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    I assume you mean "climactic" and not "climatic"? A climatic ending would be having a hurricane, devistating flood, crippling blizzard, or other event(s) due to the weather. Which, while interesting, is probably not what you're looking for...
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    Somebody is killed and everybody discover he was a skrull, or a doppelgänger, or a changeling, or an android...

    The members of the brotherhood are killed by a "Predator", an alien hunter from outer space.

    There is a meeting between the gangs, but it is a trap with a lot of Valryan fire and ...boom!!

    The capo is attacked by survives, until a group of vampire-hunters appear and the work is ended with holy water.

    The bodyguard of the boss was controlled by a mind-controlling parasite..

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    Wherever you set it, remember that an environment doesn't have to remain static. You can set things on fire, have sections of a building or bridge collapse, have the townsfolk show up to gawp, have law enforcement show up to arrest y'all (perhaps leading to temporary truces if the law enforcement folks are stronger than either guild), have some valuable treasure get revealed so people have an incentive to maybe steal it and run while everyone is fighting.
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    My players have chosen to find a place in the poorer part of town. Where some of their bandits better fit in, being the offspring of fecund and foul orcs who breed with anything that bleats. Also the watch in this district is more prone to looking the other way so long as their pockets clink with donated coin.

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