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    Oh Balance already hints at Gate Pass... "We ourselves left home twenty years past, passing through the Gate to the sunlit world, where we sought a home, a quest which eventually led here."

    it is very well hidden, but Balance reveals quite a lot about the Trillith if you take their words implicitly. If you wish to name more Trillith, you could let Balance name Freedom, as she was one of the (if not the) first Trillith, and maybe Agony. Balance is a pretty old Trillith, so they won't know about the recent plans of their kin.
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    Something that really bothers me but maybe I am just not clever enough to grasp it.
    In Adventure 5 The Monastery of the Two Winds on page 3 it says "He even briefly tricked the Ragesians into allying with him for the destruction of Seaquen, which got him close enough to the leadership of the empire that he was able to learn ist weak points.

    I know that Pilus somehow created the Orb of Storms and handed it over in order to help the Ragesians to destroy Seaquen but I cant see his motivation behind that. What usefull information did he get by doing so?
    I fear that when my Players meet him they will ask this very question first and Id like to have a viable answer.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Pilus's motivation is to bring down Ragesia - he hates them. I don't have the book right here, but I recall that the brothers were slighted by them and have hated them for years. As fas I recall he hates bullies. Later on he starts to perceive the alliance as being too strong, which is why he changes sides again.

    So if they ask him, answer them: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer
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    The Ragesians burned their home village to the ground. He saw getting information on the Ragesians as more important that worrying about Seaquen. His excuse is that he did not realize Seaquen's value until recently.

    Pilus will admit to things if caught out but will not volunteer information. His excuse is that he does not know who to trust, so he is cautious.
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