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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrus View Post
    Let me know when you need this forum closed, folks. Best wishes at your new home. If I don't hear otherwise, I'll close it down by the end of the month.
    We would appreciate that you hold off a few months, please. We have a few games and players that are still here at EnWorld. If things change, I will let you know.

    - PM/LPF Judge

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    At the end of the month, I'll close this forum to new posts. I'll leave it for one more month (end Jan) before deleting it. You can spend that time moving the furniture out at your leisure. Note that the threads will still exist, but they'll be merged into the main PbP forums - I won't be actually deleting anything.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the years you spent here, and you are always welcome back if new leadership decides so.
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