WOIN Ambush Round and AoE
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    Ambush Round and AoE

    So the ambush round is about ambusher vs ambushee. If a group of players wish to ambush an enemy force, each player rolls against their intended target, with only the ones who beat their target acting in the Ambush Turn.

    So, what happens if a player wants to throw a grenade or use an area of effect spell which targets multiple people?

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    Those rules seem to be the old rules rather than the newer 1.2 rules.

    Under the 1.2 rules it is groups vs groups rather than individuals vs individuals. The WOIN reference documents for ambush do not look to have been updated with the newer 1.2 rules for ambush.

    If you look up ambush in the O.L.D. playtest rules you will see the current rules for ambush.


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    Yeah, that's from v1.1. From v1.2, ambush rounds are a group check.

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