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Thread: Firearms

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    I need help. I'm about to start a tomb of annihalation campaign. And my player wants a gun(it fits he is a pirate). Like a pistol. Ive scanned the DMG and have not found anything despite the the posts on reddit. Can someone help me find the firearm page because either i'm oblivious or the posts are lying.
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    DMG pg268
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    page 268
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    Omg thank you such a big help

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    Pistol 250 gp 1d10 pierce 3pd Ammo, 30/90 , loading

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    As an alternative: the guards from one town in Out of the Abyss use a special-construction light crossbow which contains a small magazine of bolts.
    Do same with a hand crossbow to get a six-shooter pistol.

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    For a good pirate era pistol (fluff, not rules) go with a Tinker Gnome made Wheellock firearm. It would have the same rate of fire, loading, damage and such but no one sane person beyond another tinker gnome would want to be near anyone crazy enough to carry one.

    In GURPS they have a very high rate of catastrophic failures. Look at the pictures and read about when they were invented.

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    The firearms in the DMG are kind of overpowered. If I allowed them in my game, I'd play up their inherent drawbacks: expensive ammo; LOUD; and when you get hit by fire damage you might explode.

    Also, because they are so expensive, I wouldn't want to give one out during character creation as part of an equipment package. I might allow a character to have an "older model" that is one damage die smaller, and costs 1/10 the price. Hmmm...
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    Matt Mercer's Gunslinger archetype is also worth considering if you are going to allow pistols
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    One of the problems with the Renaissance Firearms is that they reload too fast. Historically experts could fire a musket about 3 times per minute. That roughly translates into taking 2 rounds to reload. But for the sake of record-keeping and ease of play at tables reload time could be reduced to 1 round.

    I don't they should take bonus actions to reload as I want firearm combat to involve swords as necessary backup weapons, and having bayonets see use.

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