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hello I am a forth year DM who has been Playing for 6 years I am seeking out 2-4 3rd edition Forgottenrealms Players. I am hosting a game on the sight


The Name of the game is Trouble In Paradise and I am alowing forgottenrealms Dieties no PLayers handbook ones. However if you wish to have a god From your own games, ie custom god Email me at Jewj@allhell.com

I am looking for 1st level characters, this campain will advance you up to 10+ level. A few things are required for those wanting to play. One 3rd edition Players hand book Forgottenrealms campain setting
It would be nice if you had, but you don't have to, Magic of faerun, Faiths and Pathions, Races of Faerun. But again you do not need these books but they will help you in better creating of the character. If you do not have an account at Game hub, please get one so that I can observe your character and approve you for the game play.

By the way I already have a Psion, And will be looking for At the least a Scout, and a Warrior... But if more come along It is great to have a diviner and an acane, as well as another warrior.

If you have any questions Please email me

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Well I'd be interested.
I've been tabletop gaming for 2 years now, but have never done D&D online before. I'd like to give it a try however; I've got the proper books, so if you think I'd fit in your campaign please email me at cakefast@hotmail.com


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