Holdenshire A peek behind the scenes


Well, that was fun
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A peek behind the scenes. I've been working on a map for #LevelUp5E for a future product. It's a long way from done yet. You might recognise part of it!

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 6.32.21 PM.png

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Sweet! Who doesn't love a good map?

What software are you using (if you can, are allowed to, or are willing to say)?


Very Darkest timeline vibe there. How far ahead of MoH/TSaD is that on the timeline & was it war or some horrible critter that turned the grassland to sand?


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I love Inkarnate. I've been enjoying choosing fun objects for my maps without really knowing what they will represent, then figuring it out later. When I made the map for my current campaign realm, I threw a dragon on there because I thought it would look cool. That dragon wound up becoming a major player in the politics of the realm.

The maps are looking great, Morrus!


Haha, that flips the background of one of my players on its head. He stopped by Hengistbury travelling north towards the traditional cold region and you put it south! Curious where this will lead, currently running TSAD after MoH and planning to follow up with TSAV and TSAF and was planning on going free-form from there. A wider world will make things interesting. All players have already voted to not go near Allesund without copious amounts of Fireballs.

Personally I prefer Wonderdraft over Inkarnate. A friend told me that certain steps are hard to walk back and another really doesn't like the way it draws rivers - though that might be his inexperience. And I am not sure if you can export the map as layers as you can in Wonderdraft - which I absolutely love! It allows for tweaking outside the program. If I want to make two versions of the map with and without labels, I can do it in one file, export the layers and assemble one set with labels one without. Plus it's offline.
Remade the MoH map with a few personal tweaks for my campaign's landing page.


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