Gen Con Noob Tips Wanted!
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    Gen Con Noob Tips Wanted!

    Hi all, It'll be my first time going to Gen Con! I'm doing mostly tabletops and Crit Role events. (Adventurer's League, Shadows of Esteren, Call of Cthulhu)

    Looking for
    :Tips on eating
    :How early to arrive for Crit Role Live
    :Tabletop etiquette (bring my own dice, minis, etc.)
    :What are some of your favorite events?
    :How often are events canceled due to no shows?
    :Any general wisdom from seasoned Gen Con adventurers

    *I did read some guides online but I'd like to get opinions from many voices vs. a few.
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    For me, The Gamers live shows are a must. Rib-achingly funny. And if you can get into a game with the creator, that’s often a lot of fun.

    Insoles for your shoes or boots make a difference. There’s a lot of walking involved, and it really helps to have a bit more cushioning and/or support.

    Hand sanitizer is a must. I have two rules for cons: every time you pass a hand sanitizer dispenser, use it. And when I get back to the hotel, my mantra is “Shoes off, wash hands.” Con crud is absolutely a thing to avoid as best you can.

    Bottled water is good to have, along with throat lozenges.

    I always bring my own dice and minis. I never know if a GM is going to do theater of the mind or battlemat, but if we’re doing a battlemat, I’d rather have my own mini instead of being the only person on the grid that’s a d4, or being at the mercy of some kind person’s spare minis.

    If you’re going to the exhibit hall, it takes a lot of time to get through. This year I’m budgeting close to three hours. If you can go before Saturday, it’s less crowded (relatively speaking).
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    It will be hot and humid, it always is here. Last year I met with some people from Northern England, and Scotland; they asked if it was always this hot. Be prepared for that outside. Wear comfortable shoes. Lots of good food around the convention center, when they ask about "street beers", it's beer to go. The closer you are to the convention center, the more crowded it will be. Personally, I usually hit Shapiro's ( for a Reuben. Ram Brewery is good for lunch, and pretty quick at the bar: also for Chicago style pizza. If you want somewhere else than downtown, go to the "Mass Ave" district: or Fountain Square: Once again, personally, my favorite dive is Dorman Street:
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