Adventurer Conqueror King as a preview of D&D Next?


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Falstaff: We're going to be sharing a booth at Gary Con with the AS&SH guys, who are really dedicated and passionate and fun to hang out with. Plus, self-interest-wise, their book is so beautiful I'm hoping some of the shine will rub off on ours if they are at the same table!

Consonant Dude: We got lots of great feedback from our Kickstarter backers who helped us do many things right we might not have otherwise. However your point about having at least a summary of mass combat is a good one that I'm hearing other places as well. I think what happened is that the backers were reading ACKS in a rough Word doc, and had access to Domains at War in a rough Word doc, and so they seemed to be more parts of a whole. I can totally understand how people who are coming in now are missing an important piece, however! We're working on getting D@W out as soon as possible - all the art for the unit counters is taking a while - and I agree that, for people who don't want a whole book exploring all the implications of how armies interact with strongholds and domain management and mercenary hiring price and availability and all of that, there should be a quick summary in the ACKS core rules.

In the interim we'll be making the Domains of War rules available in the free online SRD we're working on (nearly all of our stuff is open game content), and if we sell out the first printing of the hardback adding a brief mass combat procedure will be high on my list of things to add to the reprint.

EDIT: my wannabe-witty experience point comment got cut off for Consonant Dude - I meant to say we hope taking your 2 cents and addressing your issues will get you to invest the remaining $29.98 to upgrade from PDF to hardback - and apparently the XP comments don't accept the [pungent] tag I was going to put around that!
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Mass Combat

How to do folks handle this anyway in general? whether it be ACK, Rules Cyclopedia or Kingmaker.

Does anyone actually use unit counters and maps and move troops around?

Baron Opal

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Re: Mass Combat,

Yes, but I cut my teeth on mini battles. Having played some sessions of Fletcher Pratt, Napoleonics, and other wargames it comes natually to me to break out the minis for major conflicts with large (30+ units) armies.


Seeing as it has vancian magic, I'd rather vomit then play it.

Hang on a second. Threadcrapping aside - and that's definitely threadcrapping, which we ask you not to do - you would actually rather vomit than play a game with Vancian magic? Every version of D&D before 4e had Vancian magic, and they were spectacular. Many other superb games use Vancian magic, and they're generally a hoot to play. In ACK you could play a barbarian warrior who never goes near magic, and you'd still rather vomit than play?


That's hardcore.
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To be honest, the 5e announcement has sparked my interest more in OSR gaming than 5e. But one thing that seems very counterproductive is that so many people are trying to re-make rulebooks (with new core rules), rather than putting out supplements for their theme for the most popular/most faithful recreations (either OSRIC for AD&D or S&W/LL for D&D).

Especially since they are mostly either just D&D with a twist (D&D with Lovecraft, D&D where you rule kingdoms, D&D with Conan, etc) or just house rules.

I guess it makes sense business wise, it's probably a lot better to try to sell a rulebook for $40 (and you can base further products on) than a sourcebook for $20. But it seems like it's fracturing an already small base...

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