Music in your sessions (#3)
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    Music in your sessions (#3)

    The purpose of this thread is twofold - - First of all, it will serve individually, to see what you, the DM(or player) use in your sessions...secondly, as the list grows larger, it will allow you to consider adding some of the music that your fellow DM's use, and perhaps, take your sessions to the next level.

    Play on, Bill and Ted!

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    What music do you use in your sessions?

    Do you organize your music? (IE: Battle music, Town music...)

    Do you hand pick your music, or just pick up a CD and go with it?

    Do you have a favorite song for your sessions?

    Favorite DM's Music:
    (**Stars indicate more widespread use among DM's)

    - ***Lord of the Rings soundtracks
    - Signs
    - the Mummy Soundtrack
    - Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack
    - The Last Samurai Soundtrack
    - The Last of the Mohicans Sountrack
    - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Soundtrack
    - Troy
    - Van Helsing
    - *Bram Stoker's Dracula Soundtrack
    - Harry Potter soundtracks
    - *Stargate (the original movie)
    - Pirates of the Caribbean
    - King Arthur
    - Henry V
    - Braveheart
    - Pirates of the Carribean
    - Gladiator
    - Return of the Jedi ( With more interest I'll simply change to "Star Wars Soundtracks" )
    - Willow
    - *Apocalyptica
    - Chrono Cross OST
    - *Conan
    - Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow Soundtrack
    - Crimson Skies Soundtrack
    - Escaflowne Soundtracks

    Favorite Songs of Enworld:

    Reiterated Inspiration
    By: KFSS Studios/OneUp Studios
    From: Squaredance
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    Up. Hooray for exams!

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    We've done the gamut of Movie Soundtracks.
    Favourites would be the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Last Samurai, Gladiator and Willow. I even tried a little Opeth for one very frenzied attack scene. Unfortunately, it made the session feel like Warhammer.

    However, my absolute favourite - which had some of our group in tears at the loss of a favourite NPC - is the second last track on the Return of the Jedi soundtrack. The progression of Princess Leia's theme into the "Force" theme (played in the movie during Luke's lighting of Anakin's pyre) is perhaps the most emotional piece of music I have ever heard. John Williams, I solemnly bow to your greatness.

    Unfortunately, we have found that the more vibrant star wars themes are a little bit cliche and result in an eruption of everyone doing Darth Vader breathing. Fun and very funny - but quite distracting.

    Best Regards
    Herremann the Wise

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    Top post updated. Let's see some more favorite songs!

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    We use the soundtrack for The Time Machine (the new one) in our Eberron games.

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    I like to break down each adventure to give it a distrinct soundtrack, which usually means assigning one particular composer. Automatics are Hans Zimmer (found in any Jerry Bruckheimer film, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down is good for flashbacks), and Danny Elfman as well.

    There is one group out there called Apocalyptica that is excellent for use with undead or aberrations -- they play electric cellos and remix a lot of Metallica that way. Trust me, nothing throws off your players like listening to Enter Sandman done to electric cello.

    Dracula soundtrack is also excellent.

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    I like Apocalytica extremely much. Their music has a variety of tones as well. No lyrics is also helpful if you're trying to listen to the DM and such.
    ->From out of Nowhere
    ->Nothing Else Matters

    LotR stuff, pretty standard.

    The Postal Service(I don't know if it was a good choice or not.)

    Stargate Sg-1 opening theme(Inside joke type meaning)
    -Good for the opening a creepy tomb however.

    Linkin park is generally good for fighting a battle, barfight, and especially, a quick confrontation leading up to a battle.(As in no one wants to be a diplomat and everyone starts killing people) -There are betting fighting music choices.

    For various purposes - Johnny Cash's "Hurt"

    Mostly songs without lyrics with varying volume intensities.

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    My favorites:

    Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow
    Crimson Skies (a video game soundtrack but really fantastic!)
    The Fantasy Album (sort of a "best of" compilation of themes from fantasy movies)
    Escaflowne (some great symphonic music from a japanese series, truly as good as any western music)

    I also have some mix CD's with bits of Wagner, Orff's Carmina Burana, Holst's Planets.

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    Up! Got a good list running here. Could use some more favorite songs though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kashell
    Up! Got a good list running here. Could use some more favorite songs though.
    Doh! You totally diss'ed my Time Machine soundtrack! I usually DM btw...if you're tracking that.

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