ZEITGEIST Book 5: A naval question, and an unrelated offering
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    Book 5: A naval question, and an unrelated offering

    Heyo. I'm prepping to run book 5, and one question has popped up- and I'd also like to share a little map tweak I made.

    First, the question- it concerns the Borne naval fight near the end of the book. It describes the 'naval map', the stages; 'the long stretch of docks, several areas of open water, one patch of estuarial weed, and a rocky plinth of an island'. I've made up a map based on that, but I can't find any terrain stats for each of the stages. Any ideas?

    Secondly, the tweak. Preparing for the Pardwight eschatologist attack, I quickly noticed a problem- or, rather, a lost opportunity. The book stipulates that a bomb is used to derail the train. But with how the track is laid out, the only way for the train to be travelling at any significant speed, it has to be travelling east. And the eastward direction means it runs straight into a boring ravine. However, if the train were travelling west- or if the buildings were swapped around-, there are all kinds of interesting things for it to run into- two student colleges, a hospital, and oh yes, that other thing- the B-team PCs eating lunch with Brakken and the Drakr observer.

    Thus I would like to present to you my somewhat-carefully flipped Pardwight District map. I suggest you also use it to hit your PCs with 'roll reflex versus train' in the appropriate scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkwright View Post
    there are all kinds of interesting things for it to run into- two student colleges, a hospital, and oh yes, that other thing- the B-team PCs eating lunch with Brakken and the Drakr observer.
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    The only problem I can think of is that contables absolutely have to see that dwarf terrorist walking away from the explosion like cool guys always do. And if they're busy dodging the train themselves, well, there are different priorities at the moment.

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    It's the sort of think Brakken could notice and point out to them, make them think he is superbly perceptive instead of telepathic

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    It shouldn't be too hard to have them spot the retreating dwarf while they're rushing forward to help with the train.

    Any ideas on terrain stats for the Borne fight?

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    Sorry I meant to look at the scenario and then reply last night. Hopefully I will remember when I get home today

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    With the benefit of hindsight, I feel like the Borne 'naval encounter' is better handled narratively, rather than turning it into a fight.

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    Really? I would have thought that fighting a giant colossus with the Naval Rules would be quite the interesting challenge. Though, working through the fourteen-strong fleet should be interesting.

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    It will depend on the players and the group. For some turning the encounter into a miniature wargame is exactly what they want , for others it would kill the drama of the story by bogging them down in details neither is wrong .
    I am probably going to go for a more narrative approach , one good reason for this is that we have not despite my intent used the naval rules at all so far and making it a learning experience at the climax of the story arc does not seem like a good idea. (My players have managed to avoid naval battles by subtlety or bizarre tactics so far )

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