GM tool for plot hooks. Cards containing mini quests are places on the noticeboard. If you're a fan of props, this could be a great addition to your campaign.

    I also managed to have quick chats with awesome folks like Sarah Newton (Mindjammer), Dominic McDowall-Thomas (Cubicle 7), John Kovalic (finally!), Robin Laws, and many more I couldn't even begin to list while being cognizant of the fact that I did, in fact, just begin to list them.

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    1. Mavkatzer's Avatar
      Mavkatzer -
      I backed the Tavern Guide. Well worth it. Very well done resource. I highly recommend it.
    1. MNblockhead's Avatar
      MNblockhead -
      I backed the Big Book of Battlemaps Kickstarter. Have two of them. They work great. No issues with minis at all, I've set up tents and wagons and terrain with various less stable pieces with never a problem. The only thing is that you need to pack carefully. The spiral binding, which is what makes them lay nicely flat, can get crushed if you stack other heavy books on them. That said, I highly recommend them for DMs that want a nice set of generic battlemaps that take up little storage space and travel well.

      World Anvil looks pretty polished. I'm looking forward into doing a deeper dive and comparing to RealmWorks and Obsidian Portal. I have so much time invested into RealmWorks that I don't see myself making a change, but if they sell adventures that already have everything entered into the system, I could see using it for a campaign. But I have years of homebrew in RealmWorks, which still serves my needs and trying to migrate content would be a part-time job for months.
    1. JeffB's Avatar
      JeffB -
      That spiral bound book of battle maps is pretty freakin' cool. I'm a die hard TOTM guy, but once in awhile I like maps and minis/pawns and that ss something I would buy for those rare occasions.
    1. Olaf the Stout -
      World Anvil looks pretty cool. It seems very similar to Obsidian Portal, but with a few more useful tools to use.
    1. WolfhillRPG's Avatar
      WolfhillRPG -
      I appreciate a good battle map for my games and that book looks great.
    1. PezlerPolychromatic's Avatar
      PezlerPolychromatic -
      The Big Book of Battle Maps looks amazing, though I'm a little concerned that figures won't be able to sit easily on the squares beside the binding. Does the spiral stay down flat enough that this wouldn't be an issue?
    1. Chaderick -
      Wow - That notice board is something that I've been doing with my tabletop group since we started our current campaign about three years ago. When an adventure ends, we return to the "Rumors" page, or the Posting Board (that's the name of the graphic I update between adventures). I mirror my iPad onto the TV, and the players roll from a list of rumors that give more information on each one. Then they pick their next adventure from the list of rumors (or dredge an unused one from the past that they really want to play it but didn't get the chance)!

      This is the page I made for the campaign: http://www.heirs.flopsyville.com/Rumors.htm (There are only four at the moment, but there have been as many as six, maybe seven, in the past.)

      Looking at the picture, it looks like someone took my imagination and made it supercool and REAL. I'm totally blown away. I think I have a purchase to make!
    1. Hans Bothe (Enno)'s Avatar
      Hans Bothe (Enno) -
      Using the Big Book of Battle Maps (the smaller A4-version) for a while, I never had any issues using figures.
    1. dave2008's Avatar
      dave2008 -
      Thanks for sharing - all of these look really cool.
    1. mykesfree's Avatar
      mykesfree -
      Any news from Cubicle 7 ? Any news for Adventures in Middle-earth?
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