D&D 5E 5e Midgard?

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There is a character book for 5e... I guess I am just not sure on what the buy in is for that settings. I think I should post over on their boards I guess.


When you say that setting do you mean that specific product line from Kobold Press, or do you mean something more historical?

If the former, you might want to just contact the user Monkey King [MENTION=22474]Monkey King[/MENTION]; it appears that is Wolfgang Baur from a prior AMA.

Monkey King

The 5th Edition Midgard is pretty straightforward. There's 3 character books available, Midgard Heroes for 5e, Southlands Heroes for 5e, and Unlikely Heroes for 5e. There's 7 Deep Magic sourcebooks (small PDFs, really) dealing with Clockwork Magic, Ley Lines, and Illumination (the big 3 of new schools for Midgard).

There's about 2 dozen adventures (mostly in Book of Lairs and Prepared) that are Midgard-friendly, and we've got new clerical domains in playtest now.

And of course Tome of Beasts contains the 2 dozen most important Midgard monsters for 5E (shadow fey, void dragons, clockwork creatures, drakes, and a few from the Southlands).

So..... There's no official 5E setting book yet. There's a lot of player character support. There's monster support. We're very much planning to increase 5E support for the rest of 2016 and especially in 2017.

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