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Hello reapersaurus! Thank you for not bringing up the odvious issues with the exstreme character creation rules in my two games. I figured that you would not approve, and I can appreciate that. SOme time, I'll have to start another campaign for those of us that have a more ballanced wish. Thank you for your interest, however. Please read the IC thread as well, and if you wish to share any imput for those, then please feel free to.

Now to your question, though I may not be able to answer it to your (or my) satisfaction:

Well, as it turned out, I do not have to worry about that since no one took me up on my offer. Yes, at first, they may seem overpowered: but then again, I wanted to leave to possibility open for those that wanted to start an ECL character form the beginning of his history. Yes, I've played PbP games in the past, and yes it does take a while to advance, but I thought that I would go more for fun then ballance, and worry about the possible problems that might come up later (like I have in the past).

Most ECL characters have almost equal issues with appearence, reputation, ect that make up for their extra abilities, and I tend to play those weaknesses/stigmas to their fullest. It offers a great amount of roleplaying opertunities, and I did not want these players to miss the opertunity to play through those just because this campaign starts at first level.

I have also found that some DM's down play the social aspects of those characters, and I wanted to show the palayers what I would do with those types of characters.


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actually, I applaud an original approach brought to PbP Gaming.
I've been here a long time, and as long as the DM knows what he's getting into, I'm sure there's a heck of a lot of different approaches that can work.

You seem like you have a firm handle on the system, and what to expect from it, and you DID answer my question(s) quite satisfactorily.
Have a great time gaming, guys!


Reapersaurus, agian thank you. I hope not to disappoint anyone with my games. Perhaps you'll join us in the next one?

Everyone else: Perhaps you ahve noticed, but if not, then let me inform you: I only post form 9-5 mst from Monday through Friday. I do post regularly during those times, and watch the board consistantly. Just a fyi.


Oh, and don't feel shy to tell me what you think of the game, plot, my DMing, or anything else that you may see/read/whatever.


By Mithreander on 08-26-2003
Mithreander nods to the enchanter and says "I'll compremize. I've aranged for passage up the Selitan River to the Nyr Div, and around the penincela I had mentioned to the fishing village. It leaves in one hour. On the boat, you'll have a days time for preparation. Would that be exceptable?" Mithreander looks to each in turn and nods as if they would before anyone could answer.

You are not going to spend the night at all... except on the boat, if you catch it. You have less then an hour to reach it before it leaves.


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I was playing around with a program called Hero Machine and whipped these up - let me know what you think.


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Amaril is pretty cool, and I like Bjorm and Oldum. For Allan, it is near of the idea I was making of him, but I would have put him longer hairs and give him some fantasy clothing, instead than having his combat boots and modern clothing. But still, if you abstarct that, I think your a pretty near.


Very nice pictures! Hero Machine, huh? Looks cool!

just a fyi... I'll be gone for the next few days on vacation and doubt I'll be able to post beyond today. I'll be back to my regular amounts of post by Wednesday though. Sorry for the inconvieniance!


I'm glad you like him... now all I have to do is create a personality for the she wolf... having a harder time with that.

MeepoThe Mighty, would it be okay if I rolled the stats on your wolf? It helps me differenciate it from others, and I tend to think of personallities as I create things... it might help me to bring her more into the game. She's not a familiar, but that does not mean she has to take a back seat!

Any other suggestions: comments are welcome, even the negative.

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