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(Adventure) A Merry Chase *Judge: Uriel


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Rinaldo put the ring around his finger and load his crossbow.

"You be sure I will wait. I don't want another spear in my belly. I will have my crossbow ready, do you want to take the net to capture the "princess" or do you prefer I take charge of that?"

Rinaldo start to move near a hiding place, which is no more than 30' away of the place we suppose the coach will stop, if there is any, or the nearest possible.
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"Well done, Fridly. OK. I'll sleep the guards as soon as they stop, or sooner, if they appear inclined to turn around and flee."


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"Before wasting magic, just be sure they are the target we are wating for. I suppose they are not the only one who use this road."

Kahuna Burger

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As the noises come closer, you realize the vehicle is going at quite a clip. It slows down to take the turn before your ambush then the sight of the rocks stops the four horses in a confused cloud of dust and squeals. One of the two coachmen is not fast enough on his brake and the coach slews sideways, wedging in between the narrow canyon walls and pinning one of the horses. You can see that in addition to the coachmen, there are four other elves sitting or standing atop the coach. One of them loses his grip and is thrown prone in the road. The others look desperately around. One of the coachmen sees Zoe and reaches for the crossbow under his bench, but removing and cocking it is his action for the surprize round.

On the image below, the six purple squares are the Earling gaurds, and the triangles are you guys. (lavender for zoe, yellow for rinaldo and green for 'seph cause she hasn't used a conversation color.) In case it isn't obvious, the little brown circles are the rocks you put in the road, and the big black ones are boulders you are hiding behind.



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Init: +2, HP:12, AC:17

As Rinaldo see the elf putting his hand on his crossbow.

Damn, we are spotted, I won't waste the effect of surprise.

Rinaldo stand up just enough to have a good line on one of the guard, and shoot his bolt on him. [Crossbow: Att:+3, Dam:1d8, Sneak:1d6 in 30', Crit: 19-20/x2, all his damage are subdual because of the magic of the ring.]

OCC:That will be for the surprise round


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"Holy Bat guano! They're elves! I can't put them to sleep! Well, maybe some are half-elves..." Persephone will cast her sleep spell on the coach, carefull not to affect her friends.


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OOC: Halfelves have the immunity as well...

Seeing the men grabbing their crossbows, Zoe decides to rush into the carriage before they have a chance to fire.

Kahuna Burger

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Persephone casts her spell and is gratified to see one of the guards collapse gently from his perch. The guard nearest to him makes a contumptuous comment about humans which is cut off when Rinaldo's bolt catches him square in the throat. Zoe charges up and leaps into the coach to face it's three startled occupants.

OOC: . thels if you meant zoe to make a partial charge (or whatever they call it now) to attack, correct my misinterpretation.

There are now two coachmen on the front bench, one of whom has a readied crossbow. One human guard is bruised but combat worthy from his tumble during the initial crash, the other is asleep. One elven guard remains perched on the side runner and has just watched in shock as Zoe charged right by him into the coach. Along with zoe in the coach are two other elven guards and a girl who looks to be 5 or 6 in human years.

22 Rinaldo
18 Elven guards (3)
12 Persephone
12.0 human guard
10 Zoe
10.0 Coachmen (2)


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OOC: Nope, I did NOT want to charge.

"It's a kid!" Zoe yells. Well, here goes. Now to hope that woman wasn't lying and this will all work out well, by Hyrag. Zoe draws her sword and holds it at the kid. "Halt! No one makes a move or the kid gets it!"

OOC: Italics mean thoughts. Also, there's no way on earth Zoe is gonna fulfill that threat, so it's pretty much a bluff...


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OOC: If we number the guard like that
 1          R
   2 G 3
 4  Z
   5   6
P = Persephone
Z = Zoe
R = Rinaldo
G = Girl

I want to know who is human and who is elven.
Which human is hurt.
Which human is sleeping.
Who have receive the bolt.
Is the one with the bolt still up?

I just want to be sure how the situation is, because with Zoe in the center of the crowd asking for the to surrender, it is both risky to give them the chance to attack or to attack myself...

But I'm thinking, as my next move, to throw the net on the two coachmen.

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