WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)
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    WotBS advice needed (SPOILERS galore)

    Hello WotBS sages,

    Warning: if you plan to play in this campaign do not read any further!

    You have been warned!

    I will use this thread to ask questions whenever they come up.

    My group consists of 6 players (a half-elf bard, a human barbarian, a dwarf fighter, a dwarf ranger, a human cleric and a dragonborn sorcerer) and coming from a Long time Call of Cthulhu tradition the focus lies on actual roleplay and not so much on fighting.
    After we finished the burning wood the group just defeated the witches and their crocodile in the swamp and are about to free Katrina.
    The burning wood was great to play in Terms of roleplay but whatever could go wrong, actually went wrong. The barbarian tried to cross the wood with Crystin as fast as possible, while the other characters took their time. This was because they thought they would not have enough potions of stand the heat for all and they would have a better chance if two of them tried to be as fast as possible. This lead to the Point that only he got the offer from indomitability and without any further questions accepted to free him. So now he waited for the others, told them that they had to stop a song in a village full of evil fey creatures and they all agreed to follow. Long story short, they took a couple of minutes to listen to Vuhl and Papuvin and then decided to stop the song via "Silence". The Trillith were freed, Tragedy appeared, the Seela and the wood died and they instantly knew that they did a mistake.

    Next session they took their time to explore the forest and found some of the clues but they only came up with more questions. They even met Nelle who could give them some hints but to make sure that my group understood that their reckless Actions will mean consequences Nelle also died after the meeting.

    So the group decided that in Seaquen they have to get some answers and I`d like to know what information I could give them in order to give them some kind of success after all these setbacks but WITHOUT spoiling to much of what is about to come.

    They want to find out in Seaquen:
    - Why does teleporting no longer work? (Is it at this moment possible to give any answer to this?)
    - Is there any information about the Trillith/ Trilla herself available?
    - What does one know about the song of forms (they only know that there might be one surviving Seela, Etinify, who might know the song of forms)
    - Is there any common knowledge about Etinify available?
    - What exactly is at this point known about Coaltongues death?
    - What exactly is at this point known about Coaltongues relationship to Trilla/ her mother?

    Thanks in advance!
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