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Echoes of the Fall is a bold and darkly thrilling role playing game that introduces a whole new way to experience classic tabletop gaming. By blending science-fiction, dark horror, and fantasy themes, your characters and the adventures they participate in will bring you hours of excitement! You will conquer vivid landscapes, discover untold fortunes, and trek through harrowing quests as one of the elite Phasma - a mech unit of virtually limitless power.

In Echoes of the Fall, you play as one of the few remaining Corrites on the world of Akrion. These humanoid folk are busy rebuilding their civilization after The Fall - a catastrophic event that brought them to the brink of extinction. Using their skills, and by wielding the power of a mighty Phasma, your character faces a new age for Akrion. Will you shape the future of this land to glorious new ends, or will you bend the world to your will?

We are independent game developers - a small group of nerdy friends. We are based out of sunny San Diego, California and exist as a conglomeration of writers, artists, dreamers, and gamers. Together, we are working to combine our skills to build a new, exciting tabletop role-playing game called Echoes of the Fall.

Please check out our Kickstarter and help spread the word!

Feel free to ask any questions!


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