5e Slave Lords Musings
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    5e Slave Lords Musings

    So I see there was a thread on this before, but I do not want to be accused of Trolling by resurrecting it. I've decided that I will be running the Slave Lords campaign for my next game. This is a complete reversal of what I was planning before, which was running B2 in the Wilderlands setting. I think (at 50) I'm experiencing a mid-life crisis, but instead of getting a divorce and a sports car, I want to relive my youth by telling the stories of yesteryear! I've been considering where I wanted to run the game, and do wish to use the Forgotten Realms as my setting as it is the campaign world that I know best. I'm considering the nation of Amn, in a coastal town. I'm not a fan of the Spellplague and so I generally ignore that it happened at all, the same with the Time of Troubles, so I use the 2001 publication campaign setting mostly unmolested. Therefore Amn still exists in it's entirety with its southern reaches dominated by a humanoid army.

    I think Amn is a perfect setting because of Nelanther the Pirate Isles. They are an ideal place for the Slave Lords base of operations, and with the publication of the Saltmarsh books I can use the rules therein for sea combat. Amn is a slave state, where the purchase and sale of slaves is perfectly legal, so I need to come up with a reason why the Slavers are bad guys in Amn. I'm thinking that they are bad guys because they are dealing captured Amnite slaves to Sythillis and Cyrvisnea (Orgre Mage generals) in Murann. I can place the strongholds of A1 and A2 in the south of Amn, A1 probably on the outskirts of Murann, and A2 on the peninsula. I plan to run A0, and I could locate Darkshelf on the coast just north of the Small Peaks.

    Not a lot is said about real world culture equivalents in Amn. Every region has a rw type associated with it, and I am uncertain what Amn is. One website claimed it was an analog of renaissance Spain. I've always envisioned it as a pre-Islam polytheistic middle eastern culture. I'm certainly able to make this decision and roll with it, but it there is work that has already been done that I could build on that anyone is aware of, I prefer to make my job easier.

    Can anything think of anything obvious I'm missing here?
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    Amn would make a great place. A place where money is king would be prone to allow slavery since there is money in that trade. There is also a few slaver groups in FR that you can tie in to be the bad guys.
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