2000AD (2000 AD) Does Judge Dredd work well with One on One play?


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So I just ordered two copies The Judge Dredd Corebook and also the Luna-1 Sourcebook and the Robot Wars book. I was hoping that it would be possible to play Judge Dredd with one player and one GM. I would assume it does seeing as how Judges in Mega-City 1 are trained from birth (at least practically) to be badass super-cops. However I thought it would be prudent to figure out from the folks who have the books already and have probably played at least one session.

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I would say yes. However, it might be a good idea for your player to play two characters as judges often team up with partners.


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I think it would work with a caveat -- it can be quite harsh in terms of healing if you're used to something like D&D. With an entire party to support you, that's alleviated somewhat, but with only one player you might want to think about houseruling the healing rules a little. One houserule I heard of being used was that your END dice pool could work a bit like your LUC pool and be a pool of dice you can spend to heal by spending a round resting.

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