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A Question About Eric Noah


Sage of the Scarred Lands
Yeah but then Houndy doesn't want anyone to think that he's not in charge. (At least of the publishing.)

EN does stand for Eric Noah. Just doesn't stand for Eric Noah when it's EN PUBLISHING. ;)

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Hanging in there. Better than the alternative.
maransreth said:
Actually I am not sure if the EN in EN World stands for Eric Noah.
It does. As a side note, It's also said aloud, "E N World" not "enworld" as some people try to put into one word.
maransreth said:
I do know that the EN in EN Publishing DEFINITELY does NOT stand for Eric Noah. That is one thing that Hellhound was always strict about.
This makes sense, as I figure the EN just refers to the site/brand rather than the person.


(Real answer): Eric Noah founded the site, but after he moved on the EN stuck. The EN became part of EN publishing, but it no longer was meant to stand for "Eric Noah" - just "Hey, EN world is a game company." And the article you mention is almost certainly the same Eric Noah as the one that founded this site.

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