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    I am really looking forward to seeing this in action. Done right the game can be awesome in 5E and I will give them the chance to make it right. Stargate SG-1 can be streamed on Hulu now, so there is probably a whole new audience that did not watch the show on Showtime like I did. My only comment to the design team is Jaffa, kree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonblade View Post
    But no FATE, please. FATE is really a terrible system and its why despite being huge Dresden Files fans, none of the gamers in my extended circle (about 20 of us) will touch the Dresden Files RPG.
    That's certainly your opinion, but it's not one that I share.

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    Still think a skill based system might be a better fit, you wouldn't even need to write your own I think D6 Space/Modern could do it and its free.

    Well it was free its $3 now.

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