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    My advice is to always pick the option that makes things more interesting.

    - Being in debt to the elven ambassador sounds great, especially if he asks them for a favor that puts them at odds with some other faction, one they wouldn't have tangled with otherwise.
    - What is ArKay's reputation with the other peers of the realm? I'm guessing it's not great, and that if he gets knighted and marries Lady Jynefer there may be repercussions. Not to mention: what will happen to ArKay's brigands? If ArKay keeps them on as retainers, they may get restless and become liability; but if he cuts them loose, they may want revenge (joining up with the anti-paladin).
    - I have no idea what a crazy ex-lamia pain-worshiper would do or why someone would want to be that in your setting. I wonder if her relationship with the anti-paladin will survive. What if the two of them go after the artifact key separately?
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    @77IM ArKay is a knight, a knighthood that he purchased from a poor noble so he is at the lower rung. It is not the same as if it were given to him because of his birth or having earned it in battle. What it grants him if caught is a trial by nobles rather than commoners and he has the choice of trial by combat.

    Jynefer has decided to marry him. She will have joint command of his men, though some will be leaving. The three lower level knights will be staying, one is simply poor and robbed for money, one is blacklisted for cheating in tournaments, the last is exiled from the east for dallying with the Padishah's seventeenth daughter.

    The halfling/goblin mage can stay, the cleric who is mostly drunk can stay, the half ogre gladiator can stay.

    This gives Jynefer and the other players who live in the keep a pool of individuals to call on. ArKay will be busy building, and making the area safe.

    The half troll bandit and thief/assassin bye bye. However the two player thieves are gearing up for a guild war so there is a place for them to go.

    The men will be busy restoring a ruined castle. I am using the historical Bolingbroke Castle as Jynefer's keep. It is not as ruinous as it is today but still quite shabby.

    I am debating with myself if I should have ArKay be the long lost blood heir to the march the players are in. It would be a way for Jynefer's player to redeem the wayward scoundrel.

    The elven ambassador has agreed to help. (platinum and jewelry) Pips owes her doing whatever it takes to find the blood heir or place anyone who is not in the elven prince's pocket on the march throne. For the ambassador her goal with two others is to control the imperialist expansionism of the prince.

    The ex-lamia has had half her identify torn away, this is a pain she will have to stoically bear. Learning to inflict it on others and perhaps rediscovering the lost magic that created her and the other hybrid races in the distant past. Her part in coming to the player's realm was to identify the artifact, the anti-paladin as muscle. He grants advantage to any forces if he is present during an attack. It is why the neighboring land hired him. If one of the players were industrious a deal could be reached for them to take the key and leave.

    The neighboring land is ruled by groups of Ganerbenburgen who wanted land of their own without having to share.

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